Titles of Theses 2009
Department/School Degree Name Title of Thesis
Anaesthesiology Ph.D. Guo, Xiaoxi function of cyclooxygenase 1 and 2 in fracture repair
Anaesthesiology M.Phil. Liu, Jie Intranasal dexmedetomidine for sedation
Anaesthesiology M.Phil. Yu, Che-kwan Remifentanil induces delayed cardioprotection in the rat against ischaemic and reperfusion injury via Kappa, delta, mu opioid receptors and inducible heat shock protein 70
Anaesthesiology M.Res.(Med.) Ying, Chee-lun, Aaron Hypothermia and platelet dysfunction : monitoring and effects of desmopressin
Anatomy Ph.D. Chiu, Kin Immune modulation on retinal ganglion cell survival in experimental glaucoma
Anatomy M.Phil. Wu, Gang Telomerase expression in the adult rodent central nervours system and telomeric characteristics of neural stem cells from adult brain
Anatomy Ph.D. Tsang, Chi-man Epstein-barr virus infection in nasopharyngeal epithelial cells
Anatomy M.Phil. Xiao, Qi Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPS) mediate cellular response and regulate neural stem cell differentiation after acute spinal cord injury in the adult mice
Anatomy M.Phil. Kai, Ka-lun, Alan Targeted disruption of exchange protein directly activated by cAMP 1 in mice leads to altered glucose homeostasis
Anatomy Ph.D. Yau, Suk-yu Neuroprotective effects of physical exercise on stressed brain : its relationship to hippocampal neurogenesis and dendritic remodeling
Anatomy M.Phil. Luk, Sze-ue potential effect of bioactive food supplements in targeting prostate cancer stem cells
Anatomy M.Phil. Poon, Hoi-fung Characterization of the roles of PAK5 in neuronal celldifferentiation
Anatomy M.Med.Sc. Cheung, Suet-ting Effects of superoxide dismutase 1 on frontal cortical neurons
Anatomy Ph.D. To, Kit-wa MAD2 inactivation on chromosomal instability and tumorigenesis in prostate epithelial cells
Anatomy M.Med.Sc. Pettiford, Jasmine Effect of garlic-deriveds-allylmercaptocysteine on androgen receptor expression in androgen-independent prostate cancer
Anatomy Ph.D. Cheung, Pak-yan Esophageal carcinogenesis : immortalization, transformation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Anatomy M.Phil. Lau, Kwok-wai Evaluation of using all-trans-retinoic acid to differentiate human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells in neurodegeneration research
Anatomy Ph.D. Cheung, Kwok-ho, Alvin Genetic and pharmacological approaches to study the role of the polyol pathway enzymes in diabetic and ischemic retinopathy
Anatomy M.Phil. Tse, Wan-wai study of genomic DNA methylation in immortalized human epithelial cell lines
Anatomy Ph.D. Leung, Wai-chung Investigations into the role of endothelial endothelin-1 on transient focal cerebral ischemia
Anatomy Ph.D. Liao, Subin Leptin expression in embryos sired by male golden hamsters (mesocricetus auratus) with all accessory sex glands removed
Anatomy Ph.D. Mak, Man-chi Characterization of transcription factor nuclear factor of activatedT-cells 5, in knockout embryos and mice
Anatomy Ph.D. Lai, Sau-wan Investigating beta-amyloid peptide neurotoxicity from neuronal apoptosis to endoplasmic reticulum collapse : translational research back to basic science research
Anatomy Ph.D. Lau, Wui-Man, Benson Study of adult neurogenesis and molecular mechanism underlying sexual behavior in male rats following induction of depression-like behavior and pharmacological treatment
Anatomy M.Res.(Med.) Sin, Chun-fung Olfactory ensheathing cell transplanation in spinal cord after contusion injury
Anatomy Ph.D. Su, Huanxing Transplantation of neural stem cells for motoneuron degeneration due to axonal injury
Anatomy Ph.D. Qiu, Guang Assessment of the role of corticosterone and adiponectin in the neuroprotective effect of dietary restriction
Anatomy Ph.D. Hung, Ka-lok, Victor role of astrocytic endothelin-1 in dementia associated with Alzheimer's disease and mild ischemic stroke
Anatomy Ph.D. Chua, Chee-wai Dissecting the therapeutic potential of FTY720 : a fungus derived metabolite, on advanced prostatecancer
Anatomy M.Med.Sc. Leung, Yan-pui, Irene Potential impact of alzheimer's disease on retina
Anatomy M.Phil. Lee, Lai-sheung Characterization of arsenic transformed rat lung epithelial cells (TLECs) by biochemical and proteomic approaches
Anatomy M.Phil. Kwan, Pak-shing Roles of Daxx in mitosis and prostate carcinogenesis
Applied English Studies Ph.D. Wong, Lai-ching, Lillian Innovation and change : information technology and in-service teacher professional development
Applied English Studies Ph.D. Li, Citing Chinese EFL learners' pragmatic and discourse transfer in the discourse of L2 requests
Applied English Studies Ph.D. Lei, Xiao Understanding writing strategy use from a sociocultural perspective : a multiple-case study of Chinese EFL learners of different writing abilities
Applied English Studies Ph.D. Wang, Wenfeng Teachers' beliefs and practices in the implementation of a new English curriculum in China :  case studies of four secondary school teachers
Applied English Studies Ph.D. Hussin, Nora Anniesha Binte Interaction from an activity theoretical perspective : comparing learner discourse of language face-to-face, in chat and in audio conferencing in second language learning
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Chow, Ho-yin, Paul Prediction of fluctuation in groundwater flow regime at the pos selim landslide in response to rainfall using a numerical modellingapproach
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Wu, Kwok-hoong comparison study of rock strength with onshore platform morphology in Hong Kong : a case study at Shek O
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Ho, Lui-pik, Pinky Effectiveness of horizontal drains in slope stability
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Poon, Tsz-ha, Wendy evaluation on the sustainability of Southeast New Territories (SENT) landfill extension in solid waste management
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Lee, Ka-kwok, Algy Geological model for the proposed underground tunnel salt water reservoirs at Lung Fu Shan
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Lau, Chi-tong, Andy Marine geological model in Mirs Bay, NE Hong Kong, using marine seismic reflection
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Yeung, Hoi-yan, Esther Beach erosion and recovery on the beaches of southeast Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR, China
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Wong, Wing-kin, Philip Ground investigation in karst area : a case study in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Liu, Shui-kam, Carol Evaluate the designs of hiking trails in Hong Kong : case study: Shing Mun Valley and Dragon's Back Trails
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Li, Oi-yee study on Tafoni of Cheung Chau
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Hui, Shuk-kwan discussion on wall trees in Western District
Applied Geosciences M.Sc. Chung, Yi-tak, Teresa Quaternary stratigraphy of an offshore borehole from northern Lantau, Hong Kong
Architecture M.Phil. Zhou, Sibei impact of cultural industries on urban redevelopment in Shenzhen : a case study of Dafen Village
Architecture M.Phil. Jia, Xuan Land-use/transport system in rapid developing Chinese cities : case study in Shenzhen metro phase I's corridor
Architecture Ph.D. Yang, Feng effect of urban design factors on the summertime heat islands in high-rise residential quarters in inner-city Shanghai
Architecture Ph.D. Wu, Kit evaluating of privatization of public housing management in Hong Kong
Architecture Ph.D. Chen, Wenzhe Neighborhood scale and market-responsive urban design : a study of large-scale suburban private residential developments in the transitional economy in China
Architecture M.L.A. Lai, Chung-yin, Stephanie Fish markets in Lei Yue Mun : a means of waterfront development
Architecture Ph.D. Khan, Tareef Hayat Living with transformation : a study of self-built houses in Dhaka
Architecture M.L.A. Li, Yu, Jasmine Infusing new energy : waterfront redevelopment in Sai Kung Town
Architecture M.L.A. Ho, Wing-yan, Teresa Revitalization of dense residential area
Architecture M.L.A. Yip, Sau-wai Communal landscape at Shing Mun Riverfront, Shatin
Architecture M.L.A. Lau, Yau-yee, Patty Restoration of Centre Street : the integration of universal design to a landscaped connection
Architecture M.L.A. Wang, Shengling, Selina Toxic beauty : brownfield regeneration of former Guangzhou cement plant
Architecture M.L.A. Pong, Yu-ling, Benni Imageability of urban landscape moving across alleys in city fabrics
Architecture M.L.A. Zhao, Titi Community revitalization by reuse abandoned areas Kennedy Town
Architecture M.L.A. Xiao, Ying, Yvonne New use, long duration : re-activate historic landscape of model village in Sun Yat-sen University
Architecture M.L.A. Lam, Yi-man, Daphne Tsuen Wan waterfront revitalisation : linking people, district and sea
Architecture M.L.A. Lam, Ching-yu, Felix Waterfront in congested urban area : redevelopment for the ex-North Point Estate site
Architecture M.L.A. Chan, Tai-fung, Sandy Landscape evaluation for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge
Architecture M.L.A. Ng, Chung-man, Isaac Park-hostel for streetsleeper and packpacker
Architecture M.L.A. Cheung, Ka-wai Vigor city : vision of neighborhood space
Architecture M.L.A. Wong, Wing-kong Landscape linkage along the edge : waterfront design at Shau Kei Wan typhoon shelter
Architecture M.L.A. Liu, Xiaohong, Sharon Abandoned train station redevelopment
Architecture M.L.A. Zhang, Ke, Coco Settlement for local people : residential area planning and design
Architecture M.L.A. Tai, Kai-wai, Thomas Ecological restoration and urban frige park development at Anderson Road Quarry
Architecture M.L.A. Wong, Pui-man, Stevie Quarry Triathlon : human reclamation at Mt Butler
Architecture M.L.A. Siu, Pui-kei, Ronnie 'Experiencing the unexpected behavior of nature' : the outdoor museum of wall trees
Architecture M.L.A. Zan, Qin Portable landscape for temporary open space in dense developmentareas
Architecture M.L.A. Tsui, Hiu-wai, Isabella Wetland restoration and port back-up facilities in Kam Tin
Architecture Ph.D. Man, King-fai effects of political business cycle in the United States on Hong Kong's property market
Architecture Ph.D. Herr, Christiane Margerita From form generators to automated diagrams : using cellular automata to support architectural design
Architecture Ph.D. Coorey, Shaleeni B. A Design of open spaces in high density zones : case study of public housing estates in Hong Kong
Architecture Ph.D. Ling, Xiaohong, Michelle Accessibility of open space : a study of urban morphology and its relation to open space use in the Wanchai District of Hong Kong
Architecture Ph.D. Chang, See-chen Two decades of planning Guangzhou, 1918-1938 : the advent of modern city planning in China in the early-twentieth century
Architecture Ph.D. Wang, Haoyu Mainland architects in Hong Kong after 1949 : a bifurcated history of modern chinese architecture
Architecture Ph.D. Haase, Matthias Double-skin facades for Hong Kong
Architecture M.L.A. Lee, Lap-ting, Gloria Transforming landscape : Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market
Architecture Ph.D. Wong, Yat-hang, Felix Sustainable construction and health : developing a quantitative assessment tool
Architecture Ph.D. Zheng, Jie, Jane Urban governance and "creative industry clusters" in Shanghai's urban development
Architecture M.L.A. Luo, Jinbin Rethinking the urban river : strategies of urban transformation Donghaoyong River, Guangzhou
Architecture M.L.A. Ma, Kai, Michael Revitalization of urban industrial waterfront area : the redevelopment of Taikoo Warehouses area of Guangzhou
Architecture M.L.A. Man, Chi-kong China-Hong Kong boundary : new interpretation in the future
Architecture M.L.A. Wong, Livia leisure and recreation retreat
Architecture M.L.A. Law, Lok-to, Ken innovative use of recycle materials in a re-vitalization project for the industrial landscape
Asian Studies Ph.D. Metaparti, Satya Prakash Risk management initiatives for post 9/11 maritime security
Asian Studies Ph.D. Yu, Liwen Politicizing poetics : the (re)writing of the social imaginary in modern and contemporary Chinese poetry
Asian Studies M.Phil. Yim, Ching-ching New emigration waves and rural China :  a perspective from the sending region
Asian Studies M.Phil. Lin, Sheng Irregular emigration form Fuzhou : changes and transformation in coastal rural Qiaoxiang
Asian Studies Ph.D. Ong, Kok-chung Multilingualism under globalization : a focus on the education language politics in Malaysia since 2002
Biochemistry Ph.D. Chun, Chiu-shun REV7-mediated polyubiquitination and degration of human REV1
Biochemistry M.Phil. Scharner, Juergen Defective adult muscle satellite cells in Zmpste24 deficient mice
Biochemistry Ph.D. Siu, Yeung-tung Activation of TORC1 transcriptional coactivator through MEKK1-introduced phosphorylation and ubiquitination
Biochemistry M.Phil. Leung, On-yue, Valeria Targeting unopposed neutrophil elastase in chronic respiratory inflammation with heparin oligosaccharides
Biochemistry M.Med.Sc. Wong, Hei-kiu Functional roles of rarely-used synonymous codon and sequences variation in type I cytokine receptors
Biochemistry M.Phil. Mok, Kwai-lung Computational discovery of cis-regulatory modules in human genome by genome comparison
Biochemistry Ph.D. Chan, Kui-ming MT1-MMP in craniofacial development and FGF signaling
Biochemistry Ph.D. Chan, Chun-yin, Caleb Understanding sedlin and the molecular basis of spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda
Biochemistry Ph.D. Yang, Liu Genetic analyses of terminal differentiation of hypertrophic chondrocytes
Biochemistry M.Phil. Tsui, Yat-ping In vitro derivation of myelinatiog Schwann cells for use in chitosan-based nerve guidance channels
Biochemistry Ph.D. Tang, Hei-man, Vincent Characterization of yeast peroxiredoxin tsa1p in DNA damage response
Biochemistry Ph.D. Wang, Zai Kinesin-1 in skeletal muscle
Biochemistry Ph.D. Zhang, Yi Studies of heparanase (HPA) gene expression, cellular localization and functions in neural tissues of the rat
Biochemistry Ph.D. Tsang, Siu-wai Involvement of Pdzd2 in the regulation of pancreatic beta-cell functions
Biochemistry Ph.D. Li, Yan Genetic analysis of Alzheimer's disease associated genes : a perspective from abnormal cholesterol metabolism
Biochemistry M.Phil. Lee, B. C., Bob Probing the molecular mechanisms of how polymorphisms in Cerberus-like result in low bone mineral density
Biochemistry Ph.D. Li, Jun Indian hedgehog stimulates chondrocyte hypertrophic differentiation in endochondral bone formation
Biochemistry Ph.D. Zhu, Guixia Study of the function of Kinesin-1 (KIF5B) in long bone development
Biochemistry Ph.D. Lai, Wai-lung role of unfolded protein response in the cytotoxicity mechanism of N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide
Biochemistry Ph.D. Choy, Yee-wai, Elizabeth study of Epstein-Barr virus-encoded small regulatory RNAs
Biochemistry Ph.D. Chan, Wing-yu, Tori Mouse model with impaired matrix degradation at the chondro-osseous junction
Biochemistry M.Phil. Lam, To-kam In vivo study of asporin polymorphic variants in chondrogenesis and degenerative disc disease (DDD)
Biochemistry Ph.D. Chan, Wai-ling proteomics study to reveal the molecular response to protein misfolding in chondrocytes
Biochemistry Ph.D. Yeung, Man-nga Functional roles of heparanase in endochondral ossification
Biochemistry Ph.D. Chan, Sze-lai, Celine Sclerostin : a negative regulator of bone formation and a target for osteoporosis therapy
Biochemistry Ph.D. Choi, Mei-yee Functional studies on sedlin and its involvement in spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia tarda
Biochemistry M.Phil. Chee, Ming-chu, Daisy Studying the roles of conserved domains of the transcription factor Sox10 in neural crest development
Biochemistry M.Phil. Chan, Ching Axon-restrictive chondroitin sulfates at the Schwann cell-astroycte interface
Biochemistry Ph.D. Chan, Cheuk-wing, Wilson ER stress in the pathogenesis of osteochondrodysplasia
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Jiang, Pingping Differential protein expression profile in intestine of preterm piglets with necrotizing enterocolitis
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Ma, Hoi-tung Studies on the elements in the innate immune system of the shrimp, Penaeus monodon : from recognition, activation to melanization
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Shih, Chun-hat Molecular characterization and metabolic engineering of flavonoid biosynthesis in higher plants
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Tang, Lee-kwan Functional characterization of an Arabidopsis anther-specific gene encoding a dihydrolavonol 4-reductase-like protein
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Aung, Swe Biodiversity, systematics and ecology of nematode-trapping fungi from Hong Kong
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Wang, Jing Systematics and phylogeny of Dasymaschalon (Annonaceae)
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Cheng, Ka-wing Preventive potential and mechanism of dietary phenolics on the formation of mutagenic heterocyclic amines
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Chan, Hoi-lam Supply-side ecology and onshore selection of Tetraclita japonica japonica (crustacea: cirripedia) in Hong Kong
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Shea, Kwok-ho Species composition and temporal and spatial patterns in butterflyfishes (chaetodontidae) associated with coral communities in sub-tropical Hong Kong
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Shen, Pingping Benthic infaunal community at an intertidal mudflat and molecular analysis of the dominant species Neanthes glandicincta (Polychaeta)
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Sin, Ying-tung Age, growth, and reproductive biology of whitespotted bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium plagiosum) from Hong Kong and adjacent waters
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Wan, Pak-ho role of Masked Palm Civet (Paguma larvata) and Small IndianCivet (Viverricula indica) in seed dispersal in Hong Kong, China
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Ruan, Dongliang Study of maillard reaction and early reaction products by mass spectrometry
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Tang, Wing-kai Distribution, seasonality and species identification of larval stomatopoda in Hong Kong waters
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Cheng, Tak-him, Terence Neuroprotective effect of green tea extracts
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Yang, Yao ecology of a herbivorous fish (Pseudogastromyzon myersi: balitoridae) and its influence on benthic algal dynamics in four Hong Kong streams
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Jor, Wing-yan, Irene Proteomic analysis of the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on human hepatocarcinoma
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Li, Oi-yee Shredders and leaf litter breakdown in Hong Kong streams
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Lin, Chengyuan Neuroendocrine regulation and signal transduction for prolactin gene expression in grass carp
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Tse, Yuk-man Topological and mutagenic analyses of a haloacid permease of a Burkholderia species
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Li, Yick-yeung Molecular characterization and co-infection of North American and European porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in Hong Kong
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Yuen, Sze-nga Study of chemically modified non-starch polysaccharides
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Leung, Mei-chi Study on the interaction between Gadd153 mRNA and HuR protein in HeLa cells upon treatment with 4HPR
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Kwok, Ho-yan, Amy Molecular cloning and characterization of chicken prostaglandin receptors
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Faan, Yun-wing Isolation and characterization of genes that affected the growth of Burkholderia species MBA4 by transposon mutagenesis
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Siu, Kwan-yin development and characterization of a knockout model for secretin
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Yu, Xiaozhang Uptake, assimilation and toxicity of cyanogenic compounds in plants
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Cheung, Wai-ting Role of gonadotropin-releasing hormone of metastatic potential of ovarian cancer cells
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Bao, Wei-wei, Vivien Toxicities and ecological risks of selected anti-fouling biocides to marine organisms in Hong Kong
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Wang, Qiufan, Claire Mechanisms of junctional restructuring at the sertoli-sertoli and sertoli-germ cell interfaces during spermatogenesis
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Cheung, Sze-man Ecology, conservation and trade of freshwater turtles in Hong Kong and Southern China, with particular reference to the critically endangered Cuora trifasciata
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Tam, Ka-shing Effects of bitter melon extracts on adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Yeung, Sin-lui study of purple acid phosphatase from Burkholderia cenocepacia
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Kwan, Wai-yin Glucose-regulated protein 78 as a novel target of BRCA1 for inhibiting stress-induced apoptosis
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Shan, Bin Antioxidant and antibacterial capacities of spice and medicinal herb extracts and their potential application as natural foodpreservatives
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Chan, Kam-ho study of putative plant phytases in Arabidopsis thaliana
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Kwok, Sui-yi Proteomic study of Burkholderia sp. MBA4 in the degradation of haloacids
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Fok, Man-sze, Milla Baseline survey of fish juvenile assemblages in Tolo Harbour and Channel, Hong Kong
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Wan, Kai-fung Hepatocyte growth factor and met receptor signaling in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell migration and invasion
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Surveswaran, Siddharthan Molecular phylogenetics and medicinal plants of Asclepiadoideae from India
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Chu, Yan-shuen, Jessica Secretin : a putative factor in regulating body water homeostasis
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Wong, Chi-chun Isolation of saponins from Solanum mammosum and characterization of their anticancer activity by proteomics
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Chen, Guanqun Lipid and fatty acid composition and their biosyntheses in relation to carotenoid accumulation in the microalgae nitzschia laevis (Bacillariophyceae) and haematococcus pluvialis (chlorophyceae)
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Sun, Caiyun Luteinizing hormone receptor and its functional role in gonadotropin-induced growth hormone gene transcription in grass carp
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Sui, Zhongquan mechanical properties of starchy foods in relation to texture and digestibility
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Wong, Tsz-yeung IBDV-mediated antiviral responses by TLR3 signaling pathways
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Ye, Yisha Proteomics study of the effects of fish oil and corn oil enriched diet on membranous nephritis
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Tan, Qian Purification of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid N-malonyltransferase from mung bean hypocotyls
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Pan, Li vibrionaceae horizontal gene pool : plasmid replication and characterization
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Pon, Yuen-lam Regulation of cadherins and catenins in ovarian surface epithelium and ovarian cancer
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Choi, Kin-sang Reproductive biology and ecology of the loliginid squid, Uroteuthis (Photololigo) duvauceli (Orbigny, 1835), in Hong Kong waters
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Kuang, Ruibin study of a purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thaliana
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Huang, Wuyang Traditional Chinese medicinal plants and their endophytic fungi : isolation, identification, and bioassay
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Lee, Yee-ki, Carol Effect of dietary fatty acids on metastatic hepatocellularcarcinoma
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Li, Kam-bun, Keith Experimental characterization of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus spike protein and angiotensin : converting enzyme 2 towards the viral infection
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Sze, Kit-ling Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulations of cell junction proteins in mammalian testes
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Wang, Yang Transcriptional regulation of junctional adhesion molecule-B in mouse testicular cells
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Xiao, Shi Functional characterization of Arabidopsis acyl-Coenzyme-A-binding proteins
Biological Sciences Ph.D. To, Wai-lun biology, fishery of groupers (family: serranidae) in Hong Kong and adjacent waters, and implications for manangement
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Hung, Ka-yiu, Samuel Habitat use of Indo-pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Hong Kong
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Lam, Pui-yi Characterization of neutralizing and receptor binding activities in human coronavirus NL63 spike protein
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Brown, Gerald Francis Novel aspects of grass carp GHR gene regulation
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Jin, Jing Proteomic profiling of mycelial extract derived from coriolus versicolor and analysis of their anti-tumor effects in human leukemic cells HL-60
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Ng, Ying-sim Symbiotic nitrogen fixation by native woody legumes (leguminosae) in Hong Kong, China
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Ho, Sze-yuen Genetic, lipidic and proteomic characterization of an arachidonic acid producing fungus, Mortierella alpina
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Chan, Sze-mei Role of chicken toll-like receptor 3 in antiviral responses during H9N2 influenza virus infection
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Cheung, Ka-wing Spatial and seasonal variations of freshwater macroinvertebrates, odonata and waterbirds in Luk Keng marshland, Hong Kong
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Kwok, Wing-hin, Kevin Patrick On the derivation of Water and Sediment Quality Guidelines : some pressing issues and their resolutions
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Fan, Rong roles of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase isogenes in the flower and fruit development in tomatoes
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Chan, Ka-wang, Eric Riparian insects and predation by insectivores : energy transfers across tropical land-water ecotones
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Wang, Zhenggang Studies of epidemiological and evolutionary dynamics of influenza
Biological Sciences M.Phil. So, King-yip, Ken Gene organization of the lobster (Homarus americanus) Gonad inhibiting hormone, and its functional analysis in relation to vitellogenesis by RNA interference
Biological Sciences M.Phil. Lin, Xiaohui Molecular analysis of an iron transporter gene of Burkholderia species MBA4
Buddhist Studies M.Buddh.Stud. Wong, Kwong-cheong On the virtues approach to Buddhist environmental ethics
Buddhist Studies Ph.D. Thero, Rangama, Chandawimala impact of the Abhayagiri practices on the development of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka
Buddhist Studies Ph.D. Liu, Ginling nature of humanistic Buddhism : ideal and practice as reflected in Xingyun's mode
