Research Output Prize Winners 2005–06

Faculty of Architecture

"Improving the environment with an initial government subsidy", Habitat International 29 (2005), 559-569
by K.W. Chau, S.K. Wong and C.Y. Yiu


Faculty of Arts

Race and the Third Reich (Cambridge: Polity Press (2005)) 272pp
by C.M. Hutton


Faculty of Business and Economics

"The Effects of Strategic Orientations on Technology – and Market-based Breakthrough Innovations", Journal of Marketing 69(April 2005), 42-60
by K.Z. Zhou, B.C.K. Yim and D.K. Tse


Faculty of Dentistry

"Bayesian analysis of clustered interval-censored data", Journal of Dental Research 84(9) 2005, 817-821
by M.C.M. Wong, K.F. Lam and E.C.M. Lo


Faculty of Education

"Electromyographic Study of Motor Learning for a Voice Production Task", Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research 48, 2005, 1254-1268
by Yiu, E.M.L., Verdolini, K. & Chow, L.


Faculty of Engineering

"Filtering of Ineffective siRNAs and Improved siRNA Design Tool", Bioinformatics 21(2), 2005, p144-151
by S.M. Yiu, T.W. Lam, Y.C. Mui, H.F. Kung, Marie Lin, Y.T. Cheung, Prudence W.H. Wong


Faculty of Law

"Re-Education Through Labour in Historical Perspective", The China Quarterly 2005, 184: 811-830
by H. Fu


Faculty of Medicine

"H5N1 virus outbreak in migratory waterfowl" in Nature, 2005, 436, 191-192
by H. Chen, G.J.D. Smith, S.Y. Zhang, K.Qin, J. Wang, K.S. Li, R.G. Webster, J.S.M. Peiris and Y. Guan


Faculty of Science

"Prolongation of infinitesimal linear automorphisms of projective varieties and rigidity of rational homogeneous spaces of Picard number 1 under Kahler deformation", Inventiones Mathematicae 2005, 591-645
by N. Mok (joint with J.M. Huang)


Faculty of Social Sciences

"Coordinating the Government Bureaucracy in Hong Kong: An Institutional Analysis", Governance: An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions 18(4), 2005, pp633-654 
by W.F. Lam



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