Researcher : Bray TM

Project Title:Theories and methods in comparative education research
Investigator(s):Bray TM
Source(s) of Funding:Other Funding Scheme
Start Date:01/1996

Project Title:Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 2014-15
Investigator(s):Bray TM
Department:Education Faculty
Source(s) of Funding:Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award
Start Date:02/2016

Project Title:Supplementary Tutoring and the Roles of Teachers in Myanmar
Investigator(s):Bray TM, Kobakhidze MN, Zhang W
Department:Education Faculty
Source(s) of Funding:Seed Fund for Translational and Applied Research
Start Date:02/2017

List of Research Outputs

Kobakhidze M.N., Bray T.M., Zhang W. and Liu L., (Mis)Trust and (Abuse of) Authority in Cambodian Education: Parallel Lessons in the Shadow , Extended Education from an International Comparative Point of View . Springer, 2019.
Kobakhidze M.N., Bray T.M. and Kwo O.W.Y., Shadow Education in Myanmar Private Supplementary Tutoring and its Policy Implication. UNESCO & CERC, 2019, 158.

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