Buddhist Studies Ph.D. Chan, Ngan-che study of Yogãcãra theory of the ten causes
Business M.Phil. Leung, Chung-man, Alvin analysis of the impact of phishing and anti-phishing related announcements on market value of global firms
Business Ph.D. Ren, Jinjuan Investor sentiments, agency conflicts, and IPO underpricing
Business Ph.D. Li, Chung-man transaction cost perspective of online shopping
Business M.Phil. Fan, Zhongwei Cross-cultural differences in human information processing :  an empirical study of Westerners and Asians
Business Ph.D. Dong, Chuoyan, Maggie Current challenges in channel relationships
Business Ph.D. Qi, Cong Exploring the effects of relationship and contract issues on the success of IT outsourcing : an exploratory study in China
Business Ph.D. Wang, Ying effects of website personalization on user intention to return through cognitive beliefs and affective reactions
Business Ph.D. Zhang, Zhaohui Clustering and firm performance in Chinese industry
Business Ph.D. Chen, Xi Using data mining techniques to discover customer behavioral patterns for direct marketing in mobile telecommunication industry
Business Ph.D. Chan, Wa, Kimmy Three studies on understanding customer relationship management in services : customer-firm affection, customer-staff proximity, and customer co-production
Business Ph.D. Wang, Linghua Preference for balanced scorecard measures : the effects of compensation and strategy formulation
Business M.Phil. Wang, Qi Disclosure of internal control weaknesses and the capital market valuation of earnings surprise after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
Business Ph.D. Yang, Zhi Essays on China's collectively-owned enterprises
Business Administration M.B.A. Chan, Ka-kin, King Alcohol and cognitive impairment in Chinese older adults : a cross sectional study
Chemistry Ph.D. Chen, Haoguo Silver catalyzed enyne cyclization reactions
Chemistry Ph.D. Zheng, Jianzhou Computer simulation of Maxwell demon and Feynman's ratchet and pawl system
Chemistry Ph.D. Hung, Ling-ling Novel luminescent cyclometalated gold (III) alkynyls : design, synthesis, photophysics and their multinuclear assemblies
Chemistry Ph.D. Kong, Jianfei Design, synthesis, and photophysical and electrochemical studies of redox-active macrocyclic dinuclear transition metal complexes as potential molecular switches
Chemistry Ph.D. Law, Yuen-kwan Study on the identification of small molecule activators of the autophagic pathway and elucidation of the mechanism of action
Chemistry Ph.D. Zeng, Yibo Biophysical characterization hpn-like (HPNL), a histidine- and glutamine-rich protein
Chemistry Ph.D. Cheng, Kam-ho study on novel organic semiconductor devices : light-emitting diode and thin-film transistor
Chemistry Ph.D. Yan, Kun Proteomic and biochemical studies of cytotoxic gold(I), silver(I) and rhodium(II) complexes
Chemistry Ph.D. Chen, Zuofeng Studies on a novel type of electrogenerated chemiluminescence and electroanalysis of biomolecules at fluorosurfactant-modified electrodes
Chemistry Ph.D. Zhu, Mingxin Syntheses, characterization and photophysical properties of platinum(II) and gold(I) complexes containing ortho- and meta-oligo(phenyleneethynylene) ligands
Chemistry Ph.D. Leung, Lai-to Studies toward the total synthesis of C14-oxygenated dolastane natural products
Chemistry Ph.D. Liu, Peng Oxidation and nitrene transfer reactions catalyzed by iron-oligopyridine complexes
Chemistry M.Phil. Pang, Hon-fung Laser spectroscopy of iridium compounds
Chemistry Ph.D. Wu, Peng Biomolecules sensing and anti-cancer studies of luminescent platinum (II) complexes with tridentate and tetradentate ligands
Chemistry Ph.D. Chan, Tak-chung Development of efficient oxidizing agents for disinfection, pollutant degradation and peptide modification
Chemistry Ph.D. Li, Xiang Using alpha-aminoxy acids as building blocks to construct anion receptors and synthetic chloride channels
Chemistry M.Phil. Liu, Ching-chiu Identification of Radix Rehmanniae (di huang) as a traditional Chinese medicine with transcription inhibitory activity of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein gene
Chemistry M.Phil. Li, Xiaobo Neural network based exchange-correlation functional
Chemistry Ph.D. Law, Ka-lun Synthesis of spirolactams via phenylseleno group transfer radical cyclization and secondary amine formation via reductive amination using InCl3/Et3SiH promoted by Lewis acid
Chemistry M.Phil. Chan, Ka-yan Gadolinium complexes containing tetraazamacrocycle for magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents
Chemistry Ph.D. Cheung, Chi-chuen, Cecil Design, fabrication and characterization of organic thin filmdevices (OLEDs and OTFTs) based on Pt(II) complexes
Chemistry Ph.D. Yang, Nan Bismuth based agents and their interactions with the SARS helicase and its metal binding domain
Chemistry Ph.D. Chung, Wan-ying, Cecilia Development of a multipolymer reaction and polyfunctional polymeric catalysts
Chemistry Ph.D. Lee, Yui-bing chemistry of osmium-silver and osmium-iridium mixed-metalclusters
Chemistry Ph.D. Li, Ka-lei, Carrie In vitro and in vivo studies of cytotoxic and anti-angiogenic cyclometalated gold(III) and gold(III) porphyrin complexes
Chemistry Ph.D. Nie, Zhou Microchip capillary electrophoresis for investigation of bilirubin-albumin interaction in human serum and apportionment of constituents in traditional Chinese medicine
Chemistry Ph.D. An, Xiaomeng Functional characterization of cell-cycle related kinase(CCRK) in glioblastoma and colon cancer carcinogenesis
Chemistry Ph.D. Wang, Hui Structural and functional studies of the neuronal growth inhibitory factor, human metallothionein-3
Chemistry M.Phil. Chu, Lai-man Time-resolved spectroscopic investigation of chloroaniline and oxetane related compounds
Chemistry M.Phil. Tse, Bun-luen, Tim Development and characterization of bottom-viewed inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry
Chemistry M.Phil. Fu, Yunyi, Michael Development of a polymer-supported reagent for Trost-Lu isomerization reactions and reagents for Mitsunobu reactions
Chemistry M.Phil. Yang, Die, Daisy Development of polymers for electroplating waste water purification, polymer-supported reagents for organic synthesis and heterogeneous catalysts for aerobic alcohol oxidation reactions
Chemistry M.Phil. Koo, Yiu Synthesis of metal-containing thiophene-based conjugated polymers for photovoltaic applications
Chemistry Ph.D. Lo, Hiu-suet Design and syntheses of luminescent alkynyl complexes containing multinuclear platinum (II) and coinage metal centres : from photophysics to host-guest chemistry and supramoleculararchitectures
Chemistry Ph.D. Lee, Ho-man Design, synthesis, luminescene and photochromic studies of dithienylethene-containing nitrogen and mixed nitrogen-oxygen donor ligands and their complexes
Chemistry Ph.D. Chan, Kwok-wai, Queenie Synthesis and photophysical properties of oligo (arylene-ethynylene)s,osmium(II) diimine and platinum(II) calix[4] arene complexes and their applications as sensory materials
Chemistry M.Phil. Chuang, Yung-ping Time-resolved resonance raman and density functional theory studies of the photochemistry of (S)-ketoprofen
Chemistry Ph.D. Li, Ling Catalytic methane reformation and aromatization reaction studies via cavity ringdown spectroscopy and time of flight mass spectrometry
Chemistry M.Phil. Choy, Tsz-shan, Jacqueline Enhancing the sensitivity and specificity of piezoelectric quartz crystal sensor by nano-gold amplification and molecularly imprinting technologies
Chemistry Ph.D. Kwong, Kar-wing, Cathy Development of polyfunctional polymeric catalysts
Chemistry Ph.D. Lo, Kar-yan Gold catalysis : stereoselective synthesis of propargylamines and axially chiral allenes, and application on natural product modifications
Chemistry Ph.D. Cheng, Kai-wing Polymers with pendant transition metal complexes for photovoltaic applications and nanofabrications
Chemistry Ph.D. Li, Chengyong Total syntheses (-)-5-demethoxyfumagillol, (-)-fumagillol, (-)-RK-805,(-)-FR65814, and analogues
Chemistry Ph.D. Du, Yong Time-resolved spectroscopic studies of the photophysics and photochemistry of selected benzoin and benzophenone compounds
Chemistry Ph.D. Choi, Kwok-wai, Matthew Carbenoid transfer reactions catalyzed by arene ruthenium complexes and polymer supported ruthenium catalysts
Chemistry Ph.D. Guo, Zhen Density functional theory studies of selected hydrogen bond assisted chemical reactions
Chemistry Ph.D. Siu, Shiu-on Biological mass spectrometry of peptides and glycopeptides
Chemistry Ph.D. Xu, Zongxiang Organic thin film transistors and solar cells fabricated with [pi]-conjugated polymers and macrocyclic materials
Chemistry Ph.D. But, Yuen-sze, Tracy Organocatalytic alcohol oxidation and Mitsunobu reactions
Chemistry Ph.D. Cun, Shujian heat-shock protein A from helicobacter pylori : bioinorganic characterization, biological significance and evolutionary aspect
Chemistry Ph.D. Chen, Zhihang Lanthanide complexes for luminescent materials and the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents
Chemistry Ph.D. Lau, Chi-yin Reductive aldol cyclizations using Stryker's reagent and polystyrene-supported triphenylarsine in carbon-carbon bond forming reactions
Chemistry Ph.D. Xue, Jiadan Time-resolved resonance raman and density functional theory studies of selected arylnitrenium ions and their reactions with guanosine derivatives and aryl azides
Chemistry Ph.D. Yang, Yinhua Application of biomolecular NMR spectroscopy for protein structure determination
Chemistry Ph.D. Shen, Zan kringle 1 domain of hepatocyte growth factor exerts both anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor cell effects on hepatocellular carcinoma
Chemistry Ph.D. Chan, Lai-fung Synthesis, structures and properties of metal-metal bonded transition metal with organothiolate ligands
Chemistry Ph.D. Sze, Kwan-Lok Electrophoretic methodologies for the determinations of minerals and trace elements in milk
Chinese Ph.D. Wong, Ching-him, Felix critical study of the policies formulated and the religious culture disseminated by the Jesuits in China during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries = 十六、十七世紀在華耶穌會士之政治策略及其所傳播之宗教文化
Chinese M.Phil. Tsui, Kam, Jean Rewriting Shakespeare : a study of Lin Shu's translation of tales from Shakespeare
Chinese Ph.D. Dung, Chau-hung Poetics of Ye Xie and of the Lingnan master poet trio : a comparative study = 葉燮與嶺南三家詩論比較硏究
Chinese M.Phil. Wong, Wai-han, June Huangchao Dashiji and the imperial examination of the South Song Dynasty = 《皇朝大事記》與南宋科舉
Chinese M.Phil. Fong, Sing-ha Continuity and transcendence of Jing School : a critical study of Wang Zengqi's fiction = 京派的承傳與超越 : 汪曾祺小說研究
Chinese M.Phil. Tse, Chun-yip political career of Yang Yiqing (1454-1530) = 楊一清政治生涯硏究
Chinese M.Phil. Sheh, Wai-ting study of Wang Zhu's (1485-1550?) Song Shi Zhi = 王洙《宋史質》研究
Chinese M.Phil. Tao, Ching-sin critical study of Yishi Yuyan
Chinese M.Phil. Wang, Baorong Shaoxing Dialect in English translations of Lu Xun's fiction = 魯迅小說中紹興方言英譯硏究
Chinese M.Phil. Yeung, Ka-ying Pursuit and exploration : the theme and art of Liu Sola's fiction = 劉索拉小說的"尋找"意識和藝術探索
Chinese M.Phil. Li, Men-dik unfolding and transformation of Daoism in Hong Kong = 香港道教的發展與蛻變研究
Chinese M.Phil. Leung, Sze-lok Political thoughts of Fan Zuyu (1041-1098) = 范祖禹政治思想研究
Chinese M.Phil. Chow, Ka-kin, Kelvin study of the social status of the Canadian Chinese during the mid-twentieth century = 20世紀中葉加拿大華人地位轉變之硏究
Chinese Ph.D. Chiu, Cheung-ki study of the Chunqiu baishu of Wang Fuzhi (1619-1692) = 王夫之 (1619-1692)《春秋稗疏》研究
Chinese Ph.D. Ng, Kam-lung study of the Yuan period criticism of the Song poems = 元代對宋詩評價之研究
Chinese Ph.D. Tsui, Man-hon Official historical compilations in Early Qing : Xu Qianxue's (1631-1694) leadership and contribution = 清初的官史編修: 徐乾學的領導與貢獻
Chinese M.Phil. Wan, Yu-pui Time and space in Zheng Chouyu's Poetry = 鄭愁予詩的時間與空間
Chinese Ph.D. Leung, Cho-nga To serve the government or not : a study of the views of Chinese Literati in the Jiangnan region during the late Yuan and early Ming periods = 元末明初江南地區知識分子的'仕'與'隱'觀念研究
Chinese M.Phil. Lun, Yan-lai study of Chen Xianzhang's poetry 陳獻章詩歌研究
Chinese Ph.D. Poon, Hon-fong Dating the extant version of Kongcongzi : a linguistic exploration = 今本《孔叢子》成書年代新考 : 從語言角度的考察
Chinese M.Phil. Yim, Wing-ha Onomastics translation : with reference to Chinese-English and English-Chinese examples in Hong Kong street names
Chinese and Comparative Literary Studies M.A. Lee, So-kam comparison of Cantonese Transcriptions in Guangzhouhua zhengyin zidian and Changyongzi guangzhouhua duyinbiao = 《廣州話正音字典》與《常用字廣州話讀音表》粤語注音比較研究
Chinese and Comparative Literary Studies M.A. Koon, Hang-pak, Hero interpretation of the meaning of Dao in the Book of changes = "易道"義涵論析
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Yu, Chung-kit establishment and development of the embassy system in late Qing dynasty = 清末駐外使節制度的設立和發展
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Wong, Hon-meng attitude of Wuzong and Li Deyu on the policy of the extermination of Buddhism during the Huichang reign (841-846) of the Tang dynasty = 唐會昌(841-846)年間武宗及李德裕對滅佛政策之取態
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Yau Tsang, Ka-lai, Carrie Yau Lit and the 1911 Revolution = 尢列與辛亥革命
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Chow, Ching-wai role of Fang Boqian in the sino-Japanese war of 1894 : a new perspective = 甲午戰爭中的方伯謙
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Lam, Hing-yee Between tradition and westernization : Wong Tao's world view and idea of reform = 王韜的世界觀與改革思想
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Lee, Siu-Yuk study of Zhu Wenzheng = 朱文正研究
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Lam, Chung-nam Ming Policy towards Mongols during the reigns of Zhengtong (1436-1449) and Tianshun (1457-1464) = 明正統至天順間的蒙政策
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Tang, Fai-ching Awareness of war towards the Japanese invasion in Hong Kong society during the period 1937-1941 = 1937至1941間香港社會對日本侵略的戰爭意識
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Ng, Wai-yip Impact of climatic change during little ice age on agricultural development in north China, 1600-1650 = 小冰期氣候變遷與華北農業發展 : 1600-1650年間的觀察
Chinese Historical Studies M.A. Bun, Wai-chun impact of Xuanxue on the political view of the elite of Wei-Jin dynasty = 玄學對魏晉名士政治觀的影響
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Ngai, Pang-chin, Jeffrey study of the subjects and contents of Tao Yuanming's (365-427) poems = 陶淵明(365-427)詩題材內容研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lau, Siu-man study of the characters in Yu Hua's novels =  論余華長篇小說的人物形象
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Sun, Pui-shan Lust and power : a thematic study of the films : Judou and Dahong denglong gaogao gua / =  論電影《菊豆》及《大紅燈籠高高掛》中的權慾角力
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Leung, Man-ying, Kein study on the imagery of supernatural beings in Li He's (709 - 816) [i.e.(790-816)] poetry = 李賀(709 - 816) [i.e.(790-816)] 詩歌"鬼神意象"研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Sze, Sin-man study of Qiao Ye's feminist fiction = 論喬葉的女性小說
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Ma, Oi-yee, Ivy study of Su Shi's works of prose composed during his stay in Huangzhou (1080-1084) =  蘇軾黃州時期(1080-1084)散文研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chan, Kwok-sing study of Lu You's (1125 - 1210) ci poetry =  陸游(1125 - 1210)詞研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lee, Shung-wai Mixing narratives and commentaries reading the "Leizhuan" of Shiji = 敍事與議論之間 :《史記》"類傳"的解讀
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lam, Shui-ming, Piorot study on Huang Zhongze's nostalgic poems = 黃仲則(1749-1783)詠史懷古詩研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Hui, Wing-yiu Canton-pop and the teaching of Chinese in Hong Kong =  香港粤語流行曲和中文教學
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chan, Man-ting study of the aesthetic features of Chen Zhifan's prose = 陳之藩散文藝術特色研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chu, Hau-ying Depiction of scenes in Eileen Chang's novelettes = 張愛玲中、短篇小說之場景描寫
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Cheung, Wing comparative study on Chinese language teaching materials in primary schools of Hong Kong and of mainland China : a textual approach = 香港和中國內地小學中國語文科教材比較研究 : 以課文為中心
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Law, Wai-yi Male midlife crisis as depicted in Chi Li's fiction = 池莉小說的男性中年危機
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Au, Ho, Vanessa Buddhist monks and Daoist priests in Jinyong's "condor trilogy" = 金庸「三部曲」中的僧道研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chan, Ho-yung comparative study of Qian Mu and Yang Bojun's interpretations of Confucius' political thoughts with reference to Qian's Lunyu xinjie and Yang's Lunyu yizhu = 錢穆《論語新解》和楊伯峻《論語譯注》對孔子政治思想解釋的比較研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Cheung, Chui-shan Sutong's matrimonial scenes as portrayed in his Hunyin jijing = 從《蘇童文集・婚姻即景》看蘇童的婚姻圖景
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lau, Tan-king preliminary analysis of the use of vocabulary in Chinese writings by Hong Kong primary 3 students = 淺析香港小三學生中文寫作的詞彙運用
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lau, Tak-him use of Hong Kong vogue words in writing and the development of language education in Hong Kong = 「香港潮流用語入文」與香港語文教育的發展
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Choi, Po-ki Male images in the romantic stories in the Chuanqi genre of the Tang dynasty = 唐傳奇愛情小說的男性形象
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Liu, Yuk-ling comparative study of the phonetic transcriptions in Changyongzi Guangzhouhua duyinbiao and Yueyin zhengdu zihui = 《常用字廣州話讀音表》與《粤音正讀字彙》注音比較研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Leung, Wai-yu study of Liu Zongyuan's (773-819) "Essays on pavilions and ponds" = 柳宗元 (773-819) 亭池記研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Tsui, Wai-chi poems of Yu Guangzhong and the imagery of wateric : an analysis with reference to Gaston Bachelard's four-element poetics = 余光中詩歌與水的想象力 : 以巴什拉四元素詩學作一分析
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Yu, So-phann home fantasy : GastonBachelard's space consciousness and Yu Guangzhong's poetry = 家的遐想 : 巴什拉的空間意識與余光中的詩
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Cheung, Pui-yi iconoclasm of Han Yu = 韓愈的特立獨行
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Ting, Lai-na poetry of Yu Guangzhong during his stay in HongKong (1974-1985) = 余光中居港時期(1974-1985)詩歌研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Tam, Lai-ping study on the feasibility of teaching simplified Chinese characters in Hong Kong primary schools = 在香港小學推行簡化字教學的可行性研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Leung, Pak-kin study of Liu Guo's Longzhouci = 劉過《龍洲詞》研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chan, King-chu On the playscripts of To Kwok Wai = 論杜國威劇作
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Wong, Chu-wah poems of Yu Guangzhong and childhood reverie : an analysis with reference to Gaston Bachelard's anima poetics = 余光中詩歌與童年的夢想 : 以巴什拉的安尼瑪詩學作一分析
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lau, Shuk-yi study of the border town by Shen Congwen and his other short novels = 沈從文的《邊城》及其他小說研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Leung, Lai-sheung On Yuan Changying's literary creations = 論袁昌英之文學創作
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Fong, Sing-wan On the Tragic Dimension of Bai Xianyong's Short Stories = 論白先勇短篇小說中的悲劇
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Ng, Che-ying study of Lu Li's prose and verse 陸蠡散文和散文詩研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chiu, Man-yee, Angela Striking the buddhist chord in snowy regions : contemporary Chinese poetry on Tibetan culture = 敲響雪域的梵音 : 中國當代藏文化漢語新詩研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Liu, Wan-kuen comparison of the Cantonese transcriptions in Guangzhouhua zhengyin zidian and Yueyin zhengdu shouce = 《廣州話正音字典》與《粤音正讀手冊》粤語注音比較研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Wan, Kong relationship between plant metaphors and poetic themes in the Shijing = 《詩經》植物興象與題旨的關係
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chung, Chi-kwong relationship between recitation and Chinese literature : a study through Du Fu's poems = 從杜甫詩談朗誦與中國文學的關係
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chow, Wai-chun On the relationship between the prose and comics of Feng Zikai = 豐子愷散文與漫畫創作關係研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Yu, Wing-wa Students' command of Mandarin and Cantonese in anEnglish-Mandarin bilingual school in Hong Kong = 香港地區英語及普通話雙語學校學童對普通話及粤方言之掌握
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Cheng, Siu-ling, Flona study of variant readings of Chinese characters labeled as mispronounced in the Yueyin zhengdu zihui = 《粤音正讀字彙》所載日常錯讀字異讀研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Wong, So-chong study of Yu Hua's novelettes = 余華短篇小說研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Fung, Ka-lai critical study of the characters in Weicheng = 《圍城》人物形象探析
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Seto, Bo-lai meaning, grammatical features and usage of the Hong Kong Cantonese word "tim" = 香港粤語「添」的意義、語法特徵和使用實況
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Wong, Ka-man On the phenomenon of "being strong in narration and weak in characterization" in Xiaohong's novels = 蕭紅小說"強於敘事、弱於寫人"探析
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chan, Oi-shan Yu Guangzhong's poems and the imagery of 'fire' : an analysis with reference to Gaston Bachelard's four-element poetics = 余光中詩歌與「火」的想像力 : 以巴什拉四元素詩學作一分析
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Ho, Kit-ching brief discussion of the problems confronting Hong Kong primary school students in learning Putonghua and the remedial measures = 略論香港小學生學習普通話的困難及對策
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chow, Wing-kam analysis of Zhang Ailing's movie scripts = 張愛玲電影劇本創作研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Wong, Lai-wing case Study on Hong Kong secondary school students' ability to read and write simplified Chinese characters : exploring the feasibility of promoting the use of simplified Chinese characters in Hong Kong 香港中學生認讀和書寫簡化字的個案研究 : 兼論在香港推廣簡化字的可行性
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lai, Yuen-yan Comparative study of the imagery in the peorty of Dai Wangshu and Bian Zhilin =  戴望舒與卞之琳詩歌意象的比較研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lee, Wing-tat study of Wang Chong's (27-97) theory of human nature = 王充(27-97)人性論研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Tse, Shing-ngat study of Xunzi's (312-230 BC) "Essay on the Enhancement of Learning" = 荀子(312-230 BC)"勸學篇"研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Au, Hin-cheuk study on the lyrical techniques of the Nineteen ancients poems = 論《古詩十九首》的抒情技巧
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Law, Sze-man Deceleration of the narrative flow in the Heaven sword and dragon saber = 《倚天屠龍記》的延緩敍事研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Chan, Pui-chi analysis of the dream motif in Liaozhai zhiyi = 《聊齋志異》夢境研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lee, Sai-ho discussion of the parodic ci poetry of Xin Qiji =  論辛棄疾的諧謔詞
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Wong, Yuen-wan Educational ideas in the analects and the Hong Kong education system = 《論語》教育思想與香港教育制度
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Ho, Fung-man Historical, mythological and literary allusions in LiBai's Gufeng and Yuefu poems = 李白古風及樂府詩典故探究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lam, Wing-lan Humour in Lao She's prose = 老舍散文的幽默特點
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Au, Siu-lung 'Nostalgia' and 'Panic' in Huang Biyun's Fiction = 黃碧雲小說的「懷舊」與「恐慌」
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Tong, Kit-nam occasional use of English words and phrases in Hong Kong style Chinese ten years before and after its reunification with China =  九七回歸前後十年港式中文與英語混用研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lo, Kwai-ying political and social conditions of the Tang dynasty during the An Lushan rebellion as reflected in Du Fu's Poems = 從杜詩看唐代安史之亂期間之政治及社會實況
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Sun, Kit Study of Tang Xiazu's letters = 湯顯祖尺牘研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Yip, Oi-yan study of the use of cantonese terms in written Chinese in Hong Kong during the past 20 years (1987-2007)
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lee, Ka-man study on Li Qingzhao's Cilun = 李清照《詞論》研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lam, Yat-lim society of Hong Kong in Lilian Lee's fiction = 李碧華小說中的香港社會
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Cheng, Hon-leung Narrative strategies in the first chapter of the legend of the Condor heroes = 《射鵰英雄傳》首回敘事策略研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Wong, Ah-yin On Eileen Chang's view of men and their images in her novels = 論張愛玲的男性觀及其小說中的男性形象
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Bui, Suet-ching, Whitty study of Du Fu's (712-770) war poems = 杜甫(712-770)戰爭詩研究
Chinese Language and Literature M.A. Lee, Wing-shing tragic images of female characters in Moyan's novels = 論莫言筆下的女性悲劇形象
Chinese Medicine M.Phil. Lau, Ping-woi, Echo anti-cancer effect of berberine in a human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line HONE 1
Chinese Medicine M.Phil. Yeung, Wai-song Abuse of Wushi powder in old China : archival analysis using qualitative approach
Chinese Medicine M.Phil. Chen, Haiyong Erxian decoction for menopause : systematic review and mechanistic study in estradiol bio-synthesis in vitro
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Xiao, Feng Hydrodynamic property and breakage behavior of particle aggregates in water : theoretical modeling, CFD simulation and PIV investigation
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Li, Anjie Determining factors for aerobic sludge granulation in bioreactors : mechanism analysis, mathematical modeling and experimental verification
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Liu, Yiting Experimental and numerical study on socketed steel H-pile
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Wong, Ka-chung, Colin Hydraulics of bottom rack chamber for supercritical flow diversion
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Or, Chun-ming Flow development in the initial region of a submerged round jet in a moving environment
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Tam, Chung-yan, Candy Study of rock joint roughness using 3D laser scanning technique
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Li, Wentao agent-based negotiation model for the sourcing of construction suppliers
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Qin, Xiaoli Biofilms in drinking water distribution systems
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Gao, Wei Development and application of drilling process monitoring methodology for hydraulic rotary drilling in ground investigation
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Chen, Jian Rock mass characterization :  air-driven rotary percussive drilling process monitoring based approach
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Anvuur, Aaron Maano Cooperation in construction projects : concept, antecedents and strategies
Civil Engineering Ph.D. So, Tze-chung Engineering behaviour of Hong Kong marine clay during vacuum preloading
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Zhao, Jianguang Interference effects on wind loading of a group of tall buildings in close proximity
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Mak, Shiu-wai Fundamental study on characterization of porous media using impedance spectroscopy
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Yan, Qingmei Biological nitrogen removal of saline wastewater by ammoniumoxidizers
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Mu, Feng Analysis and prediction of the axial capacity and settlement of displacement piles in sandy soil
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Mahesh, Gangadhar Gain/pain share and relational strategies to enhance value in target cost and GMP contracts
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Li, Ruying Biohydrogen production by photo fermentation from wastewater
