Research Data and Records Management Policy Approved by Senate

The University of Hong Kong’s Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records was approved by the Senate, the University’s principal academic authority, at its meeting on May 5, 2015. The Policy seeks to promote the highest standards in the management of research data and records as fundamental to both high quality research and academic integrity.

The responsibilities of researchers and the University are detailed in the Policy, recognising the need for accurate and retrievable data and records to be safely stored during the research and beyond. Research data and records are defined as recorded information of the research (in whatever format) that is needed to support or validate a research project.

Over the past couple of decades, measures to tackle the challenge of effectively managing growing amounts of research data have been introduced overseas, for example in the UK and the USA. Although Hong Kong currently has no mandatory requirement in place, HKU acknowledges its responsibility to manage and safeguard research data. HKU’s Policy has been developed by the University Research Committee, after consulting Faculties and considering overseas policies and practices.

The establishment of a Task Force on Management of Research Data and Records to oversee the planning of the implementation of the Policy was also approved by the Senate in May. The Task Force will consider a wide range of implementation issues including guidelines and operational procedures, related infrastructure, and training and support.  

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