Research Output Prize Winners 2011-12

Faculty of Architecture 

'Intraurban Location of Producer Services in Guangzhou, China', Environment and Planning A, 2011, Vol.43, No.1, pp. 28-47
by Hong Yi, Fiona F Yang*, Anthony G.O. Yeh*


Faculty of Arts 

Strangers on the Western Front: Chinese Workers in the Great War, London: Harvard University Press, 2011, 366pp
by Xu Guoqi*


Faculty of Business and Economics

'Intellectual Capital and Financing Decisions: Evidence from the U.S. Patent Data', Management Science, October 2011, Vol. 57, No. 10, pp.1861-1878
by Qiao Liu, Kit Pong Wong*


Faculty of Dentistry 

'Structural and functional insight into the mechanism of an alkaline exonuclease from Laribacter hongkongensis', Nucleic Acids Research, 2011, Vol. 39, No. 22, pp. 9803-9819
by Wen Yang, Wen-yang Chen*, Hui Wang, John W.S. Ho, Jian-Dong Huang*, Patrick C.Y. Woo*, Susanna K.P. Lau*, Kwok-Yung Yuen*, Qionglin Zhang, Weihong Zhou, Mark Bartlam, Rory M. Watt*, Zihe Rao.


Faculty of Education

Citizenship and Citizenship Education in a Global Age: Politics, Policies, and Practices in China, New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2011, 259pp
by Wing-Wah Law*


Faculty of Engineering 

'Clock Synchronization of Wireless Sensor Networks', IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, January 2011, Vol.28, No.1, pp. 124-138
by Yik-Chung Wu*, Qasim Chaudhari, Erchin Serpedin


Faculty of Law

Resolving Disputes in the Asia-Pacific Region: International Arbitration and Mediation in East Asia and the West, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2011, 146pp
by Shahla F. Ali*


Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

'Long-term evolution and transmission dynamics of swine influenza A virus', Nature, 26 May 2011, Vol. 473, Issue 7348, pp. 519-522
by Dhanasekaran Vijaykrishna*, Gavin J.D. Smith*, Oliver G. Pybus, Huachen Zhu*, Samir Bhatt, Leo L.M. Poon*, Steven Riley*, Justin Bahl*, Siu K. Ma*, Chung L. Cheung*, Ranawaka A.P.M. Perera*, Honglin Chen*, Kennedy F. Shortridge*, Richard J. Webby, Robert G. Webster*, Yi Guan*, J.S. Malik Peiris*


Faculty of Science 

Dirichlet and Related Distributions: Theory, Methods and Applications, Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley, 2011, 310pp
by Kai Wang Ng*, Guo-Liang Tian*, Man-Lai Tang


Faculty of Social Sciences

'The Causality Analysis of Climate Change and Large-scale Human Crisis', Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, October 18, 2011, Vol. 108, No.42, pp. 17296-17301
by David D. Zhang*, Harry F. Lee*, Cong Wang, Baosheng Li, Qing Pei*, Jane Zhang, Yulun An


* HKU members



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