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Li, Difu Fermentative hydrogen production from wastewater by immobilized biomass
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Chen, Wen membrane bioreactor(MBR) for an innovative biological nitrogen removal process
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Ng, Yu-ting, Ivan Performance and robustness of self-consolidating concrete
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Wang, Yuexing Sediment nutrient flux for a pulsed organic load : mathematical modeling and experimental verfication
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Sze, Nang-ngai Quantitative analyses for the evaluation of traffic safety and operations
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Lam, Yuet-kee, Jeffery Full-range analysis of reinforced concrete members and frames
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Chan, Ka-ho, Enoch Experimental and numerical studies of concrete beams prestressed with unbonded tendons
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Feng, Ran Design of cold-formed stainless steel tubular joints
Civil Engineering M.Phil. To, Chiu-yin unified elasto-plastic model for saturated loosely compacted completely decomposed granite
Civil Engineering M.Phil. Sun, Wenjun Front tracking algorithm for the Lighthill-Whitham-Richards model for a traffic network
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Yang, Yingnan Life-cycle maintenance management framework for concrete bridge elements in Hong Kong
Clinical Oncology Ph.D. Tang, Nin-fai Francis Monte Carlo dose calculations in quality assurance for IMRT of head and neck cancers
Clinical psychology Psy.D. Chu, Tsz-wai, Annie Smoking and its relations with eating attitudes, body satisfaction and mood among female adolescents in Hong Kong
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Community Medicine M.P.H. Lin, Peiru effect of physician's brief smoking cessation advice for male outpatients
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Community Medicine M.P.H. Yu, Yang Dental caries status of children and the related services in Shenzhen,China
Community Medicine M.P.H. Yuen, Chun-kit, Ken knowledge, attitude and practice survey on hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance
Comparative Literature M.Phil. Lau, Chi-chung Speed and immobility in urban space and cinema
Comparative Literature Ph.D. Cheng, Chi-wai, Louella Between history and fiction : making sense of Lao can you ji as a text in ruins
Computer Science Ph.D. Wang, Ke Designing authenication scheme for wireless sensor networks
Computer Science M.Phil. Yan, Li On the traffic flow control system
Computer Science M.Phil. Wong, Ying-ying Process migration for distributed Java computing
Computer Science M.Phil. Chan, Tak-fai, Dan smart card based authentication system for peer and group model
Computer Science M.Phil. Leung, Wing-sze Filtering of false positive microRNA candidates by a clustering-based approach
Computer Science M.Phil. Wang, Yongqiang study on structured covariance modeling approaches to designing compact recognizers of online handwritten Chinese characters
Computer Science M.Phil. Leung, Shuen-yi Predicting metabolic pathways from metabolic networks
Computer Science Ph.D. Liang, Chen 3D model reconstruction from silhouettes
Computer Science Ph.D. Lee, Kai-wah Mesh denoising and feature extraction from point cloud data
Computer Science Ph.D. Hua, Qiangsheng Scheduling wireless links with SINR constraints
Computer Science M.Phil. Xu, Xiaoke Benchmarking the power of empirical tests for random numbergenerators
Computer Science Ph.D. Wong, Ka-yan Positioning patterns from multidimensional data and its applications in meteorology
Computer Science M.Phil. Wong, Wai-kit Security in association rule mining
Computer Science M.Phil. Luo, Yang Performance modeling and load balancing for Distributed Java Virtual Machine
Computer Science Ph.D. He, Tingting study on several problems in online handwritten Chinese character recognition
Computer Science M.Phil. Tang, Wai-hung anonymity scheme for file retrieval systems
Computer Science M.Phil. Ho, Chun-yin Group-based checkpoint/rollback recovery for large scale message-passing systems
Computer Science M.Phil. Cheng, Kai-ho Chi-square test when the expected frequencies are less than 5
Computer Science M.Phil. Mak, Kin-sum Energy efficient online deadline scheduling
Computer Science M.Phil. Yuk, Shun-cho, Jacky probabilistic framework for real-time head shape detection and tracking
Computer Science Ph.D. Lau, Man-kin Learning by example for parametric font design
Computer Science Ph.D. Liu, Yang Optimization and differential geometry for geometric modeling
Computer Science Ph.D. Zheng, Dayue Studies on motion and deformation in graphics
Computer Science Ph.D. Li, Wei study of an active approach to speaker and task adaptation based on automatic analysis of vocabulary confusability
Computer Science M.Phil. Chui, Chun-kit Mining frequent itemsets and order preserving submatrices from uncertain data
Computer Science Ph.D. Lu, Heng software testing framework for context-aware applications in pervasive computing
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Computer Science Ph.D. Hung, Yee-shing, Regant complexities of tracking quantiles and frequent items in a data stream
Computer Science Ph.D. Choi, Yi-king Collision detection for ellipsoids and other quadrics
Computer Science Ph.D. Lee, Lap-kei New results on online job scheduling and data stream algorithms
Computer Science M.Phil. Siu, Man-hung Finding motif pairs from protein interaction networks
Computer Science Ph.D. Ngai, Wang-kay Cluster analysis on uncertain data
Computer Science Ph.D. Su, Qi Segmentation and reconstruction of medical images
Computer Science M.Phil. Zhang, Hui Temporal subtraction of chest radiograph using graph cuts and free-form deformations
Computer Science Ph.D. Tsang, Cheuk-man, Mark Multicast techniques for bandwidth-demanding applications in overlay networks
Computer Science M.Phil. Siu, Wing-yan Multiple structural alignment for proteins
Computer Science M.Phil. Tam, Ming-wai Scalable collaborative filtering using updatable indexing
Computer Science Ph.D. Tsang, Cheuk-kan, Ken Vertical handoff in heterogeneous wireless networks with mSCTP
Computer Science M.Phil. Tsang, Pui-kwan, Smith Efficient decision tree building algorithms for uncertain data
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Lee Mei-wah, Mabel Wun Yiu Pottery Kiln Site : a potential world heritage site?
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Wong, Chun-ming Cantonese opera on the temple ridge : conservation of Shek Wan ceramic figurines on the ridge of the Hung Shing Temple at Apleichau
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Lai, Chung-hoo teaching plan for the new senior secondary : geography curriculum on urban heritage of Hong Kong
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Chow, Chee-may Museum of our lives : organising a community-based museum and examining its role in conservation
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Chan, King-lok neglected heritage typology in the New Territories : the Western-Chinese eclectic style rural buildings of the early 20th century
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Tong, Wai-yan, Christine Documenting the historical and spatial significance of Wing Woo grocery and provisional shop
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Liang, Zhiyong Place identity of a market street : a study of the interrelated architectural and social elements of Pei Ho Street in Sham Shui Po District
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Ang, Bing-hun, Fanny Mapping memories : a methodology to quantify the "collective memory" of places through the process of way-finding in Central
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Wong, Lai-chu, Phoebe Conservation by contract : land lease as a mechanism for carrying out built-heritage conservation in Hong Kong
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Chow, Chi-lim, Joseph review of the effectiveness of the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Center (HKHDC) of the Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) in promoting heritage education to local secondary school
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Pang, Siu-yuk Site interpretation of the Lei Yue Men Fort
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Choi, Kit-man Mei Ho House : a study of the application of public private partnership in revitalising a government-owned historic building in Hong Kong
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Lam, Shing-fai, Felix role of registered professional housing manager (RPHM) : managing privately owned historic buildings in Hong Kong : a case study of St. Stephen's College
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Kwok, Suk-yee, Eva last village : cultural memories of the tangible and intangible heritage of Pokfulam Village on Hong Kong Island
Conservation M.Sc.(Conservation) Zhang, Yi Xi'an Muslim Quarter : opportunities and challenges for public participation in historic conservation
Counseling M.Soc.Sc. Lai, Wai-yin Depressive mood and glycemic control in Chinese diabetic older adults
Criminology M.Soc.Sc. Cheung, Ling-ling Constructing Tin Shui Wai as the 'city of sadness'
Criminology M.Soc.Sc. Lau, Tsz-wan, Christal Ethics in the production of Hong Kong movies
Criminology M.Soc.Sc. Ting, Sik-chuen, Dick Relationship of psychotic symptoms to sex offending : a retrospective study of sex offenders with mental disorders
Criminology M.Soc.Sc. Chan, Wing-ching, Ricky evaluation of adventure based counselling (ABC) programme in Hong Kong correctional institution
Dental Surgery M.D.S. Hung, Cheung-sing, Tony Bonding of dental alloys to enamel
Dentistry M.Phil. Chan, Pui-sze Effects of modified Yunu Jian : a traditional Chinese medicine formula, in non-surgical periodontal treatment of smokers with periodontitis
Dentistry Ph.D. Xiao, Yue oral health survey and prevention of dental caries among school children in Shenzhen
Dentistry M.D.S. Almandaey, Abdulhakim Ahmad Q A Surgical exposure, bonding and orthodontic traction of impacted maxillary anterior teeth : a retrospective study
Dentistry Ph.D. Ma, Li influence of nicotine on angiogenesis and osteogenesis in bone regeneration
Dentistry M.D.S. Khan, Ali Akbar Bacterial penetration into root canal dentine
Dentistry Ph.D. Zhang, Hongquan Hydroxyapatite whiskers :  preparation and use as resin-reinforcing filler
Dentistry Ph.D. Athukorala Arachchi Seneviratne, Chaminda Jayampath Molecular microbiology of candida biofilms
Dentistry Ph.D. Pang, Har-ling, Harry study of oral health-related quality of life during adolescence
Dentistry Ph.D. Shi, Xiaojian Reconstruction of ankylotic and resected mandibular condyle by transport distraction osteogenesis
Dentistry M.D.S. Ekambaram, Manikandan Comparison of the remineralizing potential of child formula dentifrices
Dentistry M.D.S. Raman, Jaya Microleakage of dentine-bonded root canal fillings
Dentistry Ph.D. Cheng, Yi-Yung Flexural fatigue behaviour of high performance polyethylene fibre reinforced polymethylmethacrylate maxillary dentures
Dentistry M.Phil. Lau, Wai-ha, Abby Structural equation modeling of the child perceptions questionnaire measuring oral health-related quality of life of children in HongKong
Dentistry Ph.D. Pan, Haobo Solubility of calcium phosphates and related oral minerals by solid titration
Dentistry Ph.D. Chua, Hannah Daile P Distraction osteogenesis versus orthognathic surgery : which is better for cleft lip and palate patients?
Dentistry M.Phil. Verma, Shefalee Effects of fluoridated milk on artificial enamel carious lesions
Dentistry M.D.S. Dhanpal, Prashanth Kumar Water sorption and resin hydrophilicity of dentin bonding agents
Dentistry Ph.D. Wong, Ho-hang, Anthony Dental care for primary school children in a rural area in China
Dentistry M.D.S. Hong, Wai-man, Ivis Effect of protease inhibitors on adherence of Candida albicans to acrylic surface
Dentistry Ph.D. Zheng, Jun Orofacial pain and its functional and psychosocial impact : a community-based study in Hong Kong
Dentistry Ph.D. Chai, Lei association between Fc gamma receptor gene polymorphisms and periodontitis
Dentistry Ph.D. Li, Qianfeng Vastatin, a novel angiogenesis inhibitor, retards condylar bone growth in vivo
Diagnostic Radiology Ph.D. Wang, Silun Diffusion tensor MR imaging as a biomarker for the evaluation of white matter injury in rodent models
Diagnostic Radiology M.Phil. Huang, Bingsheng Radiation dose and cancer risk of cardiac CT scan and PET-CT scan
Diagnostic Radiology Ph.D. Qiu, Deqiang Diffusion tensor imaging in evaluating normal and abnormal white matter development in childhood
Earth Sciences Ph.D. He, Yanhong Ages and geochemistry of the Xiong'er volcanic rocks along the southern margin of the North China Craton : implications for the outgrowths of the paleo-mesoproterozoic supercontinent Columbia (Nuna)
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Faustino, Decibel Villarisco Late mesozoic magmatism along the Bangong-Nujiang suture zone, Tibet
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Zhao, Junhong Geochemistry of neoproterozoic arc-related plutons in the Western margin of the Yangtze Block, South China
Earth Sciences M.Phil. Huang, Kuan Geological studies of igneous rocks and their relationships along the Kyrenia Range, Northern Cyprus
Earth Sciences M.Phil. Chan, Mei-ki Gravity and aeromagnetic modelling of the Longmenshan Fold-and-Thrust Belt, SW China
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Chen, Yongye Study of luminescence signals from quartz and their applications in geothermometry
Earth Sciences M.Phil. Leung, Wing-hang, Allen Metamorphism of the Helanshan Complex : implications for the tectonic evolution of the Khondalite Belt, North China Craton
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Pang, Kwan-Nang Origin of the permian panzhihua layered gabbroic intrusion and the hosted Fe-Ti-V oxide deposit, Sichuan Province, SW China
Earth Sciences M.Phil. Wong, Ping-mei, Jean Geochemistry, U-Pb and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopes of the Baijuhuajian A-type granites in Zhejiang Province : evidence for a continuous extensional regime in the mid and late mesozoic
Earth Sciences M.Phil. Lee, Ting, Jennifer Holocene evolution of a hypersaline lake : Lagkor Tso, western Tibet
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Chen, Kouping Impact of land reclamation on hydrogeochemical processes in coastal aquifer systems : a case study in Shenzhen, China
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Li, Bo Development and application of optical dating using quartz and potassium-feldspar from quaternary sediments
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Wang, Weiliang Amphibolites of the Bangong-Nujiang suture zone, Tibet
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Zhang, Jian Structural geology of the Hengshan-Wutai-Fuping mountain belt : implications for the tectonic evolution of the Trans-North China Orogen
Earth Sciences M.Phil. Wang, Baiqiu Paleomagnetism of the paleogene linzizong volcanic series, southern Tibet, and its tectonic implications
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Shen, Wenlue Post-orogenic extension in the Pearl River Delta region (South China) : an integrated morphological, structural, geophysical and thermochronological study
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Beroya, Mary Antonette A Development of an approach to liquefaction hazard zonation in the Philippines : application to Laoag City, Northern Philippines
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Guo, Haipeng Groundwater movement and subsurface air flow induced by land reclamation and tidal fluctuation in coastal aquifers
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Li, Yanrong Experimental study of shear behavior of soils with abundant coarse particles associated with slip zones of large landslides in the Three Gorges reservoir, China
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Sun, Weihua neoproterozoic Yanbian group and associated plutons in the western Yangtze block, SW China
Earth Sciences Ph.D. Wong, Sze-chung, Coby Trace metal contamination of the riverine environment in Guiyu,China : the impacts of primitive e-waste disposal
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Wang, Fengyu value of analyst recommendations : evidence from China
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Zhao, Huimin Two essays on asset pricing and options market
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Wang, Lun Essays on stock splits and initial public offerings
Economics and Finance M.Phil. Zhong, Weifeng Identity, racial confrontation, and the decline of class
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Xu, Jin Distress risk and value premium : evidence from Japan
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Zhao, Wenli Is earnings surprise the real king?: post-earnings announcement drift on the Hong Kong stock market
Economics and Finance M.Phil. Wei, Rui Privatized firm's financing decision :  evidence from China's reform era
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Zhu, Yuande On the pyramidal structure in China
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Li, Chuntao Two essays on auditing quality in China's audit market for listed firms
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Cheung, Tant-tat, Hyman Cross-country income differences, corruption, and misallocation of talents
Economics and Finance M.Phil. Li, Lok-man, Jennifer Schedule delay of work trips in Hong Kong : an empirical analysis
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Yick, Ho-yin Tax asymmetry, investment decisions and capital structure
Economics and Finance Ph.D. He, Yumei Essays on public infrastructure, industrial location and regional development
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Xia, Le Two essays in financial economics
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Kong, Xiaowei Two essays on managerial education effect in Chinese public listed companies
Economics and Finance M.Phil. Mak, Ho-nam Zipf's law under migration
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Tao, Libin Essays on microstructure of Hong Kong markets
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Ding, Yan Measuring the long-and short-run effects monetary policy on real economic activity in China
Economics and Finance Ph.D. Yu, Lei Two essays on initial public offerings
Education Ph.D. Song, Yanjie Educational uses of PDAs (personal digital assistants) : undergraduate student experiences
Education Ph.D. Chan, Yip-cheung Experimental-theoretical interplay in dynamic geometry environments
Education Ed.D. Sampson, Nicholas Teaching materials and the autonomous language teacher : a study of tertiary English teachers in Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. Yu, Lu Gender-related behavior, gender identity, and psychological adjustment in Chinese children
Education M.Ed. Ip, Cheung-ming 從中學會考閱讀能力評估試卷看香港高中生閱讀策略的應用和分析 =  Reading strategies of senior form students in Hong Kong
Education M.Ed. Ip, Pauline Attributes of a quality teacher
Education M.Ed. Lee, Che-hung 廣州方言用語"都"干擾學生書面語學習情況初探 = A study on the influence of the Cantonese word "Dou" in the learning of written Chinese of Hong Kong students
Education M.Ed. Chan, Lai-ying, Joyce 高中學生口語溝通的銜接能力研究 =  A study of talk-in-interaction link-up function for group discussion
Education M.Ed. Chan, Yuen-nga 運用篇章結構策略提升中三學生閱讀說明文的成效 =  Effectiveness of using text structure strategiesin developing learners' expository text reading skills
Education M.Ed. Lee, Hoi-man influence of medium of instruction on the learning of science content knowledge and nature of science
Education M.Ed. Lee, Siu-yin Early preparation for external assessment : introducing writing assessment criteria to form one students
Education M.Ed. Lin, Hoi-yan, Doris Virtual collaborative technologies : the paradigm shift of learning programming in Hong Kong tertiary education
Education M.Ed. Ng, Fung Reader-response approach : an enrichment of the extensive reading programme in a Hong Kong secondary school
Education M.Ed. Ng, Wing-fui, Nicholas involvement and impact of alumni associations in schoolmanagement
Education M.Ed. Or, Yuk-king, Joanna Formative use of standards-referenced assessment in Hong Kong : a case study
Education M.Ed. Shiu, Jennifer Teachers' perceptions of impending innovation : the use of pair work in large-scale oral assessment in Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. Huang, Jing Autonomy, agency and identity in foreign language learning and teaching
Education M.Ed. Cheng, Chi-ming implementation of 2+2 performance appraisal on new teachers for staff development purposes : a case study
Education M.Ed. Truong, Mya Sioux quality of discourse on growth and life cycles among 9-11 year olds in a knowledge building classroom
Education M.Ed. Tsoi, Yin-wai 香港中三學生閱讀能力中, 解難與批判思維的研究 =  Reading strategies : problem-solving and critical thinking of Hong Kong form three students
Education M.Ed. Woo, David James Organizational learning : using action research to help secondary school teachers cope with homework-associated procedures
Education M.Ed. Wu, Shuk-yin impact of parental involvement on school management
Education M.Ed. Ying, Pui-Sze, Rosa Portrait of a lady : a case study of a newly appointed guidance mistress
Education M.Ed. You, Man-man 新高中中文科"名著及改編影視作品"選修單元探究 = A study of the elective "famous literacy works and adaptations of literature into films" of the new senior secondary school Chinese curriculum
Education M.Ed. Cheung, Pui-shan 用普通話教授中國語文科對課堂互動狀況的影響 =  Impact of using Putonghua as the medium of instruction for Chinese language subject on classroom interaction
Education M.Ed. Chim, Yin-chu, Cynthia Job-sharing in a secondary school in Hong Kong
Education M.Ed. Chow, Hong-yu Students' perception of spiritual development
Education M.Ed. Chung, Kin-pong Dynamic graphing for the learning of mathematical modelling in an ICT environment
Education M.Ed. Decoff, Michelle Fostering formative assessment in Hong Kong primary classrooms
Education Ph.D. Fong, Sze-nga, Natalie analysis of the use of information and communication technologies in Hong Kong primary school English lessons
Education M.Sc.(I.T.E.) Ning, Kon-ying case study examining the transfer of information literacy across subjects in primary school
Education Ph.D. Sun, Jin Scaffolding preschool children's problem solving : commonalities and differences between Chinese mothers and teachers
Education Ph.D. Lai, Mun-yee exploratory study into Chinese and English speaking children's visual perception and their spatial and geometric conceptions in Piagetian tasks
Education Ph.D. Kan, Mee-lin, Hayley Local talent and international standards : the emergence of global graduate employment in Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. Yeung, Yim-king Impact of the process approach to the teaching and learning of writing on the development of learner autonomy in writing in the secondary school classroom in Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. Wang, Liangjuan Ethnic migrants, social networks, and education access :  membership capitalization in Beijing
Education Ed.D. Park, Jae-hyung Leadership of recognition : a philosophical study
Education Ph.D. Tao, Hsu-hwa Cross-border higher education in China : case study of learners' perspectives of a graduate business programme in Shanghai
Education Ph.D. Lau, Wing-fat Exploring the relationships among gender, learning style, mentalmodel, and programming performance : implications for learning and teaching of computer programming
Education Ph.D. Suen, Lee-wa, Ann conceptual model of private school leadership a study of DSS secondary schools in Hong Kong and minban middle schools in Shanghai
Education Ph.D. Mtahabwa, Lyabwene Pre-primary educational policy and practice in Tanzania : observations from urban and rural pre-primary schools
Education Ph.D. Lau, Chun-pong Applications of stoichiometry, stable isotopes, and fatty acids for elucidating the relative importance of allochthonous and autochthonous resources in Hong Kong streams
Education Ph.D. Yu, Haibo Identity and schooling among the Naxi : becoming Chinese with Naxi characteristics
Education Ph.D. Chow, Yin, Angela Investigating and measuring motivation in collaborative inquiry-based project settings
Education M.Phil. Wong, Yuet-ping, Vivian Awareness and preparedness of parents and teachers for the health education of students in Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. Gu, Mingyue discursive construction of English language learners' motivation in China : a multi-level perspective
Education Ph.D. Gao, Xuesong From the Chinese Mainland to Hong Kong : understanding shifts in Mainland Chinese students' English learning strategy use
Education Ph.D. Che, Man-wai Effects of mentoring on teacher mentors' development of expertise in teaching : some experiences from Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. Zhang, Xiaofeng role of teacher appraisal in teacher professional development : a case study in schools in Shanghai
Education Ph.D. Luo, Wenshu self-complexity of Chinese college students conceptualization, measurement and adaptational consequences
Education Ph.D. Sim, Seok-hwa use of blogging to enhance the learning of chinese writing in secondary school students in Singapore = 中文網誌寫作對提升新加坡中學生寫作能力與態度之成效硏究
Education Ph.D. Ho, Man-wah, Loretta Student interaction and writing competence within a paired writing classroom
Education Ed.D. Fok, Chun-wing, Daniel Teacher stress and professional development in special schools under education reform 2000 in Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. King, Mark Edward Transprejudice in Hong Kong : Chinese attitudes towards transgenderism and transgender civil rights
Education M.Phil. Lam, Wing-ki, Jessica Physical activity and inactivity in Chinese children
Education Ph.D. Yu, Baohua Cross-cultural adaptation and second language acquisition : a study of international students in universities of the People's Republic of China
Education M.Phil. Han, Na Development of a self-report questionnaire to evaluate hearing aid outcomes in Chinese speakers
Education Ph.D. Lau, Fai-kim Spoken vocabulary acquisition in students with autism in multimedia-facilitated learning context
Education Ph.D. Huang, Junsheng Interactive integration : English language learning strategies, styles and tasks in a school in Fujian
Education Ph.D. Niu, Ruiying Effects of collaborative output on Chinese EFL learners' lexical learning
Education M.Phil. Leung, Chi-yan Curriculum interpretation of advanced supplementary level liberal studies in secondary schools in Hong Kong
Education Ph.D. Lee, Yeung investigation of 21st century skills in innovative pedagogical practices using technology
Education Ph.D. Lau, Chui-shan From factional nationalism to functional nationalism : the transformation of Hong Kong's nationalism in a patriotic school
Education Ph.D. Ye, Shengquan longitudinal study of subjective well-being among Chinese university students : the roles of personality, attribution, and coping
Education Ph.D. Wu, Shu-chen Play and learning in Hong Kong and German kindergartens
Education Ph.D. Manzon, Maria Comparative education : the construction of a field
Education M.Phil. Mann, Simon Putting assessment for learning into pratice : a collaborative approach involving senior secondary school students and teachers
Education M.Sc.(I.T.E.) Knutzen, Kimberly Brant inquiry into transforming teachers' perception of their own pedagogical practices through social engagement in an online learning environment
Education M.Sc.(I.T.E.) Kwok, Mei-hing study of innovation for web-based teaching and learning in higher education
Education Ph.D. Gao, Fang What it means to be a "model minority?" : schooling experiences of ethnic Korean students in NortheastChina
Education Ph.D. Jin, Leili role of personality and filial piety in the career commitment process among Chinese university students
Education M.A.(App.Ling.) Ma, Tim-tim effectiveness of guessing vocabulary meaning using contextual clues and learning word list in terms of vocabulary retention
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Chak, Kin-wah, Christopher Do Chinese children with developmental dyslexia have deficit in auditory temporal processing?
