Status of HKU Development in the Mainland and Application for Mainland Research Grants

HKU’s developments in the Chinese mainland and applications for mainland research grants were the focus of a seminar for HKU researchers given by Professor Paul Cheung.

At the seminar on September 30, 2011, Professor Cheung—Director of the University’s Technology Transfer Office—provided an overview of current developments, including the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Institute of Research and Innovation (HKU-SIRI), which was established in March 2011.

HKU-SIRI is an integral part and an extension of the research of HKU in mainland china, and the laboratories currently established there include the E-business Technology Institute, Water Environment Research Programme, Bio-Materials Research Centre and Smart-Grid Research Centre. HKU-SIRI is now actively helping HKU researchers apply for mainland research grants, including 973 projects.

As well as introducing other planned developments and future funding opportunities, Professor Cheung also discussed the benefits and challenges associated with the expansion of research work in mainland China.

Colleagues from the University’s Shenzhen Projects Office—which is the support unit for these developments—were also introduced at the seminar.

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