Researcher : Macfarlane DJ

Project Title:Enhancing elite performance by development of a biofeedback instrumentation system
Investigator(s):Macfarlane DJ
Department:Institute of Human Performance
Source(s) of Funding:Small Project Funding
Start Date:01/2006

Project Title:IPEN (Adult) International Study of Built Environment, physical Activity and Obesity
Investigator(s):Macfarlane DJ
Department:Institute of Human Performance
Source(s) of Funding:University of California - General Award
Start Date:09/2011

List of Research Outputs

Cerin E., Sit C.H., Wong S.H., Huang Y.J., Gao G.Y., Lai P.C., Macfarlane D.J. and Barnett A., Relative contribution and interactive effects of psychological, social, and environmental correlates of physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and dietary behaviours in Hong Kong adolescents., Hong Kong Medical Journal. Hong Kong, 2019, 25: S34-39.
Owen N., Sugiyama T.Y.N., Koohsari M.J., De Bourdeaudhuij I., Hadgraft N., Oyeyemi A., Aguinaga-Ontoso I., Mitáš J., Troelsen J., Davey R., Schofield G., Cain K.L., Sarmiento O.L., Reis R., Salvo D.J., Macfarlane D.J., Sallis J.F. and Cerin E., Associations of neighborhood environmental attributes with adults' objectively-assessed sedentary time: IPEN adult multi-country study, Preventive Medicine. 2018, 115: 126-133.
Tenan M.S., Macfarlane D.J. and Hackney A.C., Converting oxygen uptake to energy expenditure substantially increases prediction error., Journal of Applied Physiology. 2018, 125: 681.
Tenan M.S., Bohannon A.W., Macfarlane D.J. and Crouter S.E., Determining day-to-day human variation in indirect calorimetry using Bayesian decision theory, Experimental Physiology. 2018.

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