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Cheung, Man-tung, Eva How goal orientations and learning environments are related to beliefs in effort-ability relationship
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Cheung, Yat-ming, Ryan Reflected appraisals in the development of self concept in high-functioning children with autism
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Choi, Shuk-ping Relationships among phonological skills, Pinyin knowledgy and reading performance in Hong Kong primary school students learning Chinese language with Putonghua as the medium of instruction
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Choi, Wae-yee, Wendy Dysfunction in emotional decoding in autistic spectrum disorder : theory-of-mind impairment or weak central coherence
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Chow, Ying-kwan, Connie Friendship and loneliness in high-functioning children with autism
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Fung, Kam-shan Do Chinese children with developmental dyslexia have deficit in visual temporal processing?
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Lam, Fung-yu, Magdelena effects of social skills training on junior secondary school students
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Lam, Sze-ching, Cici development of social perspectives thinking in Hong Kong primary school
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Lee, Tsz-ling, Alice Enhancement of student motivation
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Lee, Yuen-man, Mandy Social problem solving and its relation to central coherence and theory of mind in children with autistic spectrum disorders
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Leung, Yin-wa, Candice Teacher training in the enhancement of student motivation
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Lo, Ting-yan, Diane cognitive underpinnings of pretend play in young children with autism
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Luk, Ka-yan, Karen Understanding the assoication between word-and text-level cognitive linguistic skills and reading comprehension in Chinese children
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Tse, Ling-ying contribution of parent's academic attribution and homework involvement to children's outcome
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Wong, Kwok-yee, Ivy study on primary school children's peer acceptance : links with social functioning and school performance
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Wong, Mei-ching, Teresa Parental goal, parenting practice and social competence of early adolescents in Hong Kong
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Yeung, Kit-yu, Kitty Factors contributing to English oral reading fluency in Chinese children learning English as a second language
Educational psychology M.Soc.Sc. Yum, Chun-wa Learning strategies and cognitive engagement
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Ng, Chiu-wa Bit-stream signal processing on FPGA
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Hui, Sai-kam Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging for neural tissue characterization
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Cai, Kun Bayesian carrier frequency offset estimation in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Zhao, Shaohua design of transmitter/receiver and high speed analog to digital converters in wireless communication systems : a convex programming approach
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Liang, Yu Versatile photonic processor based on fiber optical parametric amplifiers
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Li, Xiao Channel estimation and timing synchronization in cooperative communication systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Li, Jia Photonic microwave processor based on fiber optical parametric amplifier
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Fu, Wai-yuen comprehensive approach to high efficiency light emitters
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Cheung, Shing-chung Novel contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Du, Zhaobin Area COI-based slow frequency dynamics modeling, analysis and emergency control for interconnected power systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Shen, Mengzhe Parametric wavelength exchange and its application in high speed optical signal processing
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Liu, Chunhua Design, analysis, control and application of permanent-magnet hybrid brushless machines
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Niu, Shuangxia Design, control and application of double-stator permanent magnet brushless machines
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Pang, Yong Advance in two-dimensional RF pulse design and transmit SENSE
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Lai, Sui-man Design of a time-encoded visual stimulation method for brain computer interface based on chromatic transient visual evoked potentials
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Wu, Bin Algorithm design in optical networking
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Xie, Jing Socio-aware random walk search and replication in peer-to-peer networks
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Fung, Cheuk-wai diagrammatic algorithm for minimum sampling frequency and quantization resolution for digital control of power converters
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Mai, Fei 3D reconstruction of lines, ellipses and curves from multiple images
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Ngan, Yuk-tung, Henry Motif-based method for patterned texture defect detection
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Kwan, Hing-kit Design algorithms for delta-sigma modulator loop filter topologies
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Shen, Yijiang Binary image restoration by positive semidefinite programming and signomial programming
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Fung, Wai-lam novel all-optical wavelength exchange in highly nonlinear fiber
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Hui, Tak-wai Solder paste inspection based on phase shift profilometry
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Zheng, Ying Experimental and theoretical studies of twin drivers and biopsy needle driver for MR elastography with applications
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Lui, Siu-hong Analog circuit design by nonconvex polynomial optimization : two design examples
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Cheung, King-yin, Henry Applications of photonic parametric processors in optical communication systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Chen, Liyong Joint image/video inpainting for error concealment in video coding
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Lai, Ming-fai All-optical signal processing based on optical parametric amplification
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Hui, Kwun-nam Light-emitting diodes incorporating microdisks and microspheres
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Chiu, Hon-sun Channel assignment and routing in multi-channel multi-interface wireless networks
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Chu, Ming-hei Solder paste inspection and 3D shape estimation using directional LED lightings
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Chen, Quan Efficient numerical modeling of random surface roughness for interconnect internal impedance extraction
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Zhang, Zhi Error-rate evaluation and optimization for space-time codes
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Sun, Yijiang Distributed scheduling in multihop ad hoc networks
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Ye, Shuang Electrical chaoization and its application in industrial mixing
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Wong, Yuk-sum System design and energy management strategy for hybrid electric vehicles
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Wu, Qing Object-based coding and transmission for plenoptic videos
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Zheng, Gan Optimization in linear multiuser MIMO systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Tsui, Kai-man Efficient design and realization of digital IFs and time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters for software radio receivers
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Sun, Fanglei Resource allocation in broadband wireless networks
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Chen, Zhiqiang Cyclic prefix in OFDM systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Leung, Yee-pan study on the fabrication and applications of quasi-one-dimensional zinc selenide nanostructures
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Cheung, Wing-tai Geometric programming and signal flow graph assisted design of interconnect and analog circuits
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Pan, Xinyue Symbol synchronization in OFDM-based systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Peng, Wei Non-linear detection algorithms for MIMO multiplexing systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Zhang, Zhiguo On bandwidth and scale selection in processing of time-varying signals with applications
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Ngai, Chi-kit Reinforcement-learning-based autonomous vehicle navigation in a dynamically changing environment
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Ma, Lingjun Employment of scheduling algorithms and grouping scheme for performance improvement in peer-to-peer file distribution
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Kuo, Ping-piu Fiber-based nonlinear photonic processor : a versatile platform for optical communication signal processing
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Wu, Yin Investigation of left ventricular heart structure and functions using magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Ng, Wai-nap Micro-and nano-light-emitting diode arrays
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Tang, Wing-man MISiC Schottky-diode hydrogen sensors with different gate insulators
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Kwok, Tai-on, Tyrone Multi-core design and resource allocation : from big core to ultra-tiny core
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Wang, Zheng Chaoization and stabilization of electric motor drives and their industrial applications
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Kong, Zhen Design and analysis of cooperative and non-cooperative resource management algorithms in high performance wireless systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Zhou, Huafeng Design of grid service-based power system control centers for future electricity systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D. Chen, Jianwu Frequency synchronization in OFDM-based systems
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Zhao, Xiaoguang Probing biological structures with magnetic resonance imaging
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Lau, Ho-fai In vivo DTI study of rodent brains during early postnatal development and injuries
Electrical and Electronic Engineering M.Phil. Liu, Yansong Passivity checking and enforcement in VLSI model reduction exercise
Endodontics M.D.S. Liu, Shiu-yan, Christopher Clinical outcome of rotary technique root canal therapy
Endodontics M.D.S. Abduljabbar, Fouad Abdulbaky Low-cycle fatigue of NiTi rotary instruments in hypochlorite
Endodontics M.D.S. Mahindre, Prajakta Prakash Micro-push-out bond strength and the modes of failure for a fiber-reinforced resin-post system cemented using four adhesive luting cements
Endodontics M.D.S. Chan, Kam-sau, Echo Marginal leakage of post-and-core restored teeth after cyclic loading
English Ph.D. Yang, Hao-han, Helen "A lady wanted" : Victorian governesses abroad 1856-1898
English Ph.D. Chik, Hsia-hui, Alice How experience shapes individual differences among second language learners : a biographical study of Hong Kong learners in five age groups
English Ph.D. Rambukwella, Sassanka Harshana search for nation :  exploring Sinhala nationalism and its others in Sri Lankan anglophone and Sinhala-language writing
English M.Phil. Lau, Hor-ying, Esther migrant experience, identity politics, and representation in postcolonial London : contemporary British Novels by Zadie Smith, Hanif Kureishi and Monica Ali
English M.Phil. Sung, Chit-cheung, Matthew Representing gender and workplace discourse on reality TV :  The Apprentice
English Ph.D. Ng, Hau-man "The non-humanist humanist" : Edward W. Said and his critical practice
English M.Phil. Ng, Yiu-tsan, Simon Staging transactions : footprints beyond losses and gains
English M.Phil. Lee, Hoi-ling, Veronica Trespassing and re-defining boundaries : Edith Wharton's mobilization of her characters against prejudice and reproduction
English M.Phil. Chan, Wing-chun, Julia Towards an aesthetics of cliché : cultural recycling and contemporary fiction
English Studies M.A. Yeo, Claire Lawrence Durrell's the Alexandria quartet
English Studies M.A. Ho, See-way, Christine Talking Chinese Canada : the poetry of Fred Wah
English Studies M.A. Lee, Tse-lun Writing back in the works of Hanif Kureishi
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Au, Mei-yan, Florence Investigating gender in students' English learning beliefs in an English as a second language (ESL) class
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Chung, Ka-yan investigation into the effectiveness of guessing the meaning of unfamiliar words in enhancing reading comprehension among secondary four students in a Hong Kong secondary school
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Ho, Yee-man study of vocabulary learning strategies for form three students in an English-medium-instruction secondary school
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Wong, Roxanne Sue Adult English language learners : are they really understood? : a comparison between teachers, IELTS examiners, and native speakers
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Yung, Wai-kit, Della effectiveness of vocabulary notebooks on vocabulary acquisition of a form-two Chinese-as-the-medium-of-instruction (CMI) class
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Lai, Wing-chi importance of learner training for high achievers in self-directed learning
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Lee, Kit-man, Kitty role of grammar in the teaching of English in Hong Kong secondary schools : a study of form 2 ESL teachers' beliefs and practices
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Lee, Soo-jee, Cheryl comparison of the effects of bilingualised dictionary and no dictionary use on reading comprehension and vocabulary learning of Hong Kong lower secondary students in a Chinese medium of instruction school
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Leung, Ping-yan, Francis Chinese-style learning autonomy in self-access learning centers (SALC)in the Hong Kong context : a case study in one secondary school
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Leung Shuk-fong case study of teachers' and students' perception of mixed-code teaching in the F1 English classes of a Hong Kong (CMI) secondary school
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Leung, Tak-chi impact of an English-through-drama course on students' attitudes towards English as a second language
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Mak, Wing-shan role of feedback from teachers and peers following school based assessment (SBA) tasks in improving students' presentationperformance : a case study
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) McManus, Ceara Grey Teachers' perspectives on language arts in junior secondary English classrooms
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Shum, Tsui-ping, Betty Students' perceptions of instructional language practices in the English classroom : a case study of a secondary one class in Hong Kong
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Tang, Ming-sum Learning English through language arts : the perceptions of form one students of a newly established Chinese-as-the-medium-of-instruction (CMI) school
English Studies M.A.(App.Ling.) Tse, Ching-yan Vocabulary teaching strategies : a case study of five english teachers in a band 3 school in Hong Kong
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Chan, Wai-ming evaluation of Hong Kong's green incentive scheme for residential building development
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Cheung, Pok-man, Jerry Perceptions of global climate change : a study of university students in Hong Kong
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Choi, Kim-ying Biodiversity publishing in Hong Kong
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Choi, Sau-hong, Stephen Understanding food safety problems of Hong Kong a cross-border analysis
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Leung, Kai-shing, Alex Control of disinfection by-products
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Liu, Ka-man Kitchen solid waste
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Lui, Shiu-ting, Elsa Life cycle assessment of green roof systems in Hong Kong
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Wong, Evelyn Phthalates, an emerging endocrine disrupting chemical : exposure, effects and human health
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Wu, Ka-lun, Kelvin Status, consumption and conservation of horseshoe crabs in Hong Kong
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Yang, Suk-ting, Peggy Food miles : a case of sustainability consumption In Hong Kong
Environmental Management M.Sc.(Env.Manag.) Yip, Ka-fan, Kelven Implementation of environmental zoning scheme to control light pollution in Hong Kong
Fine Arts Ph.D. Fok, Siu-har, Silvia Performance art and the body in contemporary China
Geography M.Phil. Yu, Peng Air pollution and respiratory disease incidence of Guangzhou : a study of spatial interpolation methods using GIS, 2003-2004
Geography Ph.D. Zheng, Yanting China's extended metropolitan regions : formation and delimitation
Geography M.Phil. Lee, Ka-yin, Anna Controlling vehicular emissions in an era of rapid motorization : a case study of Guangzhou
Geography M.Phil. Lo, Yu-hong, Alex Exploratory study of the multiple values and roles of urban green spaces in Hong Kong
Geography M.Phil. Luk, Yim-mei, Kiano Sport tourism and public health : the implications of the 4th East Asian Games for Hong Kong
Geography M.Phil. Liao, Haifeng, Felix Industrial cluster of Taiwanese electronics firms in Dongguan, China
Geography Ph.D. Lee, Fung Climatic change and Chinese population growth dynamics over the last millennium
Geography M.Phil. Xie, Liou transitional city : the case study of Shenzhen, China, 1980-2005
Geography Ph.D. Chan, Wing-ho, Michael Urban development and evolution in Hong Kong : reciprocity between nature and culture
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Cheung, Wai-sin Road safety problems in China : the rural-urban divide
Geography Ph.D. Tian, Yuhong Landscape ecology assessment and planning of urban green spaces in Hong Kong
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Chun, Cheung-ching, Lina Tourism and movies : a study of theme park in CCTV Nanhai TV and movie town
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Chung, Po-man, Jack social perspective on Macau's sex industry : a survey on the public opinion of the recent development in the Macau SAR
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Dyck, Thomas Aron Economic growth and land conversion in post-reform China, 1996-2005
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Ge, Qin City branding : a case study of Beijing
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Lenzer, James Hans Globalization of financial risk : a case study of the US sub-prime mortgage crisis
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Li, Tingting Challenges for joint-venture travel companies in the new phase of China's tourism development : a case study of ctrip
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Ng, Ned role of special port and trade zones in China
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Smith, Steven Harrison Urban Chinese residents practicing autonomy through consumerism from 1993 to present
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Srisiricharoenporn, Thanakij Profiling the tourist market of Hong Kong to Thailand
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Xu, Hang Multinational enterprises' entrance strategy in China : a comparative study of DHL and UPS (1986-2006)
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Yip, Po-chi, Pamela Urban development and modern architecture in Beijing
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Yuen, Wan-sze, Cissie study of the impact of environmental issues after China's entry into the world trade organization
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Yung, Herbert Multi-national corporations in China : a comparative study of regional headquarters in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai
Geography M.A.(Ch.D.S.) Zhang, Chi effect of rapid economic growth on social service workers in urban China : the existing difficulties of domestic household helpers
Geography Ph.D. Shan, Xizhang Urban green spaces in Guangzhou (China) : attitude, preference, use pattern and assessment
Geography M.G.I.S. Ko, Hiu-wah Using GIS in assessing the redevelopment potentials of heritage buildings in Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Geography M.Phil. Low, Chien-tat exploratory study of environmental risk factors to elderly falls in Hong Kong : a GIS case study of Mong Kok,2006-2007
History Ph.D. Spooner, Paul B Macau : the port for two republics
History Ph.D. Jordan, Peter Edward Rees Pantalone code : patrician fatherhood unmasked in sixteenth-century Venice
History M.Phil. Wong, Chun-leung Empire and identity : British elite representations of "colonizer" and "colonized" in Hong Kong, 1880-1941
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lam, Hang-yee study on an evaluation of sustainable development of the new town programme in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lau, Chui-yu Impacts of urban renewal on the local community of Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Kit-bong study of contract management process and performance for outsourcing contracts
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Ng, Sze-wing analysis of the constraints that property management in implementing environmental management in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Tam, Swing, Dauphin Challenges of property manager in managing a regional shopping centre without mature transportation network : a case study of MegaBox
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Wai-sheung Factors affecting the application of information technology in Hong Kong housing management industry
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lau, Wun-yin, Wilson influence of pressure groups on the cultural heritage conservation in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Law, Wai-shing, Nigel evaluation of the mandatory building inspection scheme in HongKong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Wing-fung Is "owners' corporation" a solution to private housing management under existing legal framework?
