Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

In line with the HKU Policy on Research Integrity, Principal Investigators (PIs) who are academic/research staff members or research students (MPhil/PhD) in Faculties other than Medicine and Dentistry should apply to the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) for ethical clearance for research involving human participants.  

There is no deadline for applications for ethical clearance. The processing time from submission of application to notification of approval will normally take not more than 3 weeks, provided that the submitted application form is properly completed with all required documents attached.  In addition, PIs of RGC GRF and ECS proposals are cautioned particularly to submit their applications for ethical approval by not later than end of February, as in accordance with the RGC's ruling, where such ethical approval is required but has not yet been obtained by the RGC deadline (normally set on April 15), the application will be regarded as being withdrawn.

It is the responsibility of the PI to make sure that such ethical approval has been obtained prior to any data collection/analysis taking place.  Supervisors of MPhil/PhD students are also responsible for ensuring that their students have obtained such ethical approval before starting data collection.  Failure to obtain necessary ethical approval will cause rejection of research grant applications, and may require recollection of data and possible disciplinary action.

Applications for ethical approval should be submitted to the Secretary, Human Research Ethics Committee, c/o Research Services of the Registry, 9/F Knowles Building, the University of Hong Kong.


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