Research Integrity

As a world-class comprehensive university with research activities spanning all major disciplines, HKU always realises the vital importance of research integrity, and all members of the University must observe the highest standards of professional conduct in pursuing their research activities. The institutional policy and arrangements for safeguarding research integrity are set out in the following documents:


Responsible Conduct of Research

HKU promotes and fosters the highest standards of conduct in the research activities of all of its members, and the University has introduced a range of initiatives including courses, seminars and a funding scheme.


Research Data and Records Management

Effective research data and records management supports both high quality research and academic integrity. HKU's Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records was approved by the Senate on May 5, 2015.


Research Ethics Compliance

Requirements for the Conduct of Research Involving Human Participants and Live Animals


Safety Approval & Insurance

Information and links for safety approval and insurance related to research activities.