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheung, Ka-po Development of divested retail facilities managed by the Link Management Limited
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheung, Wing-yin, Prudence case study on the environmental measures adopted in the Tung Chung Crescent to enhance the resident's awareness of environmental management
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chung, Ming-wai, Dacy Residents cohesion and participation inside gated community
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Ho, Kwok-chi significance of a professional housing manager in maintaining a healthy building
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Ho, Wing-man To investigate a successful shopping centre applied on an urban renewal site
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Hung, Kwong-louie, Lucian Owners' participation in housing management in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Hung, Kwong-sun, Johnson difficulties of applying service quality management in housing industry
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Hung, Mei-mei effects of private sector involvement (PSI) in providing quality management and resources allocation for public housing estates in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Kung, Wai-hung Effectiveness of privatization of public shopping centers and identification of asset enhancement opportunities
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lai, Kit-ying Campaigns for promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling : case studies in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Yeung, Cheuk-chi evaluation of the customer relationship management (CRM) in improving service quality of the private residential properties
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Tang, Chun-yin, Kenneth Evaluation of the total quality management in property management sector in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Tsui, Ming-kei evaluation of the application of the intelligent building (IB) technology in the development of Hong Kong's buildings industry
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Wong, Man-chi, Michelle decision making process for a new shopping centre development in an old industrial area : case study of apm
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Wong, Ying study of the evaluation of adoption of intelligent home services in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chu, Kai-kun impact of ISO quality system (ISO 9001:2000) on property services companies in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheung, Tak-piu role of housing managers in housing estate-based social movements in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lam, Wai-sum, Shirley new meaning of shopping mall and its implications to future development
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheung, Siu-kong study of future demand for elderly housing in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lai, Yuen-kwan comparative study of tenant mix between shopping centres in residential buildings and office buildings
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Li, Wan-kam threats of aging private buildings in Hong Kong : assessing social, environmental and physical externalities
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lai, Hoi-wai Are residential developments in Southern China a retirement paradise for Hong Kong older persons? : a case-study in Shunde CountryGarden
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lam Ka-wai Clubhouse facilities in private residential development : an actual demand or a symbol of identity
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Po-wah change in government role in welfare housing and home ownership : a comparative study of China and Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Mok, Siu-fan Searching for improvements : an evaluation of the effectiveness of the public rental housing policy in Hong Kong since 1998
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheung, Ting-yan Asset enhancement on commercial properties management in Hong Kong : a key of success for achieving best quality management andservices
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lam, Nga-nam, Rita attitudes of shareholders towards the new "Review of public housing rent policy" being introduced by the Hong Kong Housing Authority
Housing Management M.Hous.M. So, Kar-mun, Carmen comparison of the marketing and management strategies of the retail facilities associated with public housing before and afterdivestment
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lai, Yuen-yee effectiveness of building management ordinance (Cap.344) as a legal tool for building management
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Tam, King-chung effectiveness of ISO 9000 in enhancing the quality services provided by housing manager of residential properties in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Wong, Wai-kwan Effectiveness of the government in facilitating "Ageing-in-place" principle in public rental housing estates
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lee, Kam-ying, Rebecca effects of ISO 9000 quality management system and ISO 14000 environmental management system on property management companies in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Tak-ming, Terence Energy efficiency use in housing management : a tool towards sustainable development in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lam, Ching-mei Evaluation of the role of property manager in implementation of the mandatory building inspection scheme
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Wai-hong Forcasting Hong Kong residential property cycle with leading indicators
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Sin, Sai-lun, Paul Impacts of government intervention on housing market and tenure choices in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheung, Ka-lun Impacts of resident participation on property management in tenant purchase scheme (TPS) estates
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Mak, Kai-wah Management and maintenance of building : strategy to solve long standing building problem in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Lam, Ka-man model of tenant's satisfaction in property management services in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Chi-shing, York Privatization of public assets : a case study on the Link REIT
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Mak, Wai-shing privatization of the management of public housing estates : a case study of Tak Tin Estate and Lok Wah Estate
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Yeung, Fai-leung Rehabilitation decisions in Urban Renewal Authority's Building Rehabilitation Loan Scheme
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Wu, Hei, Catherine study of personalized service : the impact on the development of property management company
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Ma, Kwan-pok study of the effectiveness of ISO 9000 quality management system in the management of shopping centres in Hong Kong
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Chan, Hing-kwong study of the impact of the opening of APM on Yue Man Square
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Koo, Yiu-wai study of the importance of signage on the popularity of shopping centres
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheng, Man-fai Utitlization in information technolgy in housing management
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Tam, King-hong, Johnny Enhancement of competitiveness of established regional shopping centres by effective marketing strategies : a case study of Dragon Centre
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Choi, Lok-tin Marketing a regional shopping centre : a marketing plan for Amoy Plaza
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Leung, Ka-man Factors affecting private owners to carry out maintenance works for their buildings : case study of owner-occupied housing in Sham Shui Po District
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Tong, Nga-yi Home ownership trends in Hong Kong : explanations
Housing Management M.Hous.M. Cheung, Hok-chau Impacts of green management on the competitiveness of private property management company in Hong Kong
Human Performance Ph.D. Tse, Michael A Exploring the impact of core stability on performance
Human Performance M.Phil. Chan, Ka-wai Development and validation of objective measures to study the effects of the built environment on residents' walking
Human Performance Ph.D. Lam, W. K attentional demands of implicit motor learning
Humanities M.Phil. Chan, Ka-wo What if natural kind terms are rigid?
Humanities Ph.D. Tsoi, Sze-pang, Pablo Writing as the Sinthome : Joyce in critical theory : reading Ulysses and Finnegans Wake
Humanities Ph.D. Hui, Ting-yan, Isaac Volpone's children : Jonson, comedy and the nations of fools
Humanities M.Phil. Cowell, Christopher Ainslie Form follows fever malaria and the making of Hong Kong, 1841-1848
Humanities Ph.D. Kwan, Yiu-kwong philosophical investigation of the possibility of liberal democracy under Confucianism
Humanities M.Phil. Yung, Kai-chung, Kenneth Personal sympathy and national interests : the formation and evolution of congressman Walter H. Judd's anti-communism, 1925-1963
Humanities M.Phil. Lau, Chaak-ming Loanword truncation and optimal word length : evidence from Cantonese
Humanities Ph.D. Yang, Jing role of phonological working memory in Chinese readingdevelopment : behavioral and fMRI evidence
Humanities M.Phil. Yuen, Wing-men Classical liberalism and political liberalism :  a philosophical comparison
Humanities M.Phil. Tse, Ping-ping Homophone effects in Cantonese-English bilinguals
Humanities M.Phil. Carroll, Jing-yi, Catherine examination of expressivist accounts of normative objectivity and motivation
Humanities M.Phil. Mok, Kei-hon Algorithmic music composition using XML : a constraint-based approach
Humanities M.Phil. Ko, Yeung, Katherine From 'slavery' to 'girlhood'? age, gender and race in Chinese and western representations of the mui tsai phenomenon, 1879-1941
Humanities M.Phil. Handa, Satoko Saving 'the Age of Innocence' :  Catholicism, Revolution and representations of childhood in France, 1762-1830
Humanities M.Phil. Tong, Cheuk-kei Municipal waste management in Shanghai, 1866-1949
Humanities Ph.D. Yang, Yuanzheng Japonifying the qin : the appropriation of Chinese qin music in Tokugawa Japan
Humanities M.Phil. Tam, Ho-leung, Adrian Realism, death and the novel : policing and doctoring in the nineteenth century
Humanities M.Phil. Leung, Tai-wai, David Memory, aesthetics and musical quotation : four case studies in 20th century music
Humanities Ph.D. Elbeshlawy, Ahmed Farouk Imagoes of America : perceptions, representations, and the problems of the ideal ego
Humanities Ph.D. Lee, Chu-kee, Angel Incidence, predictors and implications of depression after stroke
Humanities M.Phil. Tsang, Wing-yi Jewish imagery and orientalism in nineteenth and early twentieth century European art
Humanities M.Phil. Tsang, Chiu-long, Carol "The limits of fertility" : birth control in Hong Kong, 1945-1997
Humanities M.Phil. Kwok, Yin-ning Concepts of realism and the reception of John Constable's landscape paintings
Humanities M.Phil. Wong, Yu-bon, Nicholas pomobody : body parts, desire and fetishism
Humanities M.Phil. Tang, Man-ching, Tiffany Punctuating experience : memory in Faulkner, Proust, Resnais
Humanities M.Phil. Maetani, Masumi Transformation in the aesthetics of tea culture in Japan
Humanities M.Phil. Ho, Siu-kei, Gary Wang Bi and limitations of the expressive power of language
Humanities Ph.D. DeBevoise, Jane Seismic states : the changing system of support for contemporary art in China, 1978-1993
Humanities M.Phil. Sham, Hok-man, Desmond Sinophone comparative literature : problems, politics and possibilities
Humanities M.Phil. Chan, Sara On the intrinsic value of distributive equality
Humanities Ph.D. Chan, Wai-chung insistence of literature in Blanchot and Derrida
Humanities Ph.D. Chung, Fiona Music composition and creative writing : exploration and application of frames in music and word
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Zhu, Wenkai Concurrent toolpath planning for multi-material layered manufacturing
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Lee, Man-ying, Nicole AIS-based vehicle control framework in port container terminals
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Zhang, Lu genetic approach to simultaneous scheduling of container handling operations in a container terminal
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Xu, Duo agent-based tool for China's express delivery SMEs
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Ngai, Ka-kui Web-based intelligent decision support system for optimization of polishing process planning
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Chen, Wanli Game-theoretic investigation into competition and coordination in tourism supply chains for package holidays
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Ph.D. Li, Wei Artificial neural networks for quality control of seam pucker on textiles
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Tsang, Wai-pong, Wilburn Bio-inspired algorithms for single and multi-objective optimization
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Ph.D. Qu, Ting Analytical target cascading for decentralized supply chain configuration
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Ph.D. Wong, Tse-chiu evolutionary algorithm approach for assembly job shop scheduling with lot streaming technique
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Ph.D. Li, Li Evolutionary optimization methods for mass customizing platform products
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Ph.D. Su, Wei Partner selection and production-distribution planning for the design of optimal supply chain networks
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Ph.D. Yang, Donghai Dynamic planning and scheduling in manufacturing systems with machine learning approaches
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Poon, Chun-hin RFID-based track-and-trace anti-counterfeiting system
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering M.Phil. Luo, Hao Two-stage hyhrid flowshop scheduling in a metalworking company using genetic algorithm
Japanese Studies M.Phil. Zhou, Fang Once were Japanese : a study of the elder native Taiwanese
Japanese Studies M.Phil. Fukue, Natsuko "Young, cute and sexy : constructing images of Japanese women in Hong Kong print media"
Journalism and Media Studies Centre Ph.D. Cho, Li-fung emergence, influence, and limitations of watchdog journalism in Post-1992 China : a case study of Southern Weekend
Journalism and Media Studies Centre Ph.D. Fu, King-wa Do harm or do less harm : identifying and addressing research gaps in media influences on suicidality
Journalism and Media Studies Centre M.Phil. Feng, Guangchao technical analysis of China's internet censorship
Law M.Phil. Zheng, Linlin Transitional product-specific safeguard mechanism in the WTO legal framework : an analysis of its terms and application
Law M.Phil. Li, Jing China's antitrust measures on foreign mergers and acquisitions
Law Ph.D. Tiba, Firew Kebede Multiplicity of international courts and tribunals : implications for the coherent application of public internaional law
Law Ph.D. Lee, Man-yee, Karen Equality, human dignity, and the grounds for the legalization of same-sex marriage
Law S.J.D. Gu, Weixia regulation of arbitration agreements in China :  practical constraints and prospective reforms for Chinese arbitration
Law M.Phil. Yu, Yueting Realization of mortgage rights amid PRC bankruptcy proceedings
Law Ph.D. Xia, Chunli Autonomous legislatures under China's regional ethnic autonomy : law, reality and potential
Law M.Phil. Deng, Lin Critical assessment of the reform in respect of the statutory minimum registered capital system of the company law of China (2005) in dealing with undercapitalization with reference to Hong Kong's experience
Law Ph.D. Xu, Yan Taxation and constitutionalism in the People's Republic of China
Law Ph.D. Shao, Li Corporate governance in China's listed companies : ownership structure and market disciplines
Law S.J.D. Yang, Xiaonan interpretation of the Hong Kong Basic Law : an institutional analysis
Linguistics M.Phil. Ding, Wen developmental study of phonological activation in Chinese character recognition
Linguistics M.Phil. Ching, Hoi-lam, Helen advantages of topicalization : an experimental study of sentence processing in Cantonese
Linguistics M.A. Wu, Nga-in Adjuncts in Cantonese noun phrases
Linguistics M.A. Soong, Kwan-hung Relative clauses in Cantonese : an LFG approach
Linguistics M.A. Ng, Ting-fai linguistic approcah to Cantonese story puns
Linguistics M.Phil. Chan, Ming-kei, Kevin perception and production of lexical stress by Cantonese speakers of English
Linguistics M.A. Ip, Kuen-hing phonological analysis of Hong Kong Cantonese secondary students' errors in Putonghua tones
Linguistics M.A. Hung, Shing-kam, Phoebe effect of phonological awareness training on the reading achievement of late English learners
Linguistics M.A. Cheng, Mei-yee, Mickey influence of L1 on the acquisition of English passives among Hong Kong secondary school students
Linguistics M.A. Yu, Tsui-ying, Cindy correlational study of musical experience and language achievement in Hong Kong primary five students
Linguistics M.A.(App.Ling.) Chu, Ka-bik, Cindy effects of improving phonological awareness and spelling ability through contrastive phonology : a study of a Hong Kong primary classroom
Linguistics M.A.(App.Ling.) Yang, Chi-cheung, Ruby Second language classroom interaction patterns : an investigation of three case studies of pre-service teachers
Linguistics M.A.(App.Ling.) Fu, Kwun-cheung, William use of mixed code in students' blogs : an exploration of its patterns in a Hong Kong secondary school
Linguistics M.A.(App.Ling.) Yu, Hoi-lun, Helen study on fluency, complexity and accuracy in the writing of Mainland students of a Hong Kong university
Linguistics M.Phil. Sung, Ka-yee, Rosa On the prosodic and thematic properties of post-completion constituents in focus-first constructions in Cantonese = 粤語焦點先行句句末後成分韻律及信息結構特徴研究
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Cheung, Sau-yin, Sophia now and then of the way we are : dialogism at work
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Lam, Tsui-yee Recapturing the past : the pillow book in the present age
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Krueger, Rebecca Chalk Longing and belonging : transnational identity in The edge of heaven
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Tsang, Sze-wan Unfamiliar time and space : the actualization of sexual identity in Korea
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Chu, Kiu-wai Constructing ruins : new urban aesthetics in Chinese art and cinema
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Manchester, Vanessa May "Something I can never have" : the damaged masculinity in the music of nine inch nails
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Lau, Lai-king, Lyanne unpolitical politics of Wang Xiaobo
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Lam, Wai-keung discourse analysis in "Kong boy" and "Kong girl"
Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. Yip, Wai-ka, Olivia ritual staging of the self : comparing Post-1980s contemporary photography from China and the photographic imagery of Cindy Sherman
Mathematics M.Phil. Leung, Ho-yin Stochastic models for optimal control problems with applications
Mathematics Ph.D. Zhao, Dandan Integral inequalities and solvability of boundary value problems with p(t)-Laplacian operators
Mathematics Ph.D. Chen, Zhibin On various packing and covering problems
Mathematics Ph.D. Ng, Sui-chung On holomorphic isometric embeddings from the unit disk into polydisks and their generalizations
Mathematics M.Phil. Jiao, Yue Mathematical models for control of probabilistic Boolean networks
Mathematics M.Phil. Zhu, Minyue Manpower planning for airport baggage service : data models, goals programming models and DSS
Mathematics M.Phil. Li, Tang Markov chain models for re-manufacturing systems and credit risk management
Mathematics M.Phil. Cheong, Chi-weng Separating maps between function spaces
Mathematics Ph.D. Yau, Chin-ko Superresolution imaging : models and algorithms
Mathematics M.Phil. Wang, Mingxi Factorizations of finite mappings on riemann surfaces
Mathematics M.Phil. Chan, Tsz-on, Mario On Hilbert modular surfaces which are of the general type
Mathematics M.Phil. Deng, Hui Mean-variance optimal portfolio selection with a value-at-risk constraint
Mathematics M.Phil. Ng Ka-chun Total positivity in some classical groups
Mathematics M.Phil. Tsang, Chiu-yin Fatou-Shishikura inequality
Mathematics Ph.D. Gong, Shengjun Linear coordinates, test elements, retracts and automorphic orbits
Mathematics M.Phil. Xu, Chen On a mean value of twisted automorphic L-functions
Mathematics M.Phil. Huang, Shangting Weighted composition operators on Lorentz spaces
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Hang, Jian Wind conditions and urban ventilation in idealized city models
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Lam, King-fung Experimental investigation for designing passive fences to orient parts by pushing
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Yang, Lina City ventilation of Hong Kong by thermal buoyancy
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Tong, Ho-wang Electrospinning of ultrafine fibers and its application in forming fibrous tissue engineering scaffolds
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Yan, Kun Size effects on the thermo-mechanical behavior on nano-structures/ materials
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Ng, King-yeung investigation of the deformation of anodic aluminium oxide nano-honeycomb during nanoindentation
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Deng, Yun Design optimization of a micro wind turbine using computational fluid dynamics
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Zhuang, Houlong First-principles studies of metal-carbon nanotube systems
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Ching, Wing-han, Michael Modeling of contaminant dispersion by statistical mechanics
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Memon, Rizwan Ahmed Statistical analysis of urban heat island and modeling of heat generation within street canyon
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Ng, Kwok-sing Plastic deformation of aluminium micro-specimens
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Liu, Ya Developing bioactive and biodegradable composites for bone tissue repair
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Chan, Cheuk-ming Controlled protein release from collagen matrix
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Wong, Hoi-ling Migration and other characteristics of collagen microencapsulated hMSCs :  a comparison with hMSCs in traditional 2D culture
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Au-yeung, Kwan-lok Effect of cyclic compressive loading on human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) seeded in type I collagen matrix
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Li, Xianxiang Large-eddy simulation of wind flow and air pollutant transport inside urban street canyons of different aspect ratios
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Hui, Ting-yan In vitro chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in collagen gels
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Huang, Lihua Class and imperialism in Henry James
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Yeung, Chiu-wai Three dimensional culture and in vitro chondrogenic differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cell in collagen microsphere
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Tsui, Ka-cheung Neighborhood ventilation of a building cluster by combined forces
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Xie, Yinghong MD simulations of bio-nano-system : controllable translocation and selective separation of single-stranded DNAs through a polarized CNT membrane
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Tan, Junyi Investigation of novel liquid desiccant cooling system
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Xu, Ziwen Phase transformation and properties of magnetron co-sputtered GeSi thin films
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Chow, Hon-nin Computer aided modelling of porous structures
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Lam, Tsz-fung Nesting of 2D parts with complex geometry and material heterogeneity
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Mok, Hing-tung Online fault detection and isolation of nonlinear systems based on neurofuzzy networks
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Li, Sin-lai, Emily Theoretical study of dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC)
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Niu, Caotan study of tool life and machinability parameters in high speed milling of hardened die steels
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Lam, Shang-king Computational fluid dynamic analyses of the endovascular stent-graft at the thoracic aorta with different biomechanical factors
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Song, Yicheng behavior and properties of ferroelectric single crystals and ferroelectric nano-composites
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Zuo, Le statistical study on incipient plasticity of metals
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Tang, Libo Complaint mechanism modeling and applications with haptic aided evaluation
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Lam, Chun-kit dynamics of wave propagation in an inhomogeneous medium : the complex Ginzburg-Landau model
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Xie, Xiaojian Evaporation and movement of respiratory droplets in indoor environments
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Shu, Zhan Exponential estimates and synthesis of dynamic systems with time delay and stochasticity
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Yang, Zaiyue Fault detection, estimation and control of periodically excited nonlinear systems
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Fu, Yongxiao haptic-based approach for the conceptual design of multi-material products
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. He, Xuejian Haptic modeling for virtual manufacturing
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Lee, Chun-kwong Computer modelling and simulation of geothermal heat pump and ground-coupled liquid desiccant air conditioning systems in sub-tropical regions
Mechanical Engineering M.Phil. Yang, Jiazhen On the development of water waves generated by a submerged moving body in a two-layer fluid system
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Tan, Xiaohui Optimization and stability analysis on light-weight multi-functional smart structures using genetic algorithms
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Chan, Ching-yu Ageing and the gene expression of endothelin in the male reproductive system of the rat
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Wong, Chun-yue Insomnia, depression and headache in Hong Kong Chinese females
