Research Output Prize Winners 2012-13

Faculty of Architecture 

Shijia Village House Prototype: “House for all Seasons”, Project duration: April 2009 to March 2012
by John Lin*


Faculty of Arts 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and botany: the salutary science, UK: Voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford, 2012, 436pp
by Alexandra Cook*


Faculty of Business and Economics

'Did Subjectivity Play a Role in CDO Credit Ratings?', Journal of Finance, Vol. 67, No. 4, August 2012, pp.1293-1328
by John M. Griffin and Dragon Yongjun Tang*


Faculty of Dentistry 

'Purpurin Suppresses Candida albicans Biofilm Formation and Hyphal Development', PLOS ONE, 2012, Volume 7, Issue 11, e50866
by Paul Wai-Kei Tsang*, H.M.H.N. Bandara and Wing-Ping Fong


Faculty of Education

'Is Something Better Than Nothing? An Evaluation of Early Childhood Programs in Cambodia', Child Development, Vol. 83, No. 3, May/June 2012, pp. 864-876
by Nirmala Rao*, Jin Sun*, Veronica Pearson*, Emma Pearson, Hongyun Liu, Mark A. Constas and Patrice L. Engle


Faculty of Engineering 

'Dual Plasmonic Nanostructures for High Performance Inverted Organic Solar Cells', Advanced Materials, 2012, 24, pp. 3046-3052 (May 2012)
by Xuanhua Li*, Wallace C.H. Choy*, Lijun Huo, Fengxian Xie*, Wei E.I. Sha*, Baofu Ding*, Xia Guo, Yongfang Li, Jianhui Hou, Jingbi You and Yang Yang


Faculty of Law

'Deference, expertise and information-gathering powers', Legal Studies, Vol. 33 No. 4, 2013, pp. 598-620 (Online publication date: October 25, 2012)
by Cora Chan*


Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

'Magnetically controlled growing rods for severe spinal curvature in young children: a prospective case series', Lancet 2012, Volume 379, Issue 9830, pp.1967-1974 (May 26, 2012)
by Kenneth Man-Chee Cheung*, Jason Pui-Yin Cheung*, Dino Samartzis*, Kin-Cheung Mak*, Yat-Wa Wong*, Wai-Yuen Cheung*, Behrooz A Akbarnia and Keith Dip-Kei Luk*


Faculty of Science 

'Latitudinal species diversity gradient of marine zooplankton for the last three million years', Ecology Letters, Volume 15, No. 10, October 2012 pp. 1174-1179
by Moriaki Yasuhara*, Gene Hunt, Harry J. Dowsett, Marci M. Robinson and Danielle K. Stoll


Faculty of Social Sciences

'Cultural Meaning of Perceived Control: A Meta-Analysis of Locus of Control and Psychological Symptoms Across 18 Cultural Regions', Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 139(1), Jan 2013, pp. 152-188. (E-publication date: May 28, 2012)
by Cecilia Cheng*, Shu-fai Cheung, Jasmine Hin-man Chio* and Man-pui Sally Chan*


* HKU members as indicated in the publication



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