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Excelling Together

Strategic Research at The University of Hong Kong


Community looks at education, health, law, policy and social issues affecting those in Hong Kong and around the world.


Environment addresses some of the key issues currently faced by humankind such as sustainability, pollution, and alternative power sources.


Biomedicine probes the mechanisms underpinning many diseases, offering insights into potential treatments and preventive measures.

Frontier Technology

Frontier Technology explores new possibilities for discoveries and developments in diverse medical and technological fields.


Our researchers consider China’s transformation into a significant world power and the cultural, economic, political and social questions related to this rapid development.

To maximise the impact of our research which spans all major disciplines we are focusing development on 5 strategic research areas comprising 16 strategic research themes and 5 emerging themes of proven and potential strength in issues critical to advancing Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of the world.


The strategic research themes and emerging themes are closely related to major projects at the University funded from a range of external sources, including (but not limited to) major funding schemes of Hong Kong and Mainland China.


The interdisciplinary nature of the strategic research themes and the wide range of expertise involved are reflected in the membership of the themes.