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Cheung, Kim-wai Biomechanical analysis of tendon repair method in partially lacerated tendon
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Preisler, Julie Application of postmortem alzheimer's disease brain to elucidate the involvement of death receptor adaptor signaling
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Tung, Yuk-wah Evaluation of the impact of diabetes on the quality of life of elderly Chinese people in Hong Kong
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Kam, Kevin Therapeutic potential of demethylation agents and histone deaceytlase inhibitors in NK-cell lymphoma and leukemia
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Wong, Hin-keung biomechanical study of common mallet finger fracture fixation techniques
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Kwok, Chi-fong, Joyce Macrolide-lincosamide-streptogramin B resistance among staphylococcus aureus carried by children with atopic dermatitis
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Tsang, Yip-kan, Kent Effect of genistein on the vascular actions of lysophosphatidylcholine in the porcine coronary artery : role of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Lee, Lee ASPP family in gestational trophoblastic disease
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Hung, Wing-hoi Association of helicobacter pylori infection and erosive reflux esophagitis
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Ng, Hoi-yee, Kathy validity of the Montreal cognitive assessment (Cantonese version) as a screening tool for mild cognitive impairment in Hong KongChinese
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Cheung, Hon-wan, Doris Validity of the Chinese version of EQ-5D and SF-6D as health related quality of life measure in Chinese older adults in Hong Kong
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Ngai, Yin-ping p21-activated kinases in endometrial carcinoma
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Ng, Wai-yan Pokemon and pak interactive exchange factor alpha in gestational trophoblastic diseases
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Lin, Kam-hung Prevalence of HPV positivity in different age groups with respect to cytologic diagnosis : a study in Chinese population
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Tzang, Fei-chuen Radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma : identifying prognostic factors in long-term survival outcome
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Tsui, Ka-kit Seasonal variation of serum prostate-specific antigen levels in Hong Kong
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Cheung, Hoi-tak Structural activity relationship of flavonoids on endothelial nitric oxide expression
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Tam, Pui-yin, Edwin study of keap1 protein in the induction of heme oxygenase-1 by traditional Chinese medicine
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Wong, Ting-yan, Cybil use of JAK2 quantitative polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with chronic myeloproliferative diseases
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Kan, Ka-ki, Katherine Validation of the insomnia severity index, athens insomnia scale and sleep quality index in adolescent population in Hong Kong
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Kan, Ka-hong Early versus delayed cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Lau, Yan-on, Yvonne Facet joint orientation in severe osteoarthritis and degenerative spondylolisthesis : is there any difference? a MIRI study of facet osteoarthritis and intervertebral disc degeneration in degenerative spondylolisthesis
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Chan, Ting-yiu, Jonathan Changes in protein expression in vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells in hypertension
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Kwan, Tsz-ki detection of BCR-ABL kinase domain mutation in the management of chronic myeloid leukemia
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Tin, Pui-chi Detection of EGFR mutation in lung adenocarcinoma and paired plasma
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Lee, Ming-tong, Tony Detection of occult influenza infection in patients with sudden cardiac death
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Chan, Kit-ching, Amanda Detection of RET/PTC translocation in hashimoto thyroiditis
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Choi, Pik-shan Development of genotyping resistance testing of fusion inhibitors for anti-retroviral therapy
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Ho, Sze-man, Sanna Effects of gonadal hormones on the release of nitric oxide by adiponectin in endothelial cells
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Mak, Chiu-sheung, Simon Efficacy of herbal medicine on neurodegenerative diseases : a systematic review
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Taw, Beng-teck, Benedict socio-economic impact of mild head injury in Hong Kong
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Wong, Kwok-kuen Evaluation on micro-AMS at early detection of acute renal transplant rejection
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Lai, Tsz-ling Expression of Id1 in breast cancer
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Wong, Hung-lai Gene expression study in ovary cancer
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Cheung, Ka-wai, Eva Granulin expression in basal-like breast cancer
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Auyeung, Chun-yee, Natalie Fucosyltransferase-5 on human spermatozoa mediates attachment of spermatozoa to oviductal epithelial cells
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Leung, Oi-ning Identification and characterization of E3 ubiquitin ligase SIAH1 as a regulatory target of microRNA-135a in HeLa cells
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Tsang, Ho-ching, Felice Identification of ankyrin repeats and SOCS box protein 4 (ASB4) as oncogenic biomarker in liver cancer
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Kung, Hin-fung, Tony impact of heat on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Wu, Kwok-leung In silico analysis of 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing based methods for identification of medically important Gram-positive rods
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. So, Chiu-yin Molecular characterization of large deletions in beta globin gene cluster using multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Au, Wai-ling Multilocus sequence typing of Candida albicans
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Hui, Chi-ho, Geo New laboratory parameters in the diagnosis of iron-restricted erythropoiesis
Medical Sciences M.Med.Sc. Kwong, Yen-hwa, Colinette Quality of life and psychosocial high risk factors in adolescents with Cooleys Anaemia
Medicine Ph.D. Kwok, Hon-hung, Ken role of UCP5 in mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinsonian models
Medicine Ph.D. Wong, Wendy Effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine in primary care in Hong Kong
Medicine Ph.D. Kee, Francis Molecular pathology of hepatocellular carcinoma
Medicine Ph.D. Yang, Fuye Mechanisms of angiotensin II-induced renal fibrosis : role of TGF-/SMAD signaling pathway
Medicine M.D. Chan, Chee-wun, Joyce Pernicious anaemia in Chinese
Medicine M.D. Lam, Chung-mei, Jamie Obstructive sleep apnea and cardiometabolic complications
Medicine M.Phil. Chan, Chu-fung Neuroprotective effects of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor in a mice stroke model
Medicine Ph.D. Cheung, Ching-lung Genetic linkage and association studies to identify candidate genes for bone mineral density variation in Southern Chinese
Medicine Ph.D. Tao, Rong physiological roles of Ca2+ signaling and functional ion channels in mesenchymal stem cells
Medicine M.Phil. Chen, Jingbo Calcium signaling pathways and cell proliferation in human cardiac fibroblast
Medicine M.Phil. Fan, Ngo-yin role of protein kinase D in osteoblast differentiation
Medicine Ph.D. Chan, Yau-chi Cellular electrophysiology of cardiac pacemaker channel-implications on novel drug and gene therapies development
Medicine M.Phil. Law, Wai-han Molecular mechanisms of arsenic trioxide in an in vitro model of rheumatoid arthritis synoviocyte
Medicine M.Phil. Lau, Tik-yan, Ivy Macrophage-adipocyte cross-talk in the initiation of obesity-related insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes : role of adiponectin
Medicine Ph.D. Wang, Yee-moon, Angela Utility of cardiac biomarkers in end-stage renal disease patients on maintenance peritoneal dialysis
Medicine M.Phil. Cheung, Kwok-fan, Stephen Anti-fibrogenic effect of traditional Chinese Medicine 319 recipe
Medicine Ph.D. Cheng, King-yip APPL1 as a novel signaling mediator of adiponectin and insulin : molecular mechanisms and physiological implications
Medicine M.Phil. Ng, Kit-ying Neuroprotective effects of adiponectin in focal cerebral ischemia
Medicine Ph.D. Jin, Ou role of peripheral dendritic cells in systemic lupuserythematosus
Medicine M.Med.Sc. Poon, Ting-chi, Sharon Impact of fear of falling on mood, quality of life and activities of daily living in community dwelling Chinese elderly people
Medicine M.Phil. Kavikondala, Sushma Dendritic cell and B cell interactions in systemic lupuserythematosus
Medicine Ph.D. Zhang, Deyong regulation of cardiac potassium channels by protein tyrosine kinases
Medicine M.Phil. Chen, Hua Relationship between psychological status and vascular function in subjects with and without cardiovascular diseases
Medicine Ph.D. Ma, Chun-hang Gene regulation of zebrafish hematopoiesis during embryonic development with special references to survivins and jak2a
Medicine Ph.D. Zhou, Huali Reverse cholesterol transport in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Medicine M.Res.(Med.) Chan, Yap-hang Role of phytoestrogen in vascular function and dysfunction
Medicine M.Res.(Med.) Lau, Kui-kai, Gary Surrogate markers of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease
Medicine Ph.D. Chu, Chi-yuen, Andrew study on mitochondrial uncoupling protein 4 (UCP4) in Parkinsonian models
Medicine Ph.D. Cheung, Ting-kin Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease in Chinese : its management and impact
Medicine M.Phil. Ng, Man-ting transcriptional control of aquaporins
Medicine Ph.D. Lu, Lei Effects of antiviral therapies on hepatitis B virus relicaptive intermediates in chronic hepatitis B
Medicine M.Phil. Xiao, Jing Crosstalk between peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-[gamma] and angiotensin II in renal proximal tubular epithelial cells in IgA nephropathy
Medicine M.Phil. Qiuwaxi, Jianadi Relationship between vascular function and endothelial progenitor cells in patients with diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome
Medicine M.Phil. Lo, Carfield Identified of novel splicing variants of livin in acute myeloid leukemia
Medicine Ph.D. Wong, Lik-wai, Benny Immune response and signaling mechanisms of Helicobacter pylori induced gastritis
Medicine Ph.D. Zhou, Li molecular mechanisms of aristolochic acid nephropathy
Medicine M.D. Chu, Leung-wing Testosterone and aging in Chinese men
Medicine M.Phil. Chan, Wai-long protective role of bone morphogenetic protein-7 against mesangial cell injury in IgA nephropathy
Medicine M.D. Ng, Fook-hong Management of adverse gastrointestinal events in patients with anti-platelet therapy
Medicine M.D. Ho, Pak-leung Emerging antimicrobial resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae
Medicine Ph.D. Lui, Sing-leung Therapeutic potential of rapamycin in renal parenchymal diseases : insights from murine models of lupus nephritis, adriamycin nephropathy and renal ischemia reperfusion injury
Medicine Ph.D. Cheung, Man-sze Characterization of Leukemic stem cells in acute myeloid Leukemia
Medicine M.P.H. Cheung, Wai-yee, Betty Factors affecting the severity and duration of outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infection in kindergartens in Hong Kong : case-control study
Medicine M.P.H. Liu, Yan-lun, Allen cost effectiveness of neoral¡ (cyslosporine) versus tacrolimus based immunosuppressive regimen in Chinese cadaveric renal transplant recipients : a paired kidney analysis
Medicine M.P.H. Luk, Hoi-ying, Victoria How does population aging affect disease control among old age from a public health perspective
Medicine M.Res.(Med.) Wong, Ching-yuen Impact of diet on vascular function in patients with type II diabetes mellitus
Medicine Ph.D. Ng, Yee-ching, Claudia Effects of anti-DNA antibodies and mycophenolic acid on inflammatory and fibrotic processes in proximal tubular epithelial cells and the implications in the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis
Medicine Ph.D. Zhang, Qing Comparison of mycophenolate mofetil and cyclophosphamide on inflammatory and fibrotic processes in the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis : animal and in vitro studies
Medicine M.D. Yau, Tsz-kok Breast conservation treatment in Hong Kong : a single center experience
Medicine M.D. Lee, W. M., Anne Therapeutic benefits of concurrent chemoradiotherapy for advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Medicine M.D. Ng, Wai-tong Early detection and screening of familial nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Microbiology Ph.D. Wu, Wai-lan Antigenic characterisation of avian influenza H5N1 viruses in Asia :  implications for vaccine strainselection
Microbiology Ph.D. Sui, Hongyan Studies on antiviral effects of siRNAs against H5N1 influenza A virus infection
Microbiology Ph.D. Zhang, Haojie Functional study of the turn between helix h and i of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase thumb subdomain
Microbiology Ph.D. Yip, Chik-yan Epidemiology of novel viruses associated with human respiratory tract infections in Hong Kong
Microbiology Ph.D. Xu, Kemin Prevalence of H9N2 influenza a viruses in poultry in southern China : implications for the emergence of a new pandemic influenza
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Chow, Chun-kin Suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS 3) induction in SARS coronavirus infected cells
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Zhao, Dongqing Molecular characterization of a leptotrichia species
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Ngai, Cheung Usefulness of molecular targets for identification of medically important tsukamurella species
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Lou, Chun-hin Multilocus sequence typing of pseudomonas fluorescens isolates from investigation of a case of transfusion-associated sepsis
Microbiology M.Phil. Lam, Suk-fun Discovery and complete genome sequence of a novel group ofcoronavirus
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Tam, Yuk-ho Direct detection of isoniazid resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory specimens using multiplex-allele-specific (MAS)-PCR
Microbiology M.Phil. Lau, Lai-shan Identification of small molecule inhibitors of influenza A virus by chemical genetics
Microbiology M.Phil. Wong, Chun-wai Antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from food animals and humans
Microbiology Ph.D. Huang, Yi In silico analysis of a novel human coronavirus, coronavirus HKU1
Microbiology Ph.D. Wong, Hiu-ling, Beatrice Development of antibody and antigen detection assays and vaccines for SARS associated coronavirus
Microbiology Ph.D. Chen, H. K., Jonathan Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 and characterization of drug resistant HIV-1 in Hong Kong
Microbiology Ph.D. Chan, Che-man Functional study of spike protein of a novel human coronavirus HKU1
Microbiology Ph.D. Li, Tin-wai, Olive Influenza polymerase subunit compatibility between human H1 and H5 viruses
Microbiology Ph.D. Chan, Wan-yi Influenza A virus infection of human respiratory epithelium : tissue tropism and innate immune responses
Microbiology Ph.D. Wong, Kin-man, Gilman Antibiotic resistance in laribacter hongkongensis
Microbiology Ph.D. Li, Sze-ming, Kenneth Bat as the animal origin of SARS-CoV and reservoir of diverse coronaviruses
Microbiology M.Phil. Zhou, Chen Genome-informed studies on Penicillium marneffei : horizontal gene transfer survey and differential secretomics
Microbiology Ph.D. Hui, Pui-yan Innate immune responses and signaling pathways in influenza A (H5N1) infected human primary macrophages
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Lam, Kit-mei Phenotypic and molecular characterization of a blood culture isolate of the family coriobacteriaceae
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Lo, Hoo-wing Hokovirus surveillance in faecal samples in children
Microbiology M.Med.Sc. Wu, Yuen-ching Set up and validation of an automated PCR diagnostic and surveillance platform for influenza
Microbiology Ph.D. Wang, Pui Study of the host factors interacting with H5N1 influenza virus
Microbiology M.Phil. Fu, Tseung-yan, Clara Identification of novel parvoviruses in human and animals
Modern Languages and Cultures M.Phil. Lin, Jiebin anthropological study of the relationship between a female entrepreneur and her family in Japan
Modern Languages and Cultures M.Phil. Young, Hiu-tung Problems of translating contemporary Japanese comics into Chinese : the case of Crayon Shinchan
Modern Languages and Cultures Ph.D. MacNaughton, Andrew Company and personal character in the Eikaiwa industry : an ethnography of a private language school in Japan
Music M.Phil. Fu, Lok-yi, Alice Contemporary Cantopop : reception of crossover music in Hong Kong
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Chan, Wai-kit most effective method to improve antiretroviral drug adherence
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Chan, Shuk-ling Development, implementation and evaluation of a structural stroke education program for informal caregivers of stroke patients
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Cheng, Hai-kiu, Kelvin Evaluation on the quality of life for patients with obstructive sleep apnea using the continuous positive airway pressure device treatment
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Chan, Kit-yee, Brenda Making it a practice : a pre-admission pre-operation education programme for patients on elective CABG
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Chan, Kwai-foon, May Translating the evidence of fall prevention into practice for Hong Kong residential care homes with a multifactorial approach
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Cheng, Shan-shan clinical guideline for helping smoker parents to reduce their children's exposure to environmental tobacco smoke
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Pun, Wai-ming, Maggie Intervention for community dwelling older adults with depressive symptoms
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Kam, Tat-yan, Deyoung Workplace violence prevention programme targeting nursing staff in hospital setting
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Cheung, Ka-i Group cognitive behavioral intervention to reduce depressive symptoms for postnatally depressed women in Hong Kong
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Kwok, Chi-ki, Priscilla Nurse-controlled intensive insulin infusion in adult intensive care unit
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Tong, Suk-han, Emily Antenatal breastfeeding education in Hong Kong : a community-based programme
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Tsang, Sau-fun Skin care practices in premature infants
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Tsai, Kai-yuen Clinical guideline in maintaining normothermia in colorectal patients
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Wan, Nga-wai, Rosalie Neonatal pain assessment in clinical setting : applying premature infant pain profile
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Wong, Chi-Kuan, Ada Effect of behavioral therapy on urinary incontinence among community-dwelling older women
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Chiu, Ying-yin School-based eating disorders screening program and preventive education for adolescent female students in Hong Kong
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Chu, Wai-ling clinical guideline to minimise radiation-induced dermatitis in women with breast cancer
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Wong, Heung-kwan Enhancing coping in mothers of preterm infants
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Wong, Siu-ching, Angelin Preventing adolescent depression in Hong Kong : a school-based programme
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Hui, So-on education intervention to improve cervical smear screening attendance rate among Hong Kong women
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Lau, Yuk-yin Effect of treatment interference protocol (TIP) on the use of physical restraints in ICU
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Kwok, Wing-yee, Eunice Early supported discharge program for stroke patients
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Lai, Chi-keung, Peter Protocol-led weaning of mechanical ventilation in adult intensive care Unit
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Lai, Mei-fong, Janny Management of labour : use of water immersion for pain relief
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Lau, Tsz-yan Managing workplace violence : using a task force approach
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Lee, Man-ching, Anney Effects of the disease management programme with nurse-led heart failure clinic
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Leung, Lai-king Are health-education programmes effective in improving knowledge of and compliance with non-pharmacological measures against mosquito-borne disease?
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Leung, Sum-ming Use of self monitoring of blood glucose in glycaemic control of non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Lo, Wai-sze guideline for smoking cessation for parents with young children in pediatric setting
Nursing Studies M.Nurs. Ng, Miu-lai Assessing the lethality of intimate partner violence victimization in Chinese women
Nursing Studies M.Phil. Zhang, Jingyu study on the perceptions and behaviour on smoking cessation among patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) hospitalized in a smoke-free hospital in Beijing, China
Nursing Studies M.Nurs.(Adv.Pract.) Lai, Chi-leung Critical appraisal and systematic review of the effectiveness of exercise in patients with depression
Nursing Studies M.Phil. Guo, Nan Knowledge, attitudes, practice (KAP) and organizational support on delivering smoking cessation services on Guangzhou health care professionals
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Wei, Na Oestrogen receptor subtypes in ovarian cancer
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ph.D. Zuo, Yan Gene targeting to study a novel acrosome specific gene VAD1.3/AEP1 in spermatogenesis
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ph.D. Liu, Yunao Human endometrial gene expression profiling and receptivity in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ph.D. Chiu, Pui-man Molecular genetics of cervical cancer : from chromosome number alterations to aberrant gene expressions
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Wong, Siu-tak Priming effect of glycodelin-A on zona pellucida induced acrosome reaction in human spermatozoa
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Lee, Chi-wai Impact of gestational diabetes mellitus on placental thioredoxin system
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Lee, Boon-hang, Simon Ethical decision-making of advanced maternal age pregnant women in prenatal testing for Down syndrome : a quantitative-qualitative study
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Tam, Vernon Craig Goodheart Identification of a glycodelin-C binding molecule on humanspermatozoa
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Chow, Wang-ngai study on the in vivo and in vitro embryotrophic effect ofcomplement-3 (C3)
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ph.D. Chung, Man-kin Biological characterization of cumulus glycodelin on humanspermatozoa-zona pellucida interaction
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Yeung, Tin-wai Use of three-dimensional ultrasound in the prediction of homozygous alpha0-thalassemia
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Chan, Yuk-ling Effects of hypoxia and hyperglycemia on proliferation and expression of glucose-related signaling molecules in extravillous trophoblast cell line in vitro
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Phil. Gao, Jing Effect of acupuncture on the spermatogenesis of heat-treated rodent testis
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ph.D. Lee, Cheuk-lun study on the biological activities of glycodelins on lymphocytes and natural killer cells
Obstetrics and Gynaecology M.Med.Sc. Lee, Suk-kwan comparative study of cytokine levels in the cord blood of women with and without gestational diabetes mellitus
Orthopaedics and Traumatology M.Med.Sc. Lau, Chi-yan, Jane Brain derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF) and seprafilm® adhesion barrier on sciatic nerve regeneration in rats
Orthopaedics and Traumatology M.Phil. Leung, Kit-ying Anti-bacteria plasma-treated metallic surface for orthopaedics use
Orthopaedics and Traumatology M.Phil. Yuen, Chi-keung Opportunities and limitations of "resorbable" metallic implant : risk assessment, biocorrosion and biocompatibility, and new directions with relevance to tissue engineering and injury management techniques
Orthopaedics and Traumatology Ph.D. Yang, Fan Intervertebral disc regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells : a mouse model study
Orthopaedics and Traumatology M.Phil. Chan, Chun-wai In-vitro study of the cryopreserved intervertebral disc
Orthopaedics and Traumatology Ph.D. Mak, Nin-fung, Joseph Electromyographic characterization of functional status of back musculature : applications in low back pain rehabilitation
Orthopaedics and Traumatology M.Phil. Cao, Yi Investigation of expression of extracellular matrix component genes during tendon healing process : an in vivo chicken study
Orthopaedics and Traumatology M.Phil. Wong, Kai-lun Strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite reinforced polyetheretherketone biomaterials in orthopaedic implants
Orthopaedics and Traumatology M.Phil. Wong, Hoi-man Surface modification of biodegradable metallic material
Paediatric Dentistry M.D.S. Peerzada, Farrahnaz Effect of surface preparation on bond strength of resin luting cements to dentine
Paediatric Dentistry M.D.S. Chung, Wai-mun, Caroline Effects of saliva contamination on bond strength of resin luting cements to dentine
Paediatric Dentistry M.D.S. Lee, Hiu-man, Gillian Early childhood caries and quality of life of pre-school children
Paediatric Dentistry M.D.S. Al Kuwari, Ohoud Mayouf Effects of temporary cement on the bond strength of resin luting cements to dentine
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Tong, Pak-ho cytotoxic effect of arsenic trioxide on human neuroblastoma cell lines and its relationship to MYCN gene status
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Fung, Kwong-lam effect of microtubule targeting chemotherapeutic agents on bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells and its interaction with acute lymphoblastic leukemia blasts
