Research Output Prize Winners 2007–08

Faculty of Architecture

Urban Development in Post-reform China: State, Market, and Space
Routledge (2007), 345 pages
by Fulong Wu, Jiang Xu* and Anthony Gar-On Yeh*


Faculty of Arts 

Georg Michaelis: Preusischer Beamter Reichskanzler Christlicher Reformer 1857–1936. Eine Biographie (Georg Michaelis: Prussian Official, Imperial Chancellor, Christian Reformer 1857-1936. A Biography)
Paderborn, Germany, Schoeningh (2007), 892 pages
by Bert Becker*


Faculty of Business and Economics

'"Having It All" No Longer: Fertility, Female Labor Supply, and the New Life Choices of Generation X'
Demography, 44, 4 (2007), 821–828
by James P. Vere*


Faculty of Dentistry 

'Effect of Puerarin on Bone Formation'
OsteoArthritis and Cartilage, 15 (2007), 894–899
by R. Wong* and B. Rabie*


Faculty of Education 

'The Influence of the Language that Hong Kong Primary School Students Habitually Speak at Home on their Chinese Reading Ability in School'
Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 28, 5 (2007), 400–417
by Shek-kam Tse*, Joseph Wai-ip Lam*, Elizabeth Ka-yee Loh* and Raymond Yu-hong Lam*


Faculty of Engineering 

'A Simple Model for Forecast of Coastal Algal Blooms'
EstuarineCoastal and Shelf Science, 74 (2007), 175–196
by Ken T.M. Wong*, Joseph H.W. Lee* and I.J. Hodgkiss*


Faculty of Law

'A Tale of Two Competition Law Regimes—The Telecom-Sector Competition Regulation in Hong Kong and Singapore'
World Competition, 30, 3 (2007), 501–526
by Thomas K. Cheng*


Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

'LINGO-1 Antagonist Promotes Spinal Cord Remyelination and Axonal Integrity in MOG-induced Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis'
Nature Medicine, 13, 10 (2007)
by Sha Mi, Bing Hu*, Kyungmin Hahm, Yi Luo, Edward Sai Kam Hui*, Qiuju Yuan*, Wai Man Wong*, Li Wang*, Huanxing Su*, Tak-Ho Chu*, Jiasong Guo*, Wenming Zhang*, Kwok-Fai So*, Blake Pepinsky, Zhaohui Shao, Christilyn Graff, Ellen Garber, Vincent Jung, Ed Xuekui Wu* and Wutian Wu*


Faculty of Science

'The Strong Anick Conjecture is True'
European Mathematical Society, 9 (2007), 659–679
by Vesselin Drensky and Jie-Tai Yu*


Faculty of Social Sciences 

'Global Climate Change, War and Population Decline in Recent Human History'
The National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 104, 49 (2007), 19214–19219
by David D. Zhang*, Peter Brecke, Harry F. Lee*, Yuan-Qing He and Jane Zhang


* HKU members


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