Researcher : Chen P

List of Research Outputs

Li M., Jiang L., Mak S.H.T., Kwan S.H., Xue C., Chen P., Leung H.C.M., Cui L., Li T. and Sham P.C., A powerful conditional gene-based association approach implicated functionally important genes for schizophrenia, Bioinformatics. 2018, bty682.

Researcher : Niu B

Project Title:Whole genome identification of active core promoters, enhancers and insulators in mouse growth plate
Investigator(s):Niu B, Cheah KSE
Department:School of Biomedical Sciences
Source(s) of Funding:Small Project Funding
Start Date:01/2010

List of Research Outputs

Kwan K.Y.H., Niu B., To M.K.T., Cheung J.P.Y., Yiu K.L., Cheung K., Cheung B., Lau J.Y.N., Lau T.L.T., Tsang Y.L., Chu L.H. and Cheung K.M.C., Topographical Sagittal Profile in 620 Patients Measured By A Novel Handheld Device, 25th International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques. 2018.

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