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Wong, Hiu-ting role of TSPYL2, a novel nucleosome assembly protein, in transcriptional regulation
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Chan, Mei-po Modulation of Bacillus Calmétte Guerin-induced immune evasion
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Ph.D. Cheung, Ka-wa, Benny Immune regulation in response to mycobacterial infection
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Kwok, Hin Characterization of Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) strains in primary EBV infection
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Chan, Tung-lei Promoter characterization of testis specific protein, Y-linked like2 (TSPYL2)
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Ng, Ping STAT4 and BLK, but not PXK, are associated with Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) in Hong Kong Chinese
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Chiu, Peng-hang, Raymond Identification of protein-interacting partners of testis-specific protein y-encoded like 2 (TSPYL2)
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Siu, Ho-on role of interferon regulatory factor 5 gene polymorphisms in systemic lupus erythematosus
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Hui, Kwai-fung Activation of lytic cycle of Epstein-barr virus of histone deacetylase inhibitors
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Ph.D. Tso, Hoi-wan Effects of phagocytosis of apoptotic cells by mesenchymal stem cells on osteogenesis and T cells responses
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Lam, Shih-en pilot study on potential involvement of epigenetic regulations secondary to perturbed intrauterine environment
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Ph.D. Ling, Guangsheng Mechanic assessments of autoimmune responses induced by dendritic cells upon interactions with dying cells : the role of IL-10
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Ph.D. Xu, Xuequn Longitudinal study of Epstein-barr virus (EBV) - specific CD8 + T lymphocyte development in primary EBV infection
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Wong, Chau-lai Acupuncture and autism spectrum disorders : an assessor-blinded randomized controlled trail
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Ph.D. Chong, Wai-po Tolerogenic and inflammatory properties of natural killer cells after interacting with apoptotic cells and immunoglobulin G opsonized apoptotic cells
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Tam, Ho-man, Alex Mechanisms underlying the hyper-induction of tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) by avian influenza virus in human macrophages
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Yip, Kit-yan Identification of the protein interacting partners of testis specific protein, Y-encoded like-2 (TSPYL2)
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Wong, Yin-ling effects of respiratory syncytial virus on alveolar epithelial cells toll-like receptors expressions and T cell apoptosis
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Res.(Med.) Lau, Kin-sang Identifying prenatal, perinatal and environmental risk factors for autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) : a case-control study in Chinese children
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Lee, Wing-yan Association of cytokine gene polymorphisms with susceptibility and disease progression in chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine M.Phil. Ling, Man-to role of mannose binding lectin in influenza virus infection
Pathology Ph.D. Yuen, Hiu-fung Roles of twist in prostate cancer progression
Pathology Ph.D. Liao, Xiaoyun Hedgehog signaling pathway and epigenetic studies in ovarian carcinomas and endometrial carcinomas
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Kong, Kam-keung Evaluation of fluorescence immunophenotyping and interphase cytogenetics as a tool for investigation of neoplasm (FICTION) in a clinical laboratory and its application on clinical blood and marrow specimens
Pathology M.Phil. Au, Kwan-ip autopsy-based retrospective study of injury patterns of homicides in Hong Kong : injury patterns, severity, and prediction of relationship with the offender
Pathology M.Phil. Wong, Lai-ting Study of the role of the tumor suppressor phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) in hepatocellular carcinoma
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Fung, Wai-yip characterization of PAK 6 in liver cancer
Pathology Ph.D. Tam, Yee-san, Issan Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations and phosphorylation pattern in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Pathology Ph.D. Yang, Cuihong Regulation of autoimmune responses by dendritic cells and regulatory T cells in murine models of systemic lupus erythematosus
Pathology M.Phil. Lee, Hing-leung, Eric Genetic and epigenetic factors controlling the expression of sialyltransferase gene ST6GAL1
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Lo, Ching-ha Study of B lymphocyte subset phenotypes and clinical features of common variable immunodeficiency patients in Hong Kong
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Kwong, Wai-ip, Eric Development of an in-house anti-Ro52 ELISA and a study of the clinical applications of anti-Ro52 in rheumatic diseases
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Wong, Shuk-ying, Esther NANOG in ovarian cancer
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Lee, Wing-sang prognostic significance of DJ-1 in patients with renal cell carcinoma of clear cell type
Pathology M.Phil. Wong, Yin-chi, Betty Significance of LRP6 coreceptor upregulation in the aberrant activation of Wnt signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma
Pathology Ph.D. Liu, Wei Genetic analysis of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in breast cancer of Hong Kong Chinese
Pathology Ph.D. Tung, Kwok-kwan Epigenetic inactivation and tumor suppressive roles of hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitors(HAIs) in human hepatocellular carcinoma
Pathology M.Phil. Au, Wing-han Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)/tropomyosin-related kinaseB (TRKB) signaling in ovarian cancer
Pathology Ph.D. Chan, Kwan-yi, Queeny Molecular studies on endometrial and ovarian carcinogenesis
Pathology M.Res.(Med.) Yeung, Chun-wing PAK1, PAK2 and PAK4 in gestational trophoblastic disease
Pathology Ph.D. Ko, Chi-fat Molecular regulations of deleted in liver cancer (DLC) proteinfamily
Pathology M.Phil. Tsang, Hon-man Studies of Mll-Een fusion gene in a conditional mouse model of human leukemia
Pathology Ph.D. Chan, Ka-kui Molecular mechanisms of IL-2 mediated BCL10 nuclear localization and the therapeutic role of an anti-CD25 antibody in nasal NK-cell lymphoma
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Lau, Yin-wah Mutation and expression analysis of PTEN in non-small cell lung cancer from non-smokers
Pathology M.Phil. Chiu, Kam-hung Genetic aberrations in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia as prognostic markers
Pathology M.Phil. Wong, Chun-nin, Adam Analyses of influenza viral cytopathic effect in human lower respiratory tract
Pathology Ph.D. Lo, Kam-chun, Cherry Role of natural killer (NK) cells in the development of autoimmune arthritis
Pathology Ph.D. Ching, Chi-yun, Johannes Study of host genetic susceptibility to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) infection
Pathology Ph.D. Wong, Chak-lui, Carmen Regulations and functions of rho-kinases in hepatocellularcarcinoma
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Tong, Yu-ting, Tracy Study of kinesin family member 7 (KIF7) in breast cancer
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Szeto, Elaine Evaluation of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) as a tool for screening of bladder cancer
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Wong, Pik-wa, Linda Optimization of detection of avian influenza virus in formalin fixed tissues by immunohistochemical methods
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Ng, Kin-man Application of p63 4A4 antibody in detection of cervical cancer and precursors in cytology samples
Pathology M.Med.Sc. Cheung, Pik-shan Molecular diagnosis of soft tissue tumours
Pathology M.Phil. So, Kam-ting Mutations in epidermal growth factor receptor-related pathways in non-small cell lung cancer
Pharmacology Ph.D. Tai, Kin-ki, Emily Defining the protective role of cathelicidin on ulcerative colitis in mice
Pharmacology Ph.D. Chan, Lai-yin, Matthew Acute actions of osthole in the modulation of the vascular system
Pharmacology Ph.D. Wong, Pui-shan, Helen Study of the role of -adrenoceptors in the promotion of colon cancer growth
Pharmacology M.Phil. Li, Wai-sum, Rachel Control of adenosine in human umbilical vein endothelial cells during inflammation
Pharmacology M.Med.Sc. Lee, Wai-kin, Robin Dominic Determination of the optimal conditions and additives for the preservation of epigallocatechin gallate in bottled tea drinks
Pharmacology M.Res.(Med.) Lau, Chin-tung Modulation of vascular response by equol
Pharmacology M.Phil. Qu, Chen Modulation of endothelium-dependent contractions by chronic inhibition of nitric oxide synthase in the rat aorta
Pharmacology M.Phil. Kopaniszen, Malgorzata Protective effect of green tea polyphenols on dinitrobenzene sulphonic acid (DNBS)-induced colitis in mice
Pharmacology and Pharmacy M.Med.Sc. Leung, Pui-hong Structural activity relationship of flavonoids on the expression and activity of cyclooxygenase
Pharmacology and Pharmacy M.Med.Sc. Wong, Ka-yu Role of GPR30 in mediating vascular actions of 17-estradiol and genistein
Pharmacology and Pharmacy M.Phil. Zu, Yi SIRT1 promotes cell proliferation and prevents cellular senescence through targeting LKB1 in primary porcine aortic endothelial cells
Pharmacology and Pharmacy M.Phil. Leung, Chim-yan, Idy study of tissue plasminogen activator in blood vessels : expression, regulation and vasorelaxing effect
Pharmacology and Pharmacy M.Med.Sc. Lai, Wing-fu Prevalence of gastro-intestinal bleeding in hypertensive patients taking calcium blockers in a regional acute hospital in Hong Kong
Pharmacology and Pharmacy M.Med.Sc. Wen, Yongna, Wendy Cloning and expression of adropin : a novel secreted peptide related to obesity and its related disorders
Pharmacology and Pharmacy M.Med.Sc. Wong, Cheong, Ida Effect of GPR30 agonists on the release of prostaglandins in vascular cells
Philosophy Ph.D. Pei, Kong-ngai Fictional characters and their names : a defense of the fact theory
Philosophy Ph.D. Koh, EunKang Behavior and self-constitution in early Chinese ethics
Physics M.Phil. Lam, King-cheong Direct determination of surface structures of C2H4 and C2H2 on si(100)by LEED Patterson inversion
Physics M.Phil. Dai, Xuemin Experimental and theoretical studies of defects related emissions in ZnO crystals
Physics Ph.D. Xue, Zhengyuan Implementation of fault-tolerant quantum computation with superconducting device
Physics Ph.D. Cheung, Kai-yin Metallopolyyne polymers based bulk heterojunction (BHJ) solar cells
Physics M.Phil. Ma, Ping-nang Numerical exact simulations of actual-size bosonic optical lattice systems
Physics Ph.D. Wang, Bin Ab-initio calculation of quantum ac transport in nanoscale structures
Physics M.Phil. Xu, Fuming distribution and fluctuation of electrochemical capacitance in mesoscopic systems
Physics M.Phil. Deng, Xin Positron studies of silicon and germanium nanocrystals embedded in silicon dioxide
Physics Ph.D. Hu, Rong Synthesis and characterization of tungsten oxide nanostructures
Physics M.Phil. Zeng, Hualing Optical properties of single walled carbon nanotubes
Physics M.Phil. Tian, Xiaolei Short gamma-ray bursts resulting from phase-induced collapse of neutron stars
Physics M.Phil. Wong, Hon-chi, Heymans Studies of the optical properties and the calibration of neutron detectors in underground laboratories
Physics M.Phil. Lee, Ka-pik Studies of gadolinium-loaded liquid scintillator used in the Aberdeen tunnel experiment in Hong Kong
Physics Ph.D. Luo, Zhi Rectifying characteristics, photovoltaic effect and magnetoresistance in heterojunctions composed of manganite and titanate
Physics M.Phil. Leung, Ai-chi, Angela Atomic structure studies of holmium on SI(111) surface by low energy electron diffraction Patterson inversion at multiple incident angles
Physics M.Phil. Li, To Search for quasisoft X-ray sources in the Galactic center
Physics M.Phil. Chen, Dan novel design of a variable energy positron lifetime beam
Physics Ph.D. Nahid, Farzana temperature dependence of positronium formation in high density polyethylene
Physics M.Phil. Shi, Min Growth of AlInN and zinc blende GaN by molecular beam epitaxy
Physics M.Phil. Gu, Qilin Hydrogen peroxide treatment induced rectifying behavior of Au/n-ZnO contact
Physics M.Phil. Zhang, Shimin Model of high energy emission from young pulsars
Physics Ph.D. Zhou, Taojun All-electron and full-potential positron annihilation calculations for intrinsic and defective zinc and zinc oxide
Physics Ph.D. Ning, Jiqiang Applications of optical spectroscopy to studies of electronic and vibrational states in semiconductor nanostructures
Physics Ph.D. Shangguan, Minhui Charge and spin transport in mesoscopic systems
Physics M.Phil. So, Chun-keung Defect study of zinc oxide bulk materials by positron lifetime spectroscopy
Physics Ph.D. Hong, Kunquan Synthesis of one-dimensional tungsten oxide nanostructures
Physics M.Phil. Hu, Kaige Optically-injected spin current and its scattering effect in semiconductor quantum wells
Physics M.Phil. Tsang, Hei-man Simulations and software developments for cosmic-ray and particle physics experiments in underground laboratories
Physics Ph.D. Li, Jian Spin transport in mesoscopic systems with spin-orbit coupling
Physics M.Phil. Wu, Di Theoretical studies of electronic tunneling properties in monolayer and bilayer graphene lattices
Physics M.Phil. Mak, Suet-ying X-ray observations of the starburst galaxy IC 342
Physics M.Phil. Chan, Hok-Hin, Vincent Study on the cooperative phenomena of the hypothesis testing Minority Game
Physics M.Phil. Luo, Jiaming Studies of electron irradiation induced deep level defects in p-type 6H-SIC
Physics M.Phil. Zhang, Shaolin Wide band gap nanomaterials and their applications
Physics M.Phil. Tam, Kai-hang Zinc oxide nanorods : hydrothermal growth, properties and applications
Physics Ph.D. Qiao, Zhenhua Charge and spin transport in two-dimensional mesoscopic systems
Physics M.Phil. Chan, Tsz-pan, Henry Morpho-kinematic modeling of planetary nebulae
Physics M.Phil. Zhu, Congyong Deep level defects study of arsenic implanted ZnO single crystal
Physics Ph.D. Guertler, Siegfried Large scale computer-simulations of many-body Bose and Fermi systems at low temperature
Physics Ph.D. Ho, Ki-hiu Study of quantum low density parity check and quantum degeneratecodes
Physics Ph.D. Bao, Yunjuan Theoretical study of spin transport in low-dimensional systems
Physics M.Phil. Hsu, Yuk-fan Zinc oxide nanorods and tetrapods : properties and applications
Physiology Ph.D. Tu, Jie Lactic-acid-infusion-induced increase in interstitial ATP of rat skeletal muscle
Physiology Ph.D. Tong, Hoi-yee Molecular study of the regulation of osmotic response element-binding protein
Physiology M.Med.Sc. Yung, Tak-sum Expression of GABAA receptor alpha-1 subunit in thalamic neurons responsive to vertical linear acceleration
Physiology M.Phil. Cheng, Wing-tim Polyol pathway contributes to hyperglycemia-induced cardiac dysfunction
Physiology M.Phil. Yuen, Ying-lai Role of chondroitin sulfates in the projection of vestibular commissures during embryonic hindbrain development
Physiology M.Med.Sc. Wong, Pik-fan effects of castration and testosterone replacement on the gene expression of adrenomedullin and its receptor component proteins in the rat epididymis, seminal vesicle and coagulating gland
Physiology Ph.D. Le, Gengyun Investigation of the enzymes involved in adenosine metabolism in vascular endothelial cells from rat skeletal muscle
Physiology M.Phil. Lau, Chun-hung, Barry Excitation contraction coupling of ventricular myocyte in septicshock : role of a change in calcium cycling system
Physiology Ph.D. Hung, Ming-wai Protective effects of melatonin on hippocampal and vascular injuries induced by chronic and intermittent hypoxia in rats
Physiology Ph.D. Li, Yuk-yin Adrenomedullin in the rat reproductive systems and the changes of the gene expression of adrenomedullin and its receptor components during ageing
Physiology Ph.D. Lam, Siu-yin, Sylvia Expression and function of hypoxia-inducible factor, cytokines and renin-angiotensin system in the carotid body during chronic and intermittent hypoxia
Physiology M.Phil. Pang, Bo Antiproliferative actions of melatonin and secreted PDZ domain-containing protein 2 (sPDZD2) on tumor cells
Physiology M.Phil. Zhou, Yuan Ionic mechanisms of chloroform-induced cardiac arrhythmias
Physiology Ph.D. Tsang, Sharon Role of testosterone and its interaction with adrenoceptor in protection against ischaemic insult and contractile function of the heart
Physiology M.Phil. Ma, Yan Role of the Ca2+ / calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II pathway in the cardioprotective effect of estrogen
Politics and Public Administration Ph.D. Horiuchi, Toru Japan China's policy : Koizumi as a "presidential" prime minister and the foreign and security policymaking process
Politics and Public Administration M.Phil. Zhou, Guanfeng Nationalism and Japan's China policy : a normative study of nationalism & foreign policy making
Politics and Public Administration M.Phil. Guo, Jie Policy coordination of harbour planning in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.Phil. Lam, Chi-yan impact of intra-party democracy on the level of party political efficacy of grass-roots councilors : the cases of DAB and DP
Politics and Public Administration M.Phil. Mang, Fan-lun, Franz Reasonable disagreement, state neutrality, and perfectionism
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Yeung, Yin-miu, Louisa Critically evaluate the staff training programme in correctional services department
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Wong, Shin-chon, Jennifer Hong Kong's civil legal aid system : why, how and to what extent? / Wong Shin-chon Jennifer
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. So, Ching-yu study on the performance appraisal system of the Hong Kong Immigration Department
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Ha, Chau-ming Evaluation of training of the customs and excise department : study to explore ways for enhancing job competency level of staff
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chan, Kong-ming Hong Kong police promotion system in comparative perspective
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chan, Ka-wing, Ada review of the non-civil service contract scheme of the HKSAR Government
Politics and Public Administration Ph.D. Chan, Ha-kwan, Nikkiter Explaining the policy dynamics of administrative reorganizatin in Hong Kong : an institutional analysis of policy stasis and punctuation
Politics and Public Administration Ph.D. Lin, Tingjin Explaining the intra-provincial inequality of financing compulsory education in China : the role of finance reform, personnel rules and provincial leades, 1994-2001
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Wong, Lut-man Contemporary pre-hospital ambulance services in Hong Kong : a study of development and reform
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Wan, Kar-ho, Calvin Government policy on tertiary education
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Wong, Chak-hung analysis of the enactment of the interception of communications and surveillance ordinance
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Tse, Tak-wai, Deborah fundraising culture in tertiary institutions : the case of HKU
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Tse, Ka-yan study of the healthcare policy in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Tam, Sin-yee Ups and downs on the policy agenda : the case of health care system reform in Hong Kong after 1997
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Poon, On-ni, Anny Evaluating HKU's performance review and staff development system : a principal-agent perspective
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Ng, On-ling, Connie changing relationship between government and social service NGOs
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Mak, Sau-ying To evaluate government policy on the local fund-raising work
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Lam, Wing-wah Agenda-setting of heritage conservation policy in Hong Kong : a policy streams analysis
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Lai, Wai-hing Solid waste management in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Kong, Hok-lai, Kelvin study of the recruitment strategy in the Hong Kong police force
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Kao, Hing, Monica Esther Civic engagement and the policy process in Hong Kong : the case of the west Kowloon cultural district
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Ho, Kwok-wun, Dennis Selection and rejection : ethical issues in immigration in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Fu, Wing-kit Charging policy for non-eligible women giving births in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Fan, Wing-yan Hong Kong social service non-government organizations under new public management reform : assessing the change and impact of the lump sum grant policy
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Fan, Chi-shing principal official accountability system (POAS) as an apparatus to strong governance : an institutionalanalysis
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chung, Woon-fan, Flora role of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in social welfare development in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chui, Man-leung To what extent does FSD department's performance appraisal system reduce information asymmetry between principals and agents
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chor, Mei-po, Mabel study of the medium of instruction policy for secondary schools in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Choi, Chi-yuen Civil celebrants of marriages scheme : a study of outsourcing of government service in the immigration department
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Cheung, Wah-lun, Alan analysis of policy agenda setting : a study of west Kowloon cultural district development
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Cheung, Chui-yee process of policy-making : mainland pregnant women in the Hong Kong special administrative region
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chang, Lai-yin analysis of the impact of civil service reform on recruitment and retention in the Hong Kong police force
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chan, Yuen-lai Evaluate the implementation of e-government in Hong Kong
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chan, Yee-lai Community policing in Hong Kong : an implementation in Kwai Tsing district
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chan, Pik-wa, Gloria study of policy-making in Hong Kong : the case of the direct subsidy scheme for secondary schools
Politics and Public Administration M.P.A. Chan, Oi-ping, Angel study on the direct access to physiotherapy in Hong Kong
Psychiatry M.Phil. Chui, Hang-wai prospective study of high-risk behaviors and their risk and protective factors among adolescents in Hong Kong
Psychiatry Ph.D. Hui, Lai-ming, Christy Predictors of relapse in first-episode schizophrenia and related psychosis
Psychiatry M.Res.(Med.) Cheng, Ying-wai, Jackie prevalence and risk factors of late-life erectile dysfunction in a primary care outpatient clinic in Hong Kong
Psychiatry M.Phil. Geng, Ying health-related quality of life of liver transplantation recipients in Hong Kong : a follow-up and cross-sectional study
Psychiatry Ph.D. Cheung, Vinci Structural white matter abnormalities in never-medicated patients with first-episode schizophrenia : a diffusion tensor imaging study
Psychiatry M.Res.(Med.) Tang, Hin-ning, Alexander Students' perception of medical professionalism at the University of Hong Kong
Psychology M.Phil. Lui, Yik-man, Jodie Psychological adjustment to acculturatuve stress among Chinese adolescent immigrants : the role of coping flexibility, locus of control, and social support
Psychology M.Phil. Chan, Wai-lan, Winnie investigation into two-digit number processing among Chinese children and adults
Psychology M.Phil. Peng, Xiaozhe Visual path information on the active control of heading
Psychology M.Phil. Chan, Siu-wing When the Cantonese "b" is the English /p/ : stop-consonant voicing strategies across languages
Psychology M.Phil. Liu, Ka-kui Stress, somatization, and depression : texting the idiom of distress hypothesis among working adults
Psychology Ph.D. Chan, Ka-ho, Louis Preattentive and attentive processing in visual perception and localization
Psychology Ph.D. Zhang, Xiao Who will make up for weaknesses? : motivational effects of group norms, identification, and ability
Psychology Ph.D. Lo, Lap-yan Tonal perception and its implication for linguistic relativity
Psychology Ph.D. Ku, Yee-lai Critical thinking of Chinese students : conceptualization, assessment and instruction
Psychology Ph.D. Leung, Kwok-keung neural basis of attention bias toward mood-congruent information in people with major depressive disorder
Psychology Ph.D. Au, Kin-chung Stand-up or give in? : combining self salience and opponent's stance in understanding interpersonal conflict processes
Psychology M.Phil. Leung, Nga-ki, Kate quality of lexical representation in Chinese normally-achieving and dyslexic children
Psychology Ph.D. Mak, Kin-yin Neural bases of emotion regulation
Psychology Ph.D. Ke, Xue When risk judgment of playing lotteries feels difficult : to be risk-averse or risk-seeking?
Psychology Ph.D. Kwan, Siu-on Interpersonal affect and performance ratings in work teams
Psychology Ph.D. Kong, Lingyue role of phonology in access to Chinese character meaning
Psychology M.Phil. Au, Kwok-cheong, Ricky Are recognition errors and deceptive responses differentiable?
Psychology Ph.D. Cham, Siu-lai, Joey Human vision and the natural visual world : psychophysical results and natural-image analysis reveal comparable and consistent patterns of contour-curvature statistics
Psychology M.Phil. Yan, Hoi-fai, Arthur Explorations into the role of emotion in moral judgement
Psychology M.Phil. Pang, Lai-ming Compensatory behavioral intentions : the unintended effect of intervention cost
Public Health M.P.H. Shen, Feng association between gestational diabetes mellitus and birth-weight among Chinese women in Guangzhou : a retrospective cohort study
Public Health M.P.H. Song, Qiaoli Outpatient satisfaction and its associated factors in a general hospital in Guangzhou : a cross-sectional study
Public Health M.P.H. Ting, Yuk, Joseph Trends in mortality, morbidity and early neurodevelopment outcomes among infants with extremely low birth weight
Public Health M.P.H. Tsang, Hoi-ling evaluation of the ePR-PPI project in a private hospital : the implication and significance of user acceptance
Public Health M.P.H. Vu, Manh Tuan Literature review : implementation of electronic medical records what factors are driving it?
