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Computation and Information

Computer and information technology has fundamentally changed our everyday lives through the computing, collection, processing and transmission of vast amounts of information. And the story is far from over. The power of computation is increasing by leaps and bounds. Researchers at HKU are helping to find new ways of creating, processing, managing and modelling this avalanche of data.

The Computation and Information SRT has evolved in a way that reflects the vast changes happening in these fields. Previously, there were two separate SRTs, on Computational Sciences and on Information Technology. But now they have converged, opening up the potential for new research fields to emerge.

The University's scientists already have numerous achievements in each field. They now plan to extend their work to tackle major common problems, with an initial focus on eight areas:

  • The development of fast algorithms for applications in engineering, science and medicine.
  • Cloud computing, in particular, enlarging cloud storage.
  • Big data processing, in particular for indoor WIFI positioning with big data using the Hadoop cluster, and for the Materials Genome Initiative (see below).
  • Computer graphics and 3D stereovision, which are increasingly important in helping people to understand complex datasets.
  • The Materials Genome Initiative to develop new paradigms for discovering new materials. This will integrate databases, computer modelling and experiments to help speed up discovery in functional molecular materials, photovoltaic and solar cells, and drug leads.
  • Emerging electronics and multi-scale simulation, with the goal of helping to address problems and gaps between quantum mechanics and the development of devices.
  • Computational biology, in particular computer modelling and visualisation.
  • Mathematical finance, using computational science to solve practical problems in finance and develop models for risk management and statistical arbitrage.

The Computation and Information SRT involves interdisciplinary teams from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science.

Related major work at the University includes an Area of Excellence on 'Theory, Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Electronics'.

Computation and Information

By pulling together our strengths in information technology and computational science under the Computation and Information SRT, we aim to solve the major challenges that are common to both fields and thus promote further HKU’s position and reputation in the world.

Professor G.H. Chen,
Corresponding Co-Convenor



Professor G.H. Chen* (Chemistry)

Professor V.O.K. Li (Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

Professor F.C. Zhang (Physics)

*Corresponding Co-Convenor