Croucher Fellowships Recipients


Year of Award



Croucher Senior Research Fellowship  
2023-2024 Dr S.K.Y. Ma Biomedical Sciences
2022-2023 Professor M. Huang Mechanical Engineering
  Dr J. Tang Chemistry
2021-2022 Professor J. Huang Biomedical Sciences
2020-2021 Professor H.C. Shum Mechanical Engineering
  Professor W. Yao Physics
2018-2019 Dr G. Chiribella Computer Science
  Dr X.C. Li Chemistry
2017-2018 Professor X. Cui Physics
  Professor L.L.M. Poon Public Health
2016-2017 Professor G. Chen Chemistry
  Professor A. Xu Medicine
2015-2016 Professor B.J. Cowling Public Health
  Professor Z. Zhou Biochemistry
2014-2015 Professor D. Chan Biochemistry
  Professor D. Jin Biochemistry
2013-2014 Professor S.Y.R. Hui Electrical and Electronic Engineering
2012-2013 Professor L. Lu Pathology
  Professor A.S.T. Wong Biological Sciences
  Professor E.X. Wu Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Professor K.Y. Chan



Professor H. Sun



Professor S.Q. Shen


2009-2010 Professor A.H.W. Ngan Mechanical Engineering
  Professor J. Wang Physics
2008-2009 Professor T.W.K. Fung Statistics and Actuarial Science
2007-2008 Professor M.L. Chye Botany
  Professor Z.D. Wang Physics
2006-2007 Professor D.L. Phillips Chemistry
2004-2005 Professor B.K.C. Chow Zoology 


Professor S.H. Lo

Civil Engineering

  Professor S.T. Tan Mechanical Engineering
2003-2004 Professor W.K. Li Statistics and Actuarial Science
  Professor W.T. Wong Chemistry
2002-2003 Professor W.W.M. Lee Zoology
  Professor V.O.K. Li Electrical and Electronic Engineering
2001-2002 Professor D. Yang Chemistry
  Professor A.G.O. Yeh The Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management
2000-2001 Professor K.S. Cheng Physics
  Professor K.S.E. Cheah Biochemistry
  Professor V.W.W. Yam Chemistry
1999-2000 Professor T.S. Ng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  Professor H.H.P. Fang Civil Engineering
1998-1999 Professor J.H.W. Lee Civil Engineering
  Professor N. Mok Mathematics
1997-1998 Professor B.J. Duggan Mechanical Engineering
  Professor C.M. Che Chemistry
  Professor S.Y. Tong Physics
Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship  
2021-2022 Professor R.M.F. Yuen Medicine
2019-2020 Professor S.C.W. Tang Medicine
2017-2018 Professor A.Y.H. Leung Medicine
2015-2016 Professor U.S. Khoo Pathology
  Professor P.C.Y. Woo Microbiology
2014-2015 Professor A.N.Y. Cheung Pathology
2013-2014 Professor I.O.L. Ng Pathology

Professor J.M. Nicholls



Professor S.Y. Leung



Professor K.Y. Yuen


2005-2006 Professor I.O.L. Ng Pathology
  Professor J.S.M. Peiris Microbiology
2004-2005 Professor C.M. Lo Surgery
1998-1999 Professor S.T. Fan Surgery

Note: The above list gives the title and Department of academics at the time of the award.


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