Public Health M.P.H. Chapman, Peter Stuart Exposure to street level particulate pollution in urban Hong Kong and the associated health : application of trams as a mobile monitor
Public Health M.P.H. Huang, Yunzhi, Emma Front-of-pack nutrition labeling and the implications for China
Public Health M.P.H. Li, Sin Towards a better food labeling : a literature review
Public Health M.P.H. Wong, Weng-man, Valerie Prevalence, genotypes and risk factors of human papillomavirus infection among women in Macao : a cross-sectional study
Public Health M.P.H. Yang, Zhenyu Epidemiological survey of hepatitis B in the Guangzhou development zone from 2004 to 2008
Public Health M.P.H. Zhou, Ruijian effect of health education lecture on hypertensive patients in a community in Guangzhou, China : an intervention study
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Wu, Jian behavioral analysis of learning processes amongst construction project team members in China
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Ng, Hung-fai Population and building densities : a probit analysis of the Town Planning Board's decisions
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Jia, Yunyan Burnout and its relationship with architecture students' job design in Hong Kong
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Sun, Hui built environment and children's academic performance
Real Estate and Construction M.Phil. Yu, Wing-chi, Winnie Contractual arrangements in shopping centre leasing in Hong Kong : a transaction cost perspective
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Kwong, Wai-chun, Valerius Voluntary and imposed racial segregation zoning a Coasian-Olson Hong Kong comparative empirical study
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Leung, King-ngai determinants of shopping centre performance a regressive-expert system
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Hung, Wing-yee, Connie Communicative planning for sustainable development : a Coasian Hong Kong study on planning by contract in action
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Li, Siu-ping Crimes and high-density urban living : an empirical study
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Chui, Yuk-chee, Jamie Perception of light pollution in Hong Kong : an empirical study
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Hui, Ken Court decisions on building contract disputes : a Coasian empirical analysis
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Liu, Hoi-ling, Mercedes Faustyna Evaluating the impacts of zoning on land value : a Hong Kong case study, 1987-2005
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Tse, Pak-yin Sustainability of urban cultural heritage : an empirical case study of Hong Kong
Real Estate and Construction Ph.D. Pu, Lifen Credit ratings and banking regulations in the context of real estate cycle
Social Sciences M.Phil. Sun, Xiaoyin Mobile phone survey methodology in China
Social Work and Administration Ph.D. Fung, Cheung-tim Recovery from chronic drug abuse : lifestyle change in relapse prevention
Social Work and Administration Ph.D. Cheng, Fucai Negotiating exclusion : an ethnographic study of the street children in Shanghai, China
Social Work and Administration Ph.D. Ding, Hua In the trend of "socializing social welfare" policy : a study on service quality and social capital in the society-run home for the aged in Beijing, China
Social Work and Administration Ph.D. Leung, Pui-yu, Pamela Experiences and meaning reconstruction among Chinese women with breast cancer in Hong Kong
Social Work and Administration Ph.D. Pei, Yuxin Born in the 70's : sexuality of young women in contemporary Shanghai
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Zhong, Xiaofang exploratory study on the change of family rituals among divorced parent families in Beijing
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Tse, Lee-shing, Jeffrey Irrational beliefs and psychosocial adjustment of people with spinal cord injuries
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Chen, Honglin Successful aging in urban Shanghai : social capital and the quality of life among older people
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Yang, Wen Self-expression and discourse on female sexuality : online sex discussion forums in contemporary China
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Bao, Yan study on the personal and social environment influencing working youth's participation in continuing education programs in Shanghai
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Chen, Wei Social capital and social exclusion of the older people under urban renewal in China : a case study of Nanjing
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Huen, Wai-po changing role of women and its effect on the gender-biased social policy in Japan
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Wong, Oi-ling Childhood obesity in a family context : an exploratory study in Hong Kong
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Wang, Clarissa Nicole Key processes of family resilience in families with long-term liver cancer survivors in Hong Kong
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Ko, Pik-kei role of the internet as communication tools in parent-child relationship at the later stages of the family life cycle
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Pan, Jiayan Acculturation and resilience of mainland Chinese postgraduate students in Hong Kong
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Yuen, Suk-yee, Helena Buddhist mediation : a transformative approach to conflict resolution
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Ho, Oi-chu, Jessica exploratory study on the breaking of the cycle of intergenerational transmission of child abuse
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Lo, Hau-yan, Phyllis Understanding breast cancer patients : a 3-year follow-up study on psychosocial support groups
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Hu, Chiyi impact of migration and mental disorders on suicidal behaviors : an epidemiological survey among general population in Shenzhen, China
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Fu, Wai Data-mining as a methodology for explaining written narratives : an application on understanding the breast cancer experience among Hong Kong Chinese women
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Ngai, Kin-che, Timothy interpretative phenomenological analysis of the relationship between depressed early adolescents and their mothers in Hong Kong
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Lee, Kar-mut, Carmel Organizational justice perception and sensemaking of staff towards the introduction of performance-related pay in social service agencies in Hong Kong
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Hui Choi, Wai-hing transition to motherhood for Chinese women
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Ding, Yu Transitions and new possibilities of sex work : Xiaojies' perception of work and way of life in the Pearl River Delta
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Tian, Rong Development and transformation : a case study of social welfare non-governmental organizations in Hong Kong
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Wong, On-on examination of the drug control policy and the role of social work profession in Hong Kong : from the perspective of social workers and drug users
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Chan, Yu exploratory study on spiritually and psychosocial well-being in chinese breast cancer patients
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Li, Ying analysis of governmental policy for rural-urban migrants in China
Social Work and Social Administration M.Phil. Khng, Nee-wey, Joan Perceived parental support in the resilience of childhood cancer survivors in Singapore : an exploratorystudy
Social Work and Social Administration Ph.D. Goh, C. L., Esther Dynamics among children and their multiple caregivers : an ethnographic study of childrearing in urban Xiamen, China
Sociology M.Phil. Li, Ho-lun, Collin Embroidering respect : how local welfare mothers earn and society eats up respect
Sociology M.Phil. Leung, Ka-bo, Corrina Hong Kong heroin users : acquiring and managing the deviant identity
Sociology M.Phil. Tsang, Chung-kin Living with new capitalism : work and values of the 1980s generation in Hong Kong
Sociology M.Phil. To, S.C. Sandy Navigating liquid modernity and flexible capitalism : negotiating 'work', 'success', and 'character' in Hong Kong
Sociology M.Phil. Tsui, Heung-ling Media for cultural praxis : a case-study of Hong Kong In-Media
Sociology M.Phil. Cheng, Shing Waging a two-front war : inmates during incarceration and social workers working on ex-convict rehabilitation in China
Sociology M.Phil. Yiu, Shuk-hing Driving in Hong Kong : a gender perspective
Sociology Ph.D. Islam, Md. Nazrul Repackaging ayurveda in post-colonial India : revivalism and global commodification
Sociology M.Phil. Bax, Trent Malcolm Sex and work in the city : Shanghai's service industry and the Chinese Modern Project: an ethnography of Chinese hairdressers and Australian blokes
Sociology M.Phil. Cheung, Yee-tak Suicidal behaviours among illicit drug users
Sociology M.Phil. Huang, Yedan Return migration : a case study of "sea turtles" in Shanghai
Sociology Ph.D. Wong, Wailing Making home : three generations of Chinese immigrant women in Hong Kong
Sociology Ph.D. Wong, Kam-bill Bureaucratic corruption : an analysis of Taishinin judgments
Speech and Hearing Sciences Ph.D. Zhang, Wei, Vicky Alternative methods in neonatal hearing screening : tone-burst otoacoustic emissions and time-frequency filtering
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Phil. Chan, Shuk-kwan, May Effectiveness of a multimedia-based voice therapy program for teachers with voice disorders
Speech and Hearing Sciences Ph.D. Kwong, Yee-lan, Elaine Treatment effect of acupuncture for phonotraumatic injuries in females subjects
Speech and Hearing Sciences Ph.D. Fuente, Adrian Auditory damage associated with solvent exposure : evidence from a cross-sectional study
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Phil. Yeung, Ho-yi, Olivia Are executive functions predictive of aphasia treatment outcomes? : data from an ortho-phonological therapy for anomia in Chinese
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Au, Sui-yi, Ashley Contralateral suppression of transient evoked otoacoustic emissions in patients with cleft lip and/or palate
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Chan, Ho-lam, Pauline Mandarin dichotic digit test : normative findings for Mandarin-speaking young adults
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Chan, Wing-hong, Anthony Gaps-in-noise test : norms for Cantonese adults in Hong Kong
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Cheng, Lai-ki Quality of life of older hearing impaired adults in Hong Kong
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Fok, Hiu-ching, June Sensitivity and specificity of tympanometric norms for Chinese preschool children
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Kwong, Sy-ho, Raymond Does acclimatization exist among Chinese first-time hearing aidusers?
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Lai, Sin-yue, Celine disconfirmation-expectancy model of hearing aid satisfaction in first time users in Hong Kong
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Sc.(Audio) Shuk, Yuk-hing, Doris Cantonese version of the Amsterdam inventory for auditory disability and handicap (AIADH-c) : test-retest reliability
Speech and Hearing Sciences M.Phil. Yu, Wing-chi effects of training context on the learning of a relaxed phonation task
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Bai, Yang Statistical analysis for longitudinal data
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Chen, Yiqing Study on insurance risk models with subexponential tails and dependence structures
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Zhou, Jiyuan Single-marker and haplotype analyses for detecting parent-of-origin effects using family and pedigree data
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Zhao, Jianhua Some topics in dimension reduction and clustering
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Yang, Kit-ling Statistical analysis of temporal and spatial variations in suicide data
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Dong, Jing On upper comonotonicity and stochastic orders
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Choy, Yan-tsun Statistical evaluation of mixed DNA stains
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Lin, Erlu Analysis of dividend payments for insurance risk models with correlated aggregate claims
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Xu, Xiaochen Estimation of structural parameters in credibility context using mixed effects models
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Chen, Feng Local polynomial estimation of the counting process intensity function and its derivatives
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Zhu, Jinxia Ruin theory under Markovian regime-switching risk models
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Liu, Chunling Semiparametric estimation in hazards models with censoring indicators missing at random
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Lui, Chiu-sing, Gilbert Some statistical topics on sequential data assimilation
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Liu, Fei Statistical inference for banding data
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Chan, Tsz-kwan Preparation of surfactant-free oil-in-water emulsions by ultrasonication for inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry measurement
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Wu, Hao-cun Independent component analysis and its applications in finance
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Fang, Jing On testing for the Cox model using resampling methods
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Kwan, Chun-kit Statistical inference for some financial time series models with conditional heteroscedasticity
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Xu, Ying Statistical analysis of the infectivity and fatality of an emerging epidemic
Statistics and Actuarial Science Ph.D. Wong, Siu-tung On some issues in the modelling of extreme observations
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Gong, Qi Gerber-Shiu function in threshold insurance risk models
Statistics and Actuarial Science M.Phil. Cheng, Xixin Mixture time series models and their applications in volatility estimation and statistical arbitrage trading
Surgery M.S. Tong, King-hung, Daniel Management strategies for advanced stage of esophageal cancer
Surgery Ph.D. Poon, Hiu-ching study of the regulatory roles of Hedgehog in the enteric nervous system development by the conditional knockout of Patched1 enteric gene in the enteric neural crest cells
Surgery Ph.D. Cheng, Qiao Genes regulating small-for-size fatty liver graft injury
Surgery Ph.D. Lam, Shuk-pik Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) into hepatocytes in acute liver injury
Surgery M.Phil. Sin, Sai-lung, Steven Chloride channel in glioma cell invasion
Surgery Ph.D. Wong, Kwong-fai Experimental therapeutics for protection of liver failure from endotoxin-mediated sepsis
Surgery M.Phil. Cheung, Oi-fung, Stephanie study into the anti-inflammatory effects of silver nanoparticles and their potential clinical application
Surgery M.Phil. Lau, Kwok-pui Clinicopathological roles of transforming growth factor alpha (TGFα) in papillary thyroid carcinoma
Surgery Ph.D. Lam, Chi-tat Identification of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) as a novel angiogenic factor in tumor angiogenesis
Surgery M.Phil. Hui, King-cheung Biomarkers for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Surgery Ph.D. Yu, Xiaomin Characterization of VEGF-C and its clinical relevance in lymphangiogenesis of papillary thyroid carcinoma
Surgery M.Med.Sc. Lamsir, Seno Incidental prostate cancer in Chinese men
Surgery M.Med.Sc. Wang, Ruihua Blockade of heat shock protein 90 (HSP90) for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
Surgery Ph.D. To, Yuk-fai Potential biomedical application of metallic nanoparticles
Surgery Ph.D. Leon, Yuk-yu Functional analysis of RET mutations in Chinese Hirschsprung's disease patients
Surgery Ph.D. Lau, Chi-keung Blockade of hypoxia inducible factor-1α sensitizes hepatocellular carcinoma to hypoxia and chemotherapy
Surgery Ph.D. Liu, Yan immunosuppressive effects of Triptolide and Rapamycin on mouse model of cardiac transplantation
Surgery M.Phil. Cheung, Chi-man Identification of differentially expressed genes in a newly established esophageal squamous cell carcinoma(ESCC) cell line HKESC-4 of Chinese origin
Surgery Ph.D. Yuen, Po-wing study of nodal metastasis of oral tongue carcinoma
Surgery Ph.D. Cheng, Wai-chun Studying Hoxb5 functions in enteric nervous system development by dominant-negative repressor engrailed-Hoxb5
Surgery Ph.D. Cai, Zhen Proteomic identification and characterization of proteins that are associated with malignancy of esophageal cancer cells
Surgery M.Phil. Liu, Tingting Thyroid transcription factor 1 gene(TITF1) : a potential heritable determinant of papillary thyroid carcinoma(PTC)
Surgery M.S. Leung, Ka-kit, Gilberto Trauma system and traumatic brain injury in Hong Kong
Surgery M.Phil. Wang, Yudong role of regulatory T cells in chronic hepatitis B virus infection
Surgery M.Phil. Geng, Wei role of proline rich tyrosine kinase 2 (Pyk2) on cisplatin resistance in HCC
Surgery M.Phil. Chan, Wing-san Curcumin inhibits cell migration of nasopharyngeal carcinoma through reactivation of e-cadherin expression
Surgery Ph.D. Lam, Chi-ming standard of pancreatoduodenectomy in Hong Kong
Surgery M.Phil. Cheung, Ka-yee, Cindy Occult hepatitis B virus reinfection in liver transplant recipient
Surgery M.Phil. Kam, Ka-man Expression analysis of Hoxb5 in enteric neurons and generation of Tamoxifen inducible Cre mice for neuronal Hoxb5 signalingperturbation
Surgery M.S. Lam, Kin-yip Medialization thyroplasty for glottic insufficiency : achieving optimal outcome in Chinese patients
Surgery Ph.D. Chan, Hin-lee, Henry use of laser and light source for skin rejuvenation in Asians
Surgery M.S. Chan, Yu-wai Posterior tibial flap : anatomical study and clinical experience
Surgery Ph.D. Liu, Xiaobing Dysregulation of microRNAs in tongue squamous cell carcinoma
Surgery Ph.D. Kok, Tsz-wai Blockade of chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 for the inhibition of hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis
Surgery Ph.D. Sun, Kin-wai significance of proline rich tyrosine kinase 2 (PYK2) in proliferation and invasiveness of hepatocellular carcinoma
Surgery M.Med.Sc. Wong, Yun-en, Olive study into the inhibitory effects of omega-3 fatty acids upon hepatocyte and macrophage mediated inflammation
Surgery M.Med.Sc. Tam, Pui-see, Patricia Developing an in vivo reporter system for the monitoring of therapeutic effects on neuroblastoma
Surgery M.Med.Sc. Leung, Kar-ming Stent assisted coiling for wide-neck cerebral aneurysms
Surgery M.Res.(Med.) Shih, Kendrick Co Distinct gene signatures linked to acute phase injury and tumor invasiveness in tumor development after liver transplantation using small-for-size grafts
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Hak, Nicholas Luit Cross-subsidisation of railways in Hong Kong
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Ho, Tsui-yee, Carolina Prospects of low cost carriers in Hong Kong
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Ko, Kit-ying, Matilda Paratransit : a gap to be closed
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Lam, Yau-yam evaluation on the role of taxis in the public transport system in Hong Kong
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Leung, Cheuk-lam Hong Kong's cross boundary transport facilities planning, evolution and evaluation
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Leung, Hoi-lun, Helen application of activity-based transport demand modeling in Hong Kong : a feasibility study
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Leung, Hon-wai merger of two railways in Hong Kong : a case study
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Tse, Kar-wai, Anthony study of cross-border transport development : the Hong Kong-Shenzhen western corridor
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Wong, Lo-kwan use of vehicular countdown traffic signal in Hong Kong : a feasibility analysis
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Yung, Hiu-wah, Eva planning and development of a new metro system : the case of the Dubai metro
Transport Policy and Planning M.A.(Transp.Pol.&Plan.) Wan, Chi-wai, Andrew Internal and external analysis of Hong Kong's air cargo industry
Urban Design Ph.D. Zhu, Wenjian Planning, design and environmentally sustainable housing in a compact environment : public rental housing in Hong Kong
Urban Design M.U.D. Zhang, Lu Alternatives to high-density redevelopment in Hong Kong : an experimental design in ex-North Point Estate jointly with adjacent government land
Urban Design M.U.D. Guo, Chen role of outdoor advertising on streetscapes in the metropolitan commercial areas of Hong Kong
Urban Design M.U.D. Chan, Suet-ying, Carmen Is multi-nuclei neighborhood development model works in Hong Kong? : a case study of neighborhood linkages in Tin Shui Wai new town
Urban Design M.U.D. Mak, Hin-shing, Ian Rehabilitate Sai Ying Pun through preservation
Urban Design M.U.D. Gu, Jieying, Grace Study on transport-related underground development : with review and suggestions for Tsim Sha Tsui
Urban Design M.U.D. Hung, Ting-wai, David Enlivening Hong Kong's public open space : an analytical study on public open spaces in Hong Kong's urban core
Urban Design M.U.D. Lee, Sophia Reprogramming historic industrial area as urban catalyst : a design strategy for Hanyang steel works in Wuhancity
Urban Design M.U.D. Lei, Yu, Daniel Towards a gradual and small-scale approach in conservation and renewal of the urban historic quarter in China
Urban Design M.U.D. Li, Rui Study on renovation of old industrial zone : renovation of Nanyou industrial zone Shenzhen, China
Urban Design M.U.D. Wei, Ran, Raymond Seeking the spatial explanation of "urban axis" in terms of its configurational, functional and visual dimensions
Urban Design M.U.D. Wu, Peter Revitalizing local heritage : an urban design strategy for preserving the historical building form and urban atmosphere of XinChang old town
Urban Design M.U.D. Zhang, Heng Breaking the boundary : towards a spatial integration of new urban expansion and old city in Dapeng, Shenzhen
Urban Design M.U.D. Zhu, Tingjie physical environment and revitualization of local commercial street : urban design study in revitalizing Shuidong street in Huizhou, Guangdong, China
Urban Design M.U.D. Suen, Siu-kiu, Pauline Improve the urban environment of a new town in principles of transit-oriented development and placemaking : Ma On Shan
Urban Design M.U.D. Li, Chun-yu, Richard Kwun Tong Town Centre redevelopment project and the role of urban design
Urban Design M.U.D. Tam, Wai-man Market force and urban design : a case study of Wanchai District
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Afroz, Rumana Sustainable open space planning and the informal sector : a case study of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Zhu, Yiping new pedestrian friendly Huaqiangbei central retail district : an urban design approach to new Huaqiangbei central retail district, Shenzhen
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Zhou, Yuting, Carmen Campus redevelopment of pedestrian network : as a crucial element in interacting with urban growth
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Xie, Yong'an Transforming the traditional central axis of Guangzhou, China : specific design on interface of the axis
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Wu, Xianchun Apocalypse of humanistic character in participatory design research for configuring habitable space : take Graham Street block design of Hong Kong as an example
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Wongkovit, Supawai urban design for a community-oriented residential neighbourhood in Beijing : housing in Liangxiang Village
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Wei, Junhui hypothetical urban design approach for rethinking mega-scale podium redevelopment in Hong Kong : North Point Harbour redevelopment
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Wang, Zhaoli Integrate industrial heritage block into urban component : a design strategy of industry heritage renewal in downtown Suzhou creek
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Tien, Jung-tin, John Improve pedestrian safety and access in central Sham Shui Po
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Razzaque, Mohammad Zakaria Ibne Critical analysis on success of place making in open space design : a case study on emerging multiple and intensification land-use (MILU) development in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Putranto, Sandy Redefining the spatial form of urban village in Mega Kuningan Jakarta as a new urban integrator : a study of socio-economic aspect in the forming of urban spatial configuration
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Paau, Chun-ming, Jose Comparative study on podium structure for urban development in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Ng, yin-wang, Colin Urban design for renewal : a legible MongKok
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Mou, Xiaochen, Cindy Redevelopment of old industry area along grand canal in Hang Zhou : urban design for Gongchen BridgeDistrict
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Lee, Shuk-fun roles of urban design policy and development control in urban development in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Chen, Nuosi, Ceci Development opportunities for the new harbor-front in Sai Ying Pun and Sheung Wan : an urban design approach to vibrant urban waterfront development in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Liu, Weirong Urban village reformation study : the Dachong village case, Shenzhen, China
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Vankipuram Muralidharan, Geetha Contemporary design techniques for urban design an inquiry into digital generative diagrammatic thinking
Urban Planning and Design M.U.D. Al Hasan, Mohammad Sami Role of non-signage elements in the image of underground stations : a study of Hong Kong MTR users' cognitive image
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Cheng, Tik-sang, Steve Information technology for service enhancement in shopping mall : a case study of MegaBox
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Chu, Wing-shun role of shopping centre in community development in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Lai, Wing-yin Should a home ownership policy be re-introduced to Hong Kong?
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Lau, Hoi-ki evaluation of the waste policy and practices of the public housing sector in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Leung Luk, Mei-yin, Catherine To examine the changing role of housing manager in public housing management of Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Ma, Fung-sze, Carol study of factors that are important for providing quality service in property management industry
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Tsui, Lee-lee Early post-second world war baby boomer's expectations on the quality of private property management service in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Woo, Ka-wai Can the current residential services fulfill the needs of middle class elderly people? : a case study of senior citizen residences (SEN)
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Geng, Geng impact of urban mass-transit development on the surrounding land use : a case study of Beijing subway Batong line
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Cheung, Hoi-yee Citizen-driven public participation in planning processes within an executive-led government : a case study of local action and central harborfront planning
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Bai, Xianlu Hosting mega-events : how the olympic games work as a catalyst in Beijing and London's urban development
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Au-yeung, Wan-man, Billy Gaining from olympic games legacy on land use improvement : a study on Beijing 2008 games
Urban Planning and Design M.Hous.M. Yuen, Chi-kong, Andy Contexts of blue ocean strategy & its implications to market regional shopping arcades : an analysis on marketing strategies of The APM shopping mall & the Link shopping centre
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Yang, Xi Chongqing's housing policy : meeting the housing needs of the low-income families?
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Tong, Serena Walled buildings in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Tang, Yiu-chung, Daniel Public acceptance and economic efficiency : implementing electronic road pricing in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Tam, Ka-yan, Eva planning of Tin Shui Wai new town development from the sustainable planning perspective
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Striker, Maren Intensification, compact city development and sustainability : case studies of Hong Kong (China) and Randstad (the Netherlands)
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Poon, Fu-kit, Benson Spatial inequality of urban poverty in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Li, Yan potentials for integrated underground space development in urban planning : a case study of Shanghai city
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Lee, Ka-ho, Kent development of secondary urban centre in the globalization era of Hong Kong : a comparative study of Kai Tak and Kam Tin to develop the sustainable urban sub-centre
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Lee, Ka-ho, Carol Public transport transfer systems : the policies and management of urban transport systems in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Lau, Ka-wing accessibility of public housing residents to transit services in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Kong, Sze-nga How planning and design of public housing estates affect neighborhood interaction from past to present
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Ho, Man-sze Railway and sustainable development : socio-economic and land use impacts of west rail on Yuen Long town
Urban Planning and Design M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Guo, Zicheng Impacts of mega-events in urban development : a case study of world exposition 2010 Shanghai China
Urban Planning and Environmental Management Ph.D. Zhu, Jiasong self-learning short-term traffic forecasting system through dynamic hybrid approach
Urban Planning and Environmental Management Ph.D. Cui, Yakun Developing sustainable cultural and heritage tourism in transitional China : a case study of Beijing
Urban Planning and Environmental Management Ph.D. Malik, Asghar Naeem Stakeholders' perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) : case studies from Bangladesh andPakistan
Urban Planning and Environmental Management Ph.D. Lam, Chi-kei, Jacqueline Ecological modernization and environmental innovation : a case study of public transport industry in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Bhatta, Kishan Datta Urban heritage conservation : promoting sustainable community development : a case of historic town Thimi, Nepal
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Chan, Chin-hung, Joe Sustainable transport of the third generation new towns in Hong Kong with the development or rail infrastructure
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Chan, Cheuk-yin, Shaun public health perspective on air pollution : planning for zero emissions public transport in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Cheng, Pui-kan Evaluating mega urban transport project : planning implications of West Rail
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Chung, Chun-man, Ricky Ecological modernization in the transport sector in Hong Kong : achieving sustainable development through the strategic use of urban form
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Fung, Ka-wun, Edith Planning, design, and sustainability of public housing in Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Kan, Chung-sze, Sincere sustainability of new town development in Hong Kong : a new urbanist approach
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Lau, Sau-yee container port development case study : evaluation about competitiveness between Hong Kong and Shenzhen ports
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Leung, Lok-sze, Lucille World exposition (EXPO) and sustainable world city development : a case study of Shanghai EXPO 2010
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Lo, Hau-men, Elizabeth Culture and planning : how can Hong Kong's urban planning system facilitate comprehensive culturaldevelopment?
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Satu, Shammi Akter Foreign aid and capacity building of municipal government : selected case studies of Bangladesh
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Shamsad, Sadah Socio-economic dynamics of microcredit programs in informal settlements : the case of Khulna city, Bangladesh
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Tam, Ho-ted, Howard design and utilization of rail transit nodes as spaces for community and public engagement : a preliminary investigation
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Wan, Ka-ho study of Hong Kong cross-border transportation infrastructure development : Hong Kong Shenzhen western corridor
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Wong, See-huat Cosmopolitan consumption of sexualized space : Hong Kong's gay bar/club/sauna
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Wu, Ho-kei, Maggie Partnership in heritage conservation : what can Hong Kong learn from London?
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Mou, Ka-yan role of government and construction waste management : a case study of Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) Or, Pok-man Cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong airports : ways to strengthen the position of transport hub of Hong Kong
Urban Planning and Environmental Management M.Sc.(Urb.Plan.) So, Lek-hang, Lake Studying the feasibilities of electronic road pricing and bus rapid transit to solve traffic congestion in Guangzhou city proper
Urban Planning and Environmental Management Ph.D. Wu, Yu Development zones : the making of new industrial spaces in transitional China : a